Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator (All traits at once)

This generator will give you a random Sim with all traits and aspirations (both child and adult) at once. If you choose to use this one, make sure that you either write down what you get somewhere or take a screenshot of it and save it.

To use this generator simply input the parents’ traits and click generate as soon as the baby becomes a child. (NOTE: sometimes the 2nd and 3rd Parent trait lists don’t show up in their boxes right away when you click it. This is a known bug that we haven’t figured out how to fix. All you need to do is click the box a few more times and the trait list will appear!)

Only pay attention to the gender part if you are attempting to adopt a baby. You must use this generator BEFORE you adopt to determine what gender baby you are adopting.

If you receive a trait or aspiration from a pack that you do not own simply re-roll to get something else. If you receive one of the 3 new vampire aspirations and do not want a vampire in your Legacy, feel free to re-roll until you get a non-vampire Aspiration.

We now also have a Toddler Random Trait Generator! Click here to access it!

The Random Trait Generators have been updated for The Sims 4 Get Famous.

Primary Parent

Secondary Parent



I used this and the generated traits were gloomy, perfectionist, and hot-headed. When my Sim became an adult I didn’t have the option to select hot-headed. My guess is that this trait conflicts with gloomy.

Pinstar Legacy

There is a few known bugs with trait conflicts at the moment, we are working on fixing it.

I don’t know if this may help, but recently I had the same problem with the same traits (with gloomy been the child trait and hot-headed the adult one), just in case

Yes, I got duplicate Traitis and Aspirations. My 4th Legacy challenge where I am trying
to get everything right I chose to enter
a corresponding Trait to the
Artistic Prodigy Aspiration that was
generated. This is the secondary
parents (the mom)
My founder is male who is
Family Orieneted
Loves Outdoors
So I just put in Loves Outdoors for Trait
sine nothing was shown for his at all! Thanks I hope I didn’t break any rules. I can’t do this again or wait. Sorry.

I had not completely entered the Trait, so I went back to the previous generator (not all traits at once) and rolled until the original Artistic Prodigy came up as The Aspiration for the child and it gave me the trait as self assured. so I am going with that . Hope this is ok. Like I said can’t wait for moderation, it is late and I have busy scheddule and have to close and save game and go to bed. Will be anxious thoudg to hear from this.

Pinstar Legacy

That’s fine!

Pinstar Legacy

That’s fine.

Thank you for the quick response…getting on with the game…got some fun facts and videos to share once I figure all this out. I have been a Simmer since day one of the original Sims. Loving what they have done so far and can’t wait for the expansions to hit! 🙂

I was going to adopt a baby and so I rolled this : Generated Traits:
Gender: Male (Only applies to adopted children)
Child Trait: Cheerful
Teen Trait: Perfectionist
Adult Trait: Romantic
Generated Aspirations:
Child Aspiration: Whiz Kid
Adult Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

But the only babies they have are Rebekah, Joselyn, & Victoria… So all girls? I guess I’ll just roll a die 1-3 to make it random which one I pick then, that would work?

Pinstar Legacy

In the case of no available infants of the generated gender, you can pick one of the girls. Since it was random chance within the game that you had no available boys, it’s just as good as the trait generator’s random pick.

I’m doing the legacy challenge with Exemplar as the third succession rule. Just wanted to make sure this is in no way ‘cheating’ since I will know if my child does or does not have it when they age up, and if it’s not I thought it was a good suggestion for those going this direction in their legacy.

Pinstar Legacy

Honestly it’s fine if you know ahead of time.

I wish that you could just keep randomizing without having to add the parents again. Specially if you got many children to create personalities for… and it’s the same parents.


Hello there, I’m a Chinese player of SIM4.
I try to select a trait but nothing appear = =, and this hasn’t happened until last week.
I just want to find out the reason TAT, or my legacy story cannot continue


I just tested it and it seems to be working for me. Sometimes you need to click the “Select a trait” option more than once for them to show up. I’ll mention it to the developer of the generator so they can look into it, though!

