The Wonder Child Challenge Rules

Date: January 1st 20XX

Location: *Classified*

Program: The Wonder Child Project

Project: RRR (Phase 1)



Greetings Citizen. You have been randomly selected to participate in the Wonder Child Project. The government has noted your unmarried status and desire for children. We are here to remedy both.

We have paired you with a fellow citizen of similar age that we have determined to have complementary personality and genetic qualities optimal for child rearing.

You will be given a $22,000 stipend and the choice of lot to purchase. There you will take up residence as a normal person. You will take jobs in the area of your choosing, and otherwise blend in with the neighborhood.

As part of this program you must reproduce at least once with your selected mate. The first child born of the coupling will be the ultimate focus of this project. The “Wonder Child”.

Once this child is born, you are to devote your entire lives to raising them as successfully as possible. Leave no advantage ungranted, no assistance unrendered. Your undivided attention must be given to this child. Any efforts to improve yourselves or any subsequent children are to be for the indirect betterment of your Wonder Child.

This is a competition. There are hundreds of other couples doing the same as you. Show us your child rearing skills, make the best child that one can make, and you will be rewarded handsomely.


Introducing the Wonder Child Challenge Rules

The Sims 4 Wonder Child Challenge tasks you with starting out with a pair of adult Sims, having a child, and making that child as skilled and fulfilled as humanly possible before they reach young adulthood.


Getting Started

In CAS, start a new family. You must create two sims, one male and one female. They may be human and/or alien. Both must be of the adult age (NOT young adult). They must have the relationship of “Roommates” to each other. You are otherwise free to customize both Sims to your desire. You may pick any aspirations and traits you want, use whatever custom content you wish when designing their looks and outfits, and of course give them whatever names you desire.

Once the family is created, move them into the world. You may select any lot you can afford. You may move into pre-built houses and may download and use houses from the exchange. The only restriction is that the house may NOT contain any career reward objects or other collectible items not immediately available from the buy menu. You are certainly free to move into an empty lot and build your house from scratch, and unlike the Legacy Challenge, you may choose any size lot.

NOTE REGARDING TODDLERS – The challenge will begin and progress pretty much the same with the addition of toddlers, but there will be more points to earn and extra bonuses added for them.

NOTE REGARDING VAMPIRES – You may not use vampires in this challenge (either for the parents or the Wonder Child) as it will remove the “time crunch” aspect of this challenge.


The Challenge

Before your couple becomes elders (and thus unable to reproduce) you must have at least one child. They need not be formally married before doing this. Additional children beyond the first are allowed.

The very first child that is born is designated the “Wonder Child” and will be the most important Sim going forward. In the event that the first pregnancy results in multiple births, the first child you name is the Wonder Child. The gender of your Wonder Child has no impact on scoring. If the male of the pair is abducted and is made pregnant, resulting in the first child born being an alien birth, that still counts as the first child born, and thus will become your wonder child. The Wonder Child may be born at home or at the hospital.

If your couple ages up to elder before having at least one child, OR if the Wonder Child is taken by social services or dies, you fail the challenge.

The Challenge ends the moment the Wonder Child grows into young adulthood.

All points earned in this challenge are focused on the Wonder Child.


  • No cheats or mods that give you an unfair advantage over players who do not use them. Cheats and mods used for strictly visual purposes or to remedy bugs in the game are allowed. This is essentially the same No-cheats rule as the Legacy Challenge.
  • You may not use any form of age-extending item on any of your sims. No potions of youth. You may grow a cow plant, but you may not drink from it to extend any Sim’s lifespan.
  • You may not resurrect any dead sims, though you may plead with the reaper to save a dying sim.
  • You may not move in, marry in, or merge in any Sims to the household. The only way to grow the family is to reproduce.
  • You may move any family member out besides the Wonder Child.
  • You may NOT adopt children. All children must come from pregnancy.
  • You may choose and change the aspirations for any Sims in the family at any time, this includes any children born in the family. When children age up, you may choose what traits they gain.
  • While the Wonder Child is your main focus, you may control and give commands to all Sims in the household.
  • The potion of youth is the only aspiration reward selection that is not allowed. Both the wonder child and other members of the family are free to pick any other rewards and use them as they see fit.
  • The challenge MUST be played on “Normal” Lifespans.
  • You may NOT purchase or use the mood-aura plumbob lamps.
  • The parents may take the new Scientist, Doctor or Detective careers and you may follow them to work before the wonder child is born, but once the wonder child arrives, you may not follow them to work.
  • The family may start a retail business, but if the wonder child has been born, they must be among the sims who travel to the business lot when you open it.
  • You may use fruit/music to influence the gender of your Wonder Child (and any subsequent children as well) if you so desire as the gender of the Wonder Child does not impact your scoring.
  • When your wonder child ages into a toddler, you may select which toddler trait they receive. Or if you want to add some more difficulty you may use the Toddler Trait Generator.
  • If you own the Parenthood Pack, you may influence your wonder child’s manners however you wish. Growing up and earning upbringing traits (positive or negative) count as bonus traits per the normal scoring rules.



