Upcoming FREE content to the Sims 4!!

New Content Sims 4

Pinstar was part of a conference call with several other Simmers and SimGurus this morning to discuss FREE content coming to the Sims 4 in the next few months and we wanted to share this all with you.

 First off, just in time for the Halloween season… GHOSTS!

Ghosts will be available later today as a free content update in the Sims 4! Ghosts will be NPCs that are attached to their tombstone. Not only that, but they can be invited to live in your household and will have special actions depending on how they died. Ghosts will be able to retain the skills and traits that they had prior to their death. We’re not entirely sure what this will mean for the Legacy Challenge, but it WILL have an impact and we will keep you posted! Ghosts can be brought back to life using a “tricky process”. Ghosts will also have an emotional aura that they can emit to give Sims specific emotions depending on how they died.

Along with Ghosts, we will be receiving four Star Wars themed Halloween costumes for our Sims including a Princess Leia costume and a Yoda costume for the Sim kids!

Finally in today’s free update, we will be receiving a mysterious gnome. We’re not exactly sure what he will do yet, but… he will be available in this patch.

We will also be receiving new eye colors as well as several bug fixes.

Also… good news for people wanting pools. They will be available as a free content patch in November! Yay!

Finally, in December, we will be receiving new career tracks to help our Sims earn money in time for the holiday season!

Lots of great stuff is coming our way everyone! Hope you are all as excited as we are!

For more information on this upcoming content, check out TheSims.com’s official post!


I just saw that death flowers are available by grafting garden plants.

Woohoo! Can’t wait for all of that stuff!

I’m sure with all previous expansions we’re in for a treat with content yet to be announced. I took part in a survey on Origin regarding what fans of the sims want and some of the proposed content they’re considering sounds awesome.

Sims 4 is just going to get better and better. Maxis have already confirmed swimming pools are coming and a lot more besides. I can’t wait…

At first I was annoyed with EA about taking out pools and toddlers, but now I am so happy! I can’t wait for the pools and the swimwear, hopefully toddlers will be in our games before the middle of next year! I appreciate that EA sre now listening to their fans and are adding things that we would like into the game.