O que significa:

The generator is not working for me. Doesn’t let me pick any traits for the parents


Sometimes you need to click them more than once for it to show up. You could also try another browser. It only seems to happen every so often. Sorry about that!

Hi guys… I’m playing Sims 4 in another language than english. I’m searching “Grubby” or “dirty” … as you can see I dont talk very well so… if you can tell me whats the good word. thanks 🙂

*Sorry for all the mistakes.


I think you might be looking for the “Slob” trait. The Slob trait is for Sims that are very messy and don’t care if they are dirty. They also hate to clean.

just a bug report:

my female legacy is a good, clumsy goofball, and her husband is an ambitious but childish bro. when i put them in the generator, their daughter came out gluttonous, mean, and good. aren’t mean and good conflicting? haha

i reset the generator so i would get non-conflicting traits, but just thought you should know! 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

Thanks for the heads up!

Not sure how this would work from a programming standpoint, but I would love to be able to roll multiple children without needing to reset the parent traits.


Hmmm I have no idea! It’s something we’d have to ask our programmer, but I’ll let you know!

I looked around and couldn’t find an answer so I thought I would ask, when my sim completes an aspiration, can I choose the next aspiration? Or is there generator? Should I reuse the trait generator? Thanks


You can choose it 🙂

I had totally forgotten I had this mod, but its called ‘babies for everyone’ and, well my husband is pregnant. Should I restart to before he was or is it okay?

Pinstar Legacy

Not really a game breaker so I’ll call it Legacy Legal. I allowed the cheat to allow brothers to marry sisters that another simmer asked about so male pregnancy is fine as well!

What makes Social Butterfly even worse? LONER trait!! This is gonna be tough. Thanks for all your hard work 😀


Ahahaha yep. I’ve had Social Butterfly with loner before in my original Legacy. That was the most annoying thing ever. I also had a Rambunctious Scamp with the lazy trait xD I feel like the Random Trait Generator is out to get me sometimes.

Is there an alternative way to roll for traits and aspirations? I am having trouble with the page on this site. I click on the choose trait and it doesn’t do anything…even with the roll all traits at once page. I have tried using my desktop computer, my surface, my ipad and my iPhone. No go. Sometimes it will let me choose one of the traits. But of course, that doesn’t help.

Pinstar Legacy

I haven’t heard any other issues with the trait generator. I guess you could write them on scraps of paper and draw them out of a hat.

Thank you. I found one on Platinum Simmers that will work. Maybe yours will work better once I get my new Internet and modem.

You don’t have squeamish as a trait for parents.

Pinstar Legacy

We are working on adding that.

Any idea when the new traits and aspirations from the Outdoors game pack are expected? I’ve already run into problems with a parent having a trait that’s not on the list here.


It was supposed to be updated already but for some reason there was an error and Squeamish didn’t get put in. The new aspiration should be there though. They are working on it.


My primary sim had twins, do I have to run the generator twice?
My babies are aging soon so I am not able to wait for the answer. I rolled the generator twice this time.

And my second question is: Are teen pregnancy’s against the rules? I may have asked this before, I guess I forgot the answer! 😀

My sim is doing very well, she has the writers aspiration and wrote 6 or 7 books….Nice royalties to add to the family funds :D:D:D:D


Pinstar Legacy

Yes, two kids means two generated sets of traits.
Teen pregnancy, while not in the primary scope of the rules, isn’t going to give you a huge gameplay advantage so I’d say go for it.

Thnks for the reply!! I have managed to build a house with less than 8000 Simoleons!! My Legacy is going very well so it seems :D:D

The generator isn’t working anymore. I can’t select traits..

how do u actually type or select the parents traits in, i get no selection all i get is please select a trait with no selecion

It doesn’t work for me. I clicked on “select a trait” about twenty times, but still can’t choose any. I tried to open this page in another browser also.