  • 1 point for every skill point earned by the Wonder Child. This includes toddler & childhood skills.
  • 3 point completion bonus for every skill that reaches level 10. (So getting 10 points in one skill will net you 13 points in total)
  • 10 points for every trait the Wonder Child possesses. You are guaranteed to get at least 40 points from this by the end of the challenge from their 3 personality traits and 1 adult aspiration trait, but can accumulate more by completing aspirations and buying bonus traits with aspiration reward points. Business Perks earned and purchased from a family business do NOT count. They are allowed, but they do not earn you any points.
  • 10 points will be earned if you are able to earn one of the bonus Toddler Traits.
  • Extra 5 bonus points earned if you are able to get all Toddler skills to level 5 (level 3 for potty training).
  • “Clean Diaper Club” bonus: From the beginning to the end of toddlerhood, never have your wonder child use their diaper to the point where it needs a change. This is worth 2 points.
    • Note: Toddler Diapers can take one filling without needing a change. After a 2nd use, the toddler will emit a green cloud wherever they go and thus require a change. Keep in mind that toddlers with low potty training skill will automatically fill their diapers when their bladders get low… even as low as halfway. This can happen even during sleep, so getting this can be tricky, but not impossible. Note that how much diaper-pooping the wonder child does during their infant stage has NO impact on the clean diaper club bonus.
  • As a child, the moment the Wonder Child becomes an “A” Student in school, see now many days they have until aging up into a teen. You gain a number of points equal to the number of days left as long as you remain an ‘A’ Student (for example if your child becomes an “A” student and has 5 days left until becoming a teen, you get 5 points). If they are demoted back to a B student during childhood these bonus points are lost. These points become permanent when the Wonder Child becomes a teen if they ended childhood as an “A” student
  • As a teenager, the moment the wonder child becomes an “A” student in high school, see how many days they have until aging up into young adulthood. You gain one point equal to the number of days left as long as they remain an “A” student. If they are demoted to a “B” student, these points are lost. You’d calculate this the same as you would for the child A student. See above.
  • As a teenager, the moment the Wonder Child reaches the top level of any of the teenage careers they earn one point equal to the number of days left until aging into a young adult (so if they reach the top of a teen career and still have 6 days left until adulthood, you gain 6 points). If they are ever demoted, fired or quit, these points are lost.
  • 5 points for every gold medal birthday party thrown for the Wonder Child

SimmerDownSouth created a handy scoresheet for you to use if you wish. Check it out!

End of Challenge

Once your Wonder Child becomes a young adult, the challenge ends. If you are throwing them a birthday party, the challenge does not end until the party does. Pick their third young adult trait. If you have any unspent aspiration points, you may spend them before calculating your score. Once you do that, move them into their own household as a single Sim and upload them to the gallery with both their final score and the hashtag #WonderChild in the description.

You can find a video of how Pinstar starts the challenge below:

 Anticipated Questions:

Q: “Do I get any points from getting skills or completing aspirations from other members of the house?”

A: “None. The Wonder Child’s parents and possible younger siblings will never directly contribute points to your score.”


Q: “Can I use Sims from the gallery as my starting Sims?”

A: “As long as they are both adult aged and do NOT have any skill points to start with.”


Q: “Can my female Sim become pregnant from someone other than the male Sim she started with?”

A: “Yes. She can even birth the Wonder Child this way if you want. Keep in mind that the father cannot be moved in to the household.”


Q: “Can the wonder child use consumable aspiration rewards or career rewards earned by other members of the family?”

