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So you want to learn more about us?  Well, alright!

Brian, aka Pinstar, is the creator of the Legacy Challenge, Apocalypse Challenge, Sim of the Month Challenge, and Pure Entrepeneur (a little known Sims 2 Challenge) for the Sims 2 and Sims 3.  In real life he is 31 years old, works for a Payroll company, and is the father of two little boys.

I am Christina, aka ImaginingMystic. I’m 28 years old, Pinstar’s wife and a stay at home mom.

We met via the Sims 2 back in 2006.  I contacted him about getting a Legacy Challenge T-Shirt and we ended up having a 3 hour long conversation via AOL Instant Messenger that night.  We found out we were around the same age and lived in the same state. We became online friends and eventually decided to meet in person a couple of months later.  We remained friends for a few more months and then started dating.  Brian proposed to me over a nice dinner at a restaurant in April of 2007.  We were married on February 28, 2009.

Our meeting never would have happened if it weren’t for The Sims 2 or the Legacy Challenge or the great community that came with it.


Pinstar and ImaginingMystic,

I just through together my own chart thing to keep track for myself. I used Photoshop but then will take it into Indesign to reduce size. If you email me I can shoot you a copy if its something you can use to help with your charts and stuff. I’m a graphic designer and just do this chart making for fun. But if it can help I’m happy to offer it up to you!


Wow, what a great love story!


Thank you 🙂

Hi Mystic and Pinstar!

First of all, what a lovely story!

Next, I wasn’t sure how to get in contact with you all about this, so I figured this could be the best way. I have been a long time lover of the Apocalypse Challenge.

I noticed there were no official rules for the Sims 4 version yet. A user on the Sims Official website, Soulangel980, has posted up a version with some of the TS2 version on rules modified for TS4.

They had however, not yet been modified to add the new careers that came with the career patch. I pulled them into a word document and start reading through them and making my own additions and edits where I thought they applied. I also created a “Story” for how the apocalypse happened in TS4.

I would really love to send these revised rules to you all. (The rules that the other user created are posted on the sims forum, I have a word document with them revised and edited.)

If you would like me to send you the document with all of the revised TS4 Career Restrictions, please email me!

Thank you for your time,
Happy New Year!

Rachel (rjhenn14@yahoo.com)


Actually Pinstar is currently working on the Apocalypse Challenge rules for the Sims 4 right now! I’ll ask him if he wants to see the revised ones! Thank you and Happy New Year 🙂

Oh awesome!!

Great news!! All I wanted was an official one! Thank you!!


Just wanted to tell you that this site changed the way I play Sims 4. I really wasn’t enjoying Sims 4 as much as Sims 1,2 or 3 until I found your site ! So thank you for the inspiration to create legacy family. Here is my site dedicated to the family if you want to check it out! http://odettejmorris.wix.com/duboislegacy


That’s great to hear! Glad you are enjoying it!

That’s so adorably geeky! ^_^


Haha thank you 🙂


Hi there, I was a fan of the legacy challenge during the sims 2. I created the Desperate Women machinma show for the sims 2. I was engaged to tacoshack 😀

I remember you guys\
congrats on everything


Oh awesome! Thank you 🙂



SITE: http://www.webalice.it/mikebur50/

[…] the 10 generation challenge of the Delaney Family Legacy.  The legacy challenge was created by Pinstar way back for the Sims 2!  In August of 2014 he revised the rules for the soon to be released Sims […]

Hi! What a great site you have here!
I have been playing the sims since “The Sims” and I just love the Legacy Challenge.
I finally went ahead and authored a blog where I post the hilarious pictures of my sims being…well, sims!
(*laughs* They have such personality!)
Would it be alright to post links to your page on my page and copy/paste a few of the legacy challenge rules to my page?

Thank you!

Hi! I start now sims 4 Legacy Challenge, but I have now one problem with my Sims 4 career, my Heir is in detective job, and I need promotion but I can´t get it because can´t find suspect… What can I do?

i love the game

i love the game merci

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