Movin’ On Up Challenge – Apartment List

Your Sim must move into the apartments on this list in this order while playing the Movin’ On Up Challenge. Order is determined based on how much the apartment costs when you add up the first week’s rent and the initial deposit.


Address District Rent/Wk Deposit Total Needed for the Move
1313 21 Chic Street Fashion District §300 §600 §900
19 Culpepper House Spice Market §600 §550 §1,150
17 Culpepper House Spice Market §400 §800 §1,200
2B Jasmine Suites OR 1310 21 Chic Street (Choose One) Spice Market or Fashion District §500 §1000 §1,500
18 Culpepper House Spice Market §600 §1,000 §1,600
920 Medina Studios Arts Quarter §1,000 §800 §1,800
930 Medina Studios Arts Quarter §1,200 §1,000 §2,200
702 Zenview Fashion District §1,200 §4,800 §6,000
122 Hakim House Arts Quarter §1,400 §5,600 §7,000
1010 Alto Apartments Uptown §3,500 §15,500 §19,000
VIII Landgraab Uptown §5,000 §25,000 §30,000
Fountainview Penthouse Arts Quarter §0 §33,768 §33,768
888 Spire Apartments Uptown §7,500 §37,500 §45,000
Old Salt House Spice Market §0 §50,448 §50,448
Torendi Tower Penthouse Fashion District §0 §109,445 §109,445



I think it’s awesome that this challenge actually starts AND ends in the fashion district!


Right? I thought that was pretty cool that it worked out that way too!

Wow, super excited for this challenge! To make it harder I decided to randomly generate my first sim. Not sure if it’s part of the rules or not but I plan on using the legacy trait generator for any future kids!

I had a kid too early I guess because when going from 2B Jasmine back to Culpepper I lost a room 🙁 Overall, I’m really enjoying this challenge and surprising myself on how disciplined I am on not using cheats!

The apartment list makes sense in terms of money, but it gets frustrating as far as space goes, because sometimes you move to the next one and have less space than before. But in general,I love this challenge! I already did it once, now I’m doing it a second time but changing up the list for my own needs. Thanks for posting the challenge & list!

I love this challenge. Almost done with it, I have two more aparments left to move into! I really enjoyed it!


Thank you! Really glad you are enjoying it!

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