A: “Yes! While the Wonder Child’s family will never earn you any direct points, having them do well with their aspirations and careers can allow them to support the Wonder Child more effectively”


Q:”I see that you restrict the plumbob lamps, am I not allowed to use mood aura objects?”

A: “You may use mood aura objects and turn their auras on. The lamps are restricted because they are too easy and cheap to get. Mood aura career rewards, paintings and collectable objects in the game may used. Keep in mind that any pre-built houses you might use cannot have these objects in them at the start; you must earn/find/make them yourself”


Q: “How do ghosts work with this challenge?”

A: “If your Wonder Child dies,it is game over unless a sim successfully pleads with the reaper to save them. If somebody other than the Wonder Child dies, you may keep their urn on the lot and interact with their ghost, but you may not invite them back into the house formally as a playable sim.


Q: “Does it matter who throws the birthday parties? Can I throw them for the Wonder Child’s siblings or parents?”

A: “It doesn’t matter who throws the party, as long as the wonder child is listed as the birthday Sim and you score a gold medal on that party, you get the bonus points. You can do this twice, once for their childhood to teen transition and once for their teen to young adulthood. You may throw birthday parties for other household sim…or any other type of party for that matter, but they will not earn you any points.”


[…] The Wonder Child Challenge Rules […]

Hey, I was wondering if toddler skills and traits are gonna be added to the scoresheet, or if they don´t count?
cause my kid got a happy toddler trait but there’s nowhere to put it as far as I can see.

can I make them super rich??

What is the total score of points to make the child a Wonder Child.

Pinstar Legacy

There is no specific total you need to reach in order to call your child a wonder child. The challenge is about getting as high a score you can.

Once people start finishing the challenge and uploading their wonder children to the gallery, you can see how your wonder child’s score compares to what other people get.


This looks like a refreshing break from my legacy. 🙂 one quick question, is there still the same ‘wait til birthday notification’ age up restriction for the baby? Considering this is mainly about the child and teen years, I feel like waiting for the baby to age up will make me impatient!

Pinstar Legacy

Nope, you can age up early.

When the wonder child is born, can we immediately have it grow up to be a child?

Pinstar Legacy

Yes. You cannot delay age transitions in the challenge, but there is no rule against hastening them.

Do we earn any points for achieving childhood aspirations? (Or, to that end, adult aspirations as a teen?) Or is this really just focusing on skills and school?

Pinstar Legacy

You do! Completing childhood aspirations gives you traits, which are worth 10 points a piece, AND they give you aspiration points which can then be used to buy more traits, for more blocks of 10 points. There are a number of different ways to approach the challenge, and that is by design.

Okay, so no points solely for completing the aspiration, though. Just wanted to clarify, thanks! This challenge is really intriguing, thanks for setting it up!

I am so going to give this a try 🙂

I’m over a year late for the release, but woo! This sounds great.

This is a challenge I can try! The regular Legacy Challenge terrifies me to no end, lol, but I love this one. It’s like a nice step up from the ground floor. Thanks for creating it, and I hope to start this on the 25th for the Extra Life charity marathon!

A query or two here: What if the male sim of the household becomes a elder before the female? I’m pretty keen if the female is with child, she may stall out the aging a bit, and thus remain an adult while the male ages.

Also, can we edit community lots?


Pinstar Legacy

That is fine to stall out the female’s transition to elderhood with a pregnancy. And yes you may edit community lots.

A few questions.
We have all of the parents adult hood to prepare for the wonderchild to arrive right?
Wouldn’t it give a point advantage maybe if people wait more days before they have their wonderchild?

If the wonderchild gets a younger sibling are we allowed to age them faster than the wonderchild, so to say, they get aged to Young adult, while wonderchild is still a young child?

Pinstar Legacy

There is nothing in the rules that says you MUST have the wonderchild right away. In fact, there may be a distinct (and legal) advantage gained from waiting for awhile. The reason I start the founding couple out as adults is that one can only wait for so long.

Aging them to young adult is…yeeesh. I’d say no. You should have only two adult-aged sims in the house while the wonder child is out and about. Props for creative thinking, but that may break the challenge if I allowed it.

Are we allowed to add sims/households from the gallery to the neighbourhoods ?