Would be handy to generate multiple results in case of twins / triplets.
The page remembers the parental traits for that session
“Spin again” button



This actually is already the case. If you generate one child, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and it will allow you to generate a new child from the same parents.

Thanks I need guidance still. All I see is a reset generator button at the end of that section and the bottom of the page what is below this comment form – Where am I meant to be looking, I’m obviously in the wrong place.


Ohh you know what… I was looking at the other generator. We have two trait generators here. One gives you one trait at a time (which is the one I usually use and why I checked that one first) and the other gives you all of the traits at once. Apparently the one that gives you one trait at a time allows you to regenerate another child, but the one that gives you all traits at once does not.

Not sure if we’ll be able to update it to do that or not, I’ll have to send an email off to the guy that made them for us and see if he has the time to do that (his wife just had twins… I imagine his time is sparse right now).

Thanks for looking into this. Pass on my congrats to your developer! 🙂

Jessica Olson

Any updates on if the developer can work on a “roll again” or not? Erm, meanwhile I guess I’ll try the other one. ^-^ Sorry!


Honestly we haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet. Been a busy few days. I’ll try and email him today!


I just sent him an email, but it might take a few days to hear back. I’ll let you know once I do.


Hi I’m doing the 100 baby challenge and I was told to come here for the Traits and I keep on seeing for (Only applies to adopted children) but with this challenge you don’t adopted the kids is that still ok just try and make it a female or male?

Pinstar Legacy

I’m not entirely sure I understand your question. Can you rephrase it?


You can ignore the part about adopted children.

This one is working today, just adapted it for what I needed.

what happens if you got the same traits as your mother beacuse it happened to me

Pinstar Legacy

Run with it. It is possible. Each trait has a 1 in 3 chance of being pulled from one of the two parents (and a 1/3 chance of being completely random) so while having all three pull from the mother is unlikely, it is possible.

It won’t let me input three traits for each parent! I click the drop down box and it only has one option “–Please Select a Trait–” 🙁

Hi, this is my first attempt at a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. My founder and her spouse had a daughter, and I used this generator for her traits. It worked well, as she is now a young adult with 3 traits and an aspiration from here. But now, I’m trying to generate traits for her daughter (my founder’s granddaughter) and every time I try, I can put the first trait in, but then I click the second and third box, and only the — please select a trait — option comes up, and no traits. I’m using this on my phone so maybe that’s the problem but it’s just a really annoying glitch and I just want to get the traits for my kids easily. I think the generator is a great tool since you can’t randomize traits in-game, but I just wish it would work for me…


Sometimes you have to click the trait boxes a couple of times for it to show up. Not sure why that’s happening to be honest, but they do eventually show up.

i m so interested in this legacy BUT i cant use this generator.

I assume it is because i live in China and here we can’t use wordpress (we can’t use blogspot and youtube either)

Is it possible to give me some other alternative, like how it works so i could run it on my own? Or any other way?

I would so enjoy to try it.

Thank you

sorry i forgot to tell what was my problem exactly here with the generator so i explain:

i cant select anything i just have -please select a trait- in the drop down menu when i click on it. and i cant even select it.

sorry for double post again hope i may find a way to play this attractive challenge!

Pinstar Legacy

You may want to try a different browser…I’ve not heard of anyone else experiencing that issue.

Pinstar Legacy

If you want an oldschool method, try writing all the traits down and drawing from a hat. Or if you can obtain a D100, or 2D10s you can roll those.

[…] use the random trait generator for Sims born into the household. After a baby is born I roll for all traits at once therefore I […]

I just thought I’d mention that the parental trait drop down menus don’t list any traits if one has the add-on Ghostery activated. It can be paused and the page be refreshed for the rest to appear. I would assume similar add-ons have the same effect.

This is less for the programmer or anyone to know/do something about and more for other user’s reference, since I’ve seen a couple people say they only get the “select trait” option in the drop down menus. I’m sure there are other things that can cause it as well, but at least this is one option people can check if it’s not working for them.