Pinstar Legacy


[…] And then, when I was looking through a webpage about legacy founders, with whom I felt some strange connection, I came across a banner ad for a new government initiative: The Wonder Child Challenge. […]

What would happen if your sim has twins? Would the first born twin be the wonderchild?


Yep, first born is the wonder child 🙂

[…] Though nobody in the family made much of it, Willow turned out to be quite an amazing child. An A student, she also completed two childhood aspirations, Artistic Prodigy and Rambunctious Scamp. (I learned a lot about bringing up successful kids through the Wonder Child challenge!) […]

Is it considered cheating to use the cas.fulleditmode to change the look of my wonder child? My child turned out on the not so cute side, wanted to do a little “plastic surgery” on her. Also, what about changing the gender using the same cheat? I don’t think the gender or looks would give me any sort of unfair advantage, but thought I’d check with the creator. 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

Since appearances don’t impact gameplay performance or give you benefits, that is 100% OK. And I’d rule that changing the gender is fine too as there are no benefits or drawbacks to having one gender wonder child over the other.


I’m doing this challenge as a let’s play on youtube. I have credited Pinstar as the creator, as that’s who I’m guessing has created it and i have also linked back to this webpage. Just wanted to ask about mods. I have a few that like fixes some of the unfortunate actions the sims take. Like leaving homework on the table after they finished it, don’t put books back in the bookcase and finally i have a mod to get them to put their instruments in their inventory. Would these be considered cheating mods? I don’t see exactly how they would give an unfair advantage other than having to get your sims to do the action instead of the mod, but I could definitely be wrong. Just wanted to check. Also thanks for creating the challenge. It fits perfectly with what I wanted to do on my channel. Thanks for any response 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

Quality of life mods like the ones you described would not be cheating. While they make the game smoother than it would be for someone who didn’t use them, the raw benefit you gain is minimal so I’d allow it.

Okay cool. Thanks for the reply 🙂

Hi again.
I’m sorry I have to ask something again but my game somehow changed the lifespan to long on my challenge. I know exactly how long my child has lived so I can age her up when she’s supposed to age up but her lifespan did get thrown out of wack. Is my challenge ruined?

Pinstar Legacy

Nah, You should be fine!

Ohh thank god. Thank you!


I just finished this up and scored 453 points. My wonder child’s name is Paisley Diamond. I will upload her to the exchange along with her mom, Azure, who’s age meter is sparkling. Also, her brother and sister, who are twins, Alexia and Braydon. My id is christinal3106. I would LOVE to talk about the strategy with you pinstar or anyone else who has finished.

Pinstar Legacy

453 points! Wow! I’ll have to check her out very soon 🙂 If I can’t figure out what route you took to earn those I’ll let you know, but color me impressed! Mind if I do a news article on Paisley?


About to freak out a bit. *Ahem* (Gathers Composure) Marlee Gulden aka The #GuldenChild is about to become a Teen. She is an A student (forgot to look at days left for score) and completed the Creative and Mental Child Aspirations. Max creative, mental and social skills, So Marlee is doing great. Her parents however became Elders a few Sim days ago and are at 107 days and counting. What happens if the die before Marlee becomes a Young Adult? Does it matter if she becomes a Teen orphan?

Pinstar Legacy

Teen Orphan is fine! You aren’t going to lose 🙂

Final score 470. Was a fun challenge! It’s actually the first challenge I’ve completely finished through and scored, but I’ve attempted many in the past – never had the patience to finish. Thankfully this one was short and sweet.

@Pinstar – would be happy to discuss strategy with you over PM or email.


Thanks for this challenge, it looks like a fun break from my legacy since this one looks relatively short and I’m a family player so anything having to do with raising families is interesting and fun to me.

I might challenge myself further and wait for the birthday notification for the child. I like the realism of having to wait for a child to grow up naturally plus waiting until the child’s birthday all the time with parents starting out as mature adults gives the parents less time to nurture the child so I’m predicting the child will likely need to support him or herself as a teen once the parents grow old and die, which I think would be an enjoyable added level of difficulty for me.


Ooh good idea! Have fun! 🙂

Hello, I have some questions about this challenge:

– Can I do this challenge in The Sims 3?

-If I can, would be considerate like cheting if I use the Toddler itens from Aurora Skyes to teach the wonder child to Walk and Talk?

Thank You for the challenge, I really want to try it, but I think in TS3 would be more hard to do it (because of the Toddlers)

Ps: Don’t mind any English mistakes, I’m from Brazil..


You could certainly attempt this challenge in TS3!

We don’t know much about the toddler items from Aurora Skies as we never bought that world. It’s up to you whether or not you decide to use them. We don’t have official Wonder Child rules for The Sims 3, so they are up to your own interpretation 🙂

ImaginingMystic, I know this is really “late” by almost 2 years, but basically in TS3, the walker allows the toddler to learn how to walk by themselves, the playpen allows them to get to about lev 3 charisma and learn how to talk by themselves, and the snuggabunny baby swing (along w/the other objects) keeps the baby’s/toddler’s motives 100% green the whole time that they are interacting w/them or when an older sim (teen or higher) “winds up” the swing. The only interaction from a teen or higher sim is to place the baby/toddler into the swing, walker, or playpen. So knowing these things, whether to allow them or not is up to you and Pinstar. You don’t have to buy the world to get these items any longer; they can be bought individually now.

Is it okay if I make a modified version of this challenge and post it on my blog(s)? I promise to give credit to your work.
– sorry to say this again but i kinda had a prob. –

Pinstar Legacy

Sure! A link back to the site would be ideal.

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[…] This story is based off the Wonder Child Challenge! There are rules I have to follow while writing this story. The information is taken from here; Click […]

[…] This story is based on the Wonder Child Challenge! There are rules I have to follow while writing this story. The information is taken from here; Click […]

Well, this is my new favorite challenge. Was a lot of fun, stretched me in ways with the game I had not tried, and kept me engaged throughout it . I have been playing your challenges since Sims 2 if memory serves and wanted to thank you both for all your hard work. Oh, my final score for Aliana Woodson is 456. One thing I did add, is to give the second child a very good try at her best as well. She had 3 days left to young adult. She has much less, but did get all the child ones and completed at least one adult aspiration Thanks again!.

I see that the rules let us edit community lots. Can we convert a nearby residential lot into a community lot?

The more I think about it, the more I have come to believe that we should NOT be able to edit Community lots. It removes too many financial constraints, and makes the Challenge too easy. What do you think?

Pinstar Legacy

I do agree, and I should update the rules to make this more clear…even after you can go visit the community lots, the object restrictions still count there too. If you haven’t lifted the Journalism restriction, you can’t go to the gym to shower, for example.

Pinstar Legacy

Oooh that is a good question. I’m going to rule “No” as the intent of the secret agent restriction is to prevent community lot visitation of any kind until you lift it.

This is really fun so far! A question: I forgot to disable the Babies for Everyone mod before starting this, and now both the man and the woman are pregnant. Should I use the pregnancy terminator mod or live with my mistakes?

Pinstar Legacy

I’d just go with whomever is the first child born is the wonder child, even if it’s the guy who gave birth.


Re: Editing Community Lots
Journalism Restrictions? Secret Agent Restrictions?
Do those pertain to the Wonder Child Challenge?

Pinstar Legacy

Oops, I think I mistook that question for an Apocalypse Challenge one rather than strictly wonder child one 😀


#ColorMeRelieved 😀 I was beginning there was a step I missed in the Wonder Child Challenge. <3


I decided to give this challenge a try so I could use my own Wonder Child in the Apocalypse challenge. When I went to have the younger sibling the mom had triplets. Did I just get incredibly lucky, 3 siblings to milk for potions, or incredibly unlucky, 3 siblings to house and feed?

Pinstar Legacy

You have to split your wonder child off of the house before starting the Apocalypse challenge, so you can’t benefit from having them there. You may move the rest of the family into the neighborhood.

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Can the father take care of the child?



Can I make my sims boyfriend and girlfriend?

Can I age up any sims anytime? Like age up his younger brother so he can go to work and earn more money because both parents are dead already?

Pinstar Legacy

Yep! This challenge has no restrictions on premature age-ups.

I’m currently on my second Wonder Child Challenge – gearing up to try your new Immigrant Challenge – and my child maxed his photography skill but it only goes to level 5. How many bonus points would that earn him, since it’s technically maxed, but not at 10 points? Is he still eligible for the 3 points?