Good to know! Thanks!

Will this be updated to include the new Jealous trait?


I made a post about this the other day:

I have been in contact with the programmer of the generator and he said he’ll have it done as soon as he can. He is also in the process of moving, like Pinstar and I are, so it’s hectic for all of us right now. We’ll try to get it done when we can.


The generators have been updated to include jealous as of this morning!

If my sim has been impregnated with an Alien, how do I select the secondary parents traits on the generator? He’s the only sim too, there is no spouse present so I can’t pick their traits

there is no button to reroll please help me


You can reset the generator and try again. We don’t have a re-roll button.

Hi, I am playing a game that has custom aspirations, both positive and (more) negative ones, and lots of variation. Its not really an advantage, just diversity. Is there any way to get the code for the random trait generator so I can include them into it? I can list the traits if you want.


We didn’t make the generator so it isn’t ours to give out. Sorry 🙁

I’m doing the Legacy Challenge with the Exemplar Trait. So far I had twin boys with no matching traits and just had a baby girl. I haven’t generated it yet but what if she doesn’t have it and I don’t want to make more babies ( Which is so unlike me ) but just to put it out there if they are twins how do you do the first born!?


It would have to be the oldest of the twins (whichever Twin you named first basically). If none of the kids ends up with the trait then it defaults to the oldest child. I’m running into the same problem with my Legacy right now lol.

is it just me or i can’t seem to find the Friendly trait in the generator?


There is no Friendly trait.

Hi. Love this challenge! My Sim’s spouse only has two traits and I can’t generate a child with him only having two. Is it ok if I just put in Family-Oriented as his third trait simply to get the child’s traits and aspirations?


Yeah since this is a game error, I would say just add in a trait.

[…] Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator (All traits at once) […]

Whenever I use this generator, there is no way to reroll (like in the event of multiples) without resetting the generator. A friend sees a generate child button on her computer, but it disappears for me and there is only reset generator. We are both using Google Chrome.

I’m going to leave a comment to se if it fixes the errors on here like it did with the toddlers!

This Generator is really helpful!
Would it be possible to make it that you can simply reroll for traits? It’s really annoying having to put everything in again when you get twins or triplets.

I second this! My legacy had triplets and then twins…it would be so amazing if we could choose how many babies we need to generate! This whole thing is amazing and I use it all the time, so thank you for providing it!


I can ask the app’s creator!

So I planned to have one baby, wrote down generated stuff and all. Then rolled again, glanced and was like, nah, one baby is fine.

But, um, I don’t like this baby, she looks funny. So I want to have another one this generation. Of course, I don’t remember what I had rolled before and have to roll again. Is this okay? I mean, not much can be done, I guess.

I guess looks are not one of succession laws but I kinda like having alien legacy and want heirs to have that alien feel and look to them, I suppose. So I often end up picking the best looking one.


Haha that’s essentially how the Uglacies and Prettacies started. People wanted either all ugly Sims or all pretty Sims in their Legacies so they made up their own rules for it 🙂 We didn’t make that a succession law because we weren’t the ones to come up with Uglacies and Prettacies (that’s something someone in the community started up way back in Sims 2) but you’re welcome to incorporate that into your Legacy if you wish. It just wouldn’t count for points.

Ahh, thank you!

I don’t count points anyway but I still like to stick to the rules – otherwise, what’s the point of doing the challenge at all?


Yeah that’s fine. I’ve had to do that before myself because my memory is terrible lol.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this problem, but nonetheless it’s happened again. I just rolled art lover, good, and mean. I know for a fact that good and mean are going to conflict.

I also want the addition of an option to reroll the same traits for multiples.


Hmm… that’s odd that conflicts are happening again. They shouldn’t be. I’ll take a look at what the generator says.

In regards to the option to reroll. I’ve mentioned it to the apps creator and he’s looking into it.

[…] Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator (All traits at once) […]

There is no “ambisious” in treit which can be chosen, so please check it!