Pinstar Legacy

No bonus photography points. You get 1 point per photography point, but cannot earn the 3 point bonus with that skill.

Cathy Thwing

Hiya! I think this might be my favorite challenge yet! I completed it before the December patch, which, as you know, made completing aspirations so much easier! Have you thought about adding a score adjustment for those who completed this prior to the Dec. patch?

Hi. I just finished this challenge. I loved doing it. Had so much fun. My wonder child’s name is Emmet O’Conner and he got a score of 239. Is that very good do you think or not too good? I tried really hard anyways.


That’s a great score! Way better than the one I got! (I had 190)

Pinstar Legacy

That is a fine score! I think I got a bit higher than it with my own Let’s Play of it ( But I also know there are people who have beaten MY score. Many people like to re-play this challenge a few times to try for higher scores, and everyone who’s done that always finds ways to get higher scores on their later play through. What’s important is if you had fun playing it!

[…] [Edit: Totally forgot to credit Pinstar for this fun challenge. Check the rules out here:] […]

Great challenge. Final score for Ava Wonder = 544. Its all about milking the family for moodlet fixers 😉

Just to clarify can we have young adults for our parents


No, adult only for the Wonder Child. It gives you more of a time crunch to ensure that you can have your wonder child before they become elders.


I believe I already know the answer to this, but can the father impregnate sims not in the household before the mother is impregnated with the wonder child?


I don’t see why not, they just wouldn’t be eligible to be Wonder Children because they weren’t born in the household and to the mother that you created.


I made an excel sheet to keep score for the Wonder Child Challenge. Thankfully not as complex as the Legacy Challenge. Feel free to post if you want to.


This is awesome! I’ll add it to the rules and give you credit for it. Thank you for sharing it!


I just completed the challenge with a score of 266. This is a great challenge!


Awesome score! Glad you enjoyed!


I’m about to start this challenge again. Are the animal hats allowed?

Pinstar Legacy

Hmmm I never thought about that. I’ll allow it 🙂

Can u send the baby to the nursery if both parents go to work or does one have to be with the child at all times

Pinstar Legacy

That is fine.

Can you have a birthday for an infant in sims 4? I haven’t been able to. If you or anyone else knows please pass it on to me. I am doing both the Wonder Child and Legacy Challenge. Thanks for all your help.

Pinstar Legacy

You can’t have an infant birthday party in TS4. So the 5 points for a gold metal birthday party can only be earned twice…once for the child to teen party and once for the teen to young-adult party.

Just completed the challenge! Got 280 points. Better than I expected, but not as much as I’d hoped… lol. Still, love the little bugger. 😛


Congrats! That’s way better than my score LOL

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Had a blast doing this challenge, favourite one so far, thanks!

Ended up with a score of 412, pretty happy with that.
23 traits, 72 skill points, lvl 10 skills are #Handiness #Logic #Cooking #Violin and #Fitness

Very much looking forward to doing the apocalypse challenge now with her. Have uploaded to the gallery, her name is Stella Bloom, my username is Ashaeda 🙂

Are money cheats allowed?

Pinstar Legacy

No money cheats.

Just a quick note that the scoring sheet includes an infant to child gold birthday where there shouldn’t be one. Other than that I’m finding the scoring sheet to be very helpful so thanks to whoever made it!

Hi! Just a quick question…Can we bind a book of life to the wonder child to fulfil his/her needs? My wonder child’s father just completed the author aspiration and I have been spending all of his and his wife’s aspiration points on sleep potions for the child so I’d like to know if I can now use this book instead.

I just finished with 471 points. I did use the book of life.

I’ve never experimented with the book of life, but as you describe it, it sounds fine. As long as it doesn’t mess with the Wonder Child’s aging. You aren’t allowed to do anything that would slow or reverse their progression to young adulthood.

Jenna Payne got 320 points. She maxed painting, cooking, and gourmet cooking. She has 20 traits and is under the gallery hashtag! Learned some tricks and will be doing this challenge again. But off to use Jenna in the Apoc challenge!

Several of the teen/adult aspirations have ‘become an adult’ or ‘reach level x of y career.’ Do these aspirations become unattainable or do we just ignore that detail and use cheats to complete them?


Sorry for taking so long to answer this. Moving is keeping us crazy busy.

As per Pinstar:

“Not all aspirations can be attained during the wonder child ones. But you can switch freely and farm points from them.”

So there will be some aspirations that you can’t get, but you can easily switch to a different one for the purpose of completing the challenge.

Hi! Can the parents stay unemployed or do they have to take a job?


They can stay unemployed!

[…] What is the Wonder Child Challenge you ask? Well, basically you start with two adult Sims that are roommates, make them have a kid, and raise that child to be 100% awesome. Loads more details about it can be found at The Sims Legacy Challenge. […]

So fun! I’m going to be live streaming this challenge next week (Wed Nov 25, 10AM PST) and I am super excited!


Awesome! Feel free to Tweet me (Twitter handle is @imaginingmystic) and I’ll make sure to retweet! I’m going to be traveling that day for Thanksgiving so I won’t be able to watch, but I’ll try to spread the word 🙂


I’m thinking of a replay with Get Together. Can we use clubs?


As per Pinstar… yes! 🙂

Can I use gay family?………_(:з)∠)_



I’m doing a full play through of this challenge on my blog

[…] get myself ready to play a Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge I decided that I needed to try a Wonder Child Challenge in order to acquire a sim capable enough of founding such a thing. The Apocalypse Challenge life […]

I’ve been meaning to play this challenge since it came out and I finally got around to it! I’m loving it so far, I just have one question. Do the skills introduced in expansions & game packs (wellness, herbalism, baking, dancing) count for points as well?


Nope at this point only the base game is required. Otherwise this challenge would grow out of control rather quickly lol

[…] Rules for scoring are found at Pinstar’s Official Wonder Child page. […]

[…] Interesting, but I don’t have time to really explore that right now as I will be starting the Wonder Child Challenge soon.  I just did the mundane.  Got Lorelei a job, made a friend, and started to look around for […]

I got a score of 586. The Rally the Troops interaction is the best thing ever.




It says the two adult sims have to be one male and one female to start with. Is this going to be changed as we now have custom gender settings?

If I make it so one sim can get pregnant and the other can impregnate them (so they can have a biological child together), regardless of gender, is that allowed? Are the rules going to be updated to reflect the settings or is it a strict has to be male/female?


Yes I would think that that is fine!


A patch makes hiring a Nanny possible in even base game. Can a Nanny be hired at least part-time?
@MissTiquelle also poses an interesting question.
The new gender options (in my opinion) should be allowed.
Thank you 🙂

I am about to start again this challenge. That is because I want other traits for my child, aspiration, and career, because I want later, in the Apocalypse Challenge, to begin with lifting one restriction that corresponds to these changes. I have one question: because I made a house from scratch, I would want to, when my family gains enough money, to move it again to that lot. Is it allowed?

Scored 858.

All but one skill available was maxed, all but three available aspirations completed. Got an A on day two of childhood, day one of teenhood; job maxed on day two of teen. Two gold-medal birthday parties.

Thanks for the challenge.

I should mention my strategy:
-Put Dad in the Science career so he can get a Sim ray.
-Mom becomes an author and starts working toward the Book of Life.
-Sim ray is used to transform cheap items into more expensive ones. This becomes their chief source of income.
-Mom and Dad start a club and start purchasing perks. They will be constantly in a club gathering from this point forward.
-Wishing Well is purchased and used to wish for job performance, allowing Dad to move ahead in the Science career enough to build a cloning machine.
-By the time Baby comes along, nobody is worrying about needs anymore because we’re duplicating need-fixer elixirs and drinks with the cloner.
-Mom finishes off her Book of Life aspiration during the wonder child’s babyhood, netting her a book of life which she links to the Wonder Child. She immediately gets pregnant again, delaying her birthday slightly. Dad grows up to Elder.
-Mom has the younger sibling of the Wonder Child and grows up to Elder.
-Younger sibling grows up to Young Adult (hastening aging is permitted) and begins working on mentorable skills.
-Mom writes and links Books of Life for everybody but herself, and reads them whenever anybody’s needs start to drop. She keeps her own needs up with cloned potions.
-Dad is constantly on hand to help the Wonder Child complete childhood aspirations and mentor childhood skills. In between, the family works on growing a garden and rounding up collectables for those aspirations. They also collect mood-aura objects such as telescope prints and emotional paintings.
-The Wishing Well is used to wish for grades, and fed a constant diet of $5000 donations to ensure it doesn’t kill the Sims.
-By the time the Wonder Child is a teen, they have all their childhood skills plus several of the unlocked adult ones.
-Once the parents are in late elderhood, they move out, so the Wonder Child won’t see them die and mourn over them. -The aged-up younger sibling takes over mentoring and Book-of-life-reading duties.
-The Wonder Child is constantly kept in Very (Emotion) state via mood-aura objects, decor, and the occasional emotion potion.