“Ambitious”, “Foodie”, and “Family-Oriented” are not appearing in the drop-down list for me (may be more, but those are ones I’ve noticed). Not sure if I’m just having issues with it, or others are as well.

[…] Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator (All traits at once) […]

It is actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

Unable to put in neat and lazy traits despite being compatible.

According to my game, lazy and neat are not compatible. I can’t select them both when creating a Sim.


First of all thanks for all the great work on this website :D.
You said you have updated the random traits generator for cats and dogs, but when I scroll I can’t find the new traits from cats and dogs. I need them for my legacy challenge when my heir must get the catlover traits (may be a different word in english but if you translate it from swedish it would most likely be that word) to be the next generation. Hope you fix it soon.


Oh – no we don’t have a generator for cats and dogs yet. What we updated was the Sims’ traits and aspirations. Cat Lover, Dog Lover, and the new Animal Aspiration have all been added.

It was the Sims traits I refered to. They didn’t show for me at time and I tried later on but still the same. Today it worked for me :D, so thanks.

I cant find the new traits from cats and dogs? 🙁

The Sims traits or the pet traits? The Sims traits should be there. The pet traits will not be.

Huh. Apparently they aren’t there. I added them the other day. No idea why they aren’t showing up. Let me see what’s going on. Sorry about that.

Ok they should be there now. Sorry again about that. The changes that I made didn’t save for some reason.

Yes, now it works! Thanks 😁😁

If you want to randomly get dogs or cats traits I recommend this site;
The number of traits for both cats and dogs are 17. Then you just generate until you get three different traits. You can also use it for different things like which careers your sim should choose, which ambition, which city will they live in or how many children etc. You can be as creative as you wish. I found this on this site;

I just don’t play for points. I use it so I don’t just choose the same thing over and over again.

Cats (17)
1 Affectionate
2 Aloof
3 Clever
4 Curious
5 Fluffy
6 Free Spirit
7 Friendly
8 Frisky
9 Glutton
10 Lazy
11 Mischievous
12 Playful
13 Prowler
14 Skittish
15 Spoiled
16 Talkative
17 Territorial

Dogs traits (17)
1 Active
2 Adventurous
3 Aggressive
4 Couch Potato
5 Friendly
6 Glutton
7 Hairy
8 Hunter
9 Independent
10 Jumpy
11 Loyal
12 Playful
13 Sleuth
14 Smart
15 Stubborn
16 Troublemaker
17 Vocal

[…] use the random trait generator for Sims born into the household. After a baby is born I roll for all traits at once, therefore, I […]

How does this generator work? How are the traits generated?

[…] I used a random trait/aspiration generator for the kids – one that takes parent traits into account. I didn’t expect one of the kids to roll Kleptomaniac but Verona did, so yeah – she stole some dirty dishes and this doll at school. The Random Trait Generator can be found here: Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator (All traits at once) […]

JudesSims (Jude)

I just noticed that the Insane trait has not been changed to Erratic. Not sure why they changed the name anyway. Thought you might like to know. 😉

Thanks for pointing that out! I completely forgot that they changed the name of that one. I’ll fix it right now.

I know it’s been asked before, but it doesn’t appear to have been answered – for unpartnered sims who are impregnated by the pollination technicians during an abduction, what do you do for the second parent’s traits?

I have a similar query and noticed the previous question on alien babies was unanswered too. My first heir (son of the founder) has just invited his girlfriend into the legacy house however she has the tutorial aspiration “Trend-setter”. It says you can roll for a new aspiration but you can’t do that without inputting parent traits. Much like the alien babies I don’t know what her parent’s traits are (i doubt she even has parents as she was a sim he ‘met at school’ when he was a teen.

Since you are just rolling for her aspiration you can just put in random traits and just ignore the trait results that are given. You only need to look at the aspiration that is rolled.

As for the aliens, sorry I missed that question! I need to check with Pinstar on that.

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