Final result–all skills but Herbalism are maxed (I had no time to go to Granite Falls). Aspirations completed are all four childhood aspirations, plus Bodybuilder, Painter Extraordinaire, Chief of Mischief, Fabulously Wealthy, Mansion Baron, Nerd Brain, Freelance Botanist, Curator, Friend of the World, and Party Animal. Many adulthood aspirations aren’t available because of the requirement to take adult jobs or reach adult age, but in this case I completed enough of them that every trait reward was purchased.

Wonder Child is now ready to take on the apocalypse.

What is the name of your sim?

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How long till an edit incorporating toddlers will be added to this challenge?
Just asking so in the case its soon i wont have to skip the toddler stage to play this

Hey! So, I read in the comments that photography (and skills that only go up to level 5) do not earn bonus points. I would like to ask, why?
It could earn 8 points, instead of 13, as it is a maxed skill, but does not go up to 10. Also, this would mean toddler skills would only be worth 5 points, as they are not 10-level skills, and potty training is a 3-level skill, so no bonus for these hard to reach skills.
I also created a scoresheet that is a little easier to use, in my opinion. It uses drop down menus for everything besides the days left area. But it includes the skills that are not 10-level as earning 3 points for maxing them. I think it is fair to earn those, as it seems to me that they are a bit harder to level.
If anyone wants to check out it:

I’m so excited to hear that the Wonder Child Challenge will be substantially tweaked to accommodate toddlers.
Can’t wait to see the final result!
And thank you both for all the work you’ve done for our Sims 4 enjoyment.

Are we allowed to use the lot traits that came with City Living for this?

Wonderchild Alexander Larson just aged up to child, he managed to max the last of his toddler skills just before the birthday party! (gold of course) points so far: 63. Childhood points here we come!

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Hi, I’ve got city living & was wondering if doing this challenge in the city in an apartment is ok (as opposed to buying a house)? Also, are we allowed to use lot traits for this challenge and if so are there rules about changing them throughout the challenge?

[…] challenge rules can be found here. Pinstar also recorded his gameplay of the challenge, from start to finish. If you like watching […]

[…] The Wonder Child Challenge rules can be found here. […]

Great Challenge! I just finished my first try and scored 374 points. I managed to max all the childhood skills and missed only three toddler skill points, but as a teenager my wonder child didn’t do as well as I had hoped… But she’ll take on the Apocalypse Challenge nevertheless. After that I’ll try again for a higher score, it’s been fun.
Thanks for making this challenge!

Will it be honest if I finish athletic aspiration for a parent? (The bonus trait makes a sim life longer.

Does the toddler trait give points as well?


The regular toddler trait counts for one point. If you are able to get your toddler to earn one of the bonus traits before they age up you get 10 bonus points.

Love this challenge! My wonder child is an in her early teens and has already earned over 300 points. She did well enough as a child that I aged her up a day early. I’m already adjusting my strategy and coming up with ideas for the next wonder child I raise.
I wanted to ask for clarification on the point system when in comes to extra content. Based on the comments, we DO NOT earn points for non-base game skills? So for example, no points for maxing out the baking skill? What non-base game content is allowed?

Kelsey Cummins

Question: I’m trying this for the first time as a break from my legacy challenge, and I toy around with same sex couples and heterosexual couples. A patch update from last year allowed same sex couples to reproduce, can we use this to our advantage to bring in the wonder child or are we required to have a heterosexual couple?

Kelsey Cummins

Never mind. Saw the answer in someone else’s similar question.

I augmented the scoring spreadsheet to count the toddler points. It can be found here

Thank you!

I updated the given scoresheet to include all toddler points, the traits that come from upbringing, and reward traits for completing aspirations since the rules say they all count.

Can be found here:

Thank you! This will come in very handy. 🙂

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