Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Random Trait Generator

Legacy Generator

Instructions for using the Random Trait Generator:

Our Random Trait Generator may seem confusing at first, but worry not, these instructions will help you.

First off, the generator will assign traits depending on the age of the heir/spare your generating for. To roll a trait and aspiration for a child, please do the following:

  • Input the parent’s traits in the parent trait boxes
  • Leave the child trait blank
  • Click generate

This will give you a child trait AND child aspiration.

To get a Teen trait AND adult aspiration do the following:

  • Input the parent’s traits in the parent trait boxes
  • Input the child trait
  • Click Generate

To get the final adult trait do the following:

  • Input the parent’s traits in the parent trait boxes
  • Input the child trait
  • Click the blue plus sign to the right of the child trait to add a teenager trait
  • Input the teenager trait
  • Click Generate

If you receive a trait or aspiration from a pack that you do not own simply re-roll to get something else.

Want to generate all traits and aspirations at once? Then head on over to this page!

The Random Trait Generators have been updated for The Sims 4 Get Together.

Primary Parent

Trait 1:
Trait 2:
Trait 3:

Secondary Parent

Trait 1:
Trait 2:
Trait 3:

Child Traits

Provide any child traits that were previously generated

Child Trait:  



  1. There is a flaw in the random trait generator my founder has the following traits Creative, Foodie and ambitious but they won’t plug in. I was able to plugin the child trait creative but I couldn’t plugin the teen trait foodie or ambitious (which I believe is an adult trait). I think the reason is you may have forgotten that the founder could have any traits. The founder traits could possible be all adult traits and then you can’t plug in anything for child and teen trait or just a combination of teen and adult traits leaving you not able to plugin a trait into the childs trait. Second generation parents should fit your generator mold but the founder could screw it up everytime. I believe the foodie trait was a teen trait but it wasn’t listed.

  2. Sorry disregard last email. I’m not sure what happenend but the first time I tried I could have sworn the traits wouldn’t come up, but I tried again after the first email and it worked fine the second attempt. I think the refresh fix the problem I had. Sorry for wasting your time and both of you keep up the good work behind the challenge and websites and everything you all have done. This challenge has made the game fun again. The games are good to but they can get stale.

    1. Author

      No worries! Sometimes the traits don’t show right away for me either. Refreshing usually does the trick.

      1. I’ve refreshed the page atleast ten different times. Sometimes I get a database error and sometimes the page actually loads, but when it does load none of the traits actually come up in the menus.

        1. Also I’m using the newest version of firefox if you want to know my browser.

        2. Author

          It should be working now. Our server basically lost its mind after everyone came here from blog post LOL. Things should be stable now.

  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am fairly new to this challenge. My question for this generator is that it chooses a gender. Obviously I can’t choose a gender for my Sim so say I have a girl but when I hit random it says boy and then chooses traits for a boy which are not necessarily fitting for a girl (bro trait anyone?) so do I keep hitting random until I get a girl or do I use the first traits I rolled regardless of gender and so my girl would have to be a bro? Confused about this part.

    1. sex is only pertaining to if you plan to adopt. if the child is born rather than adopted ignore the sex. however if you plan to adopt you must use the random trait generator and it will tell you which sex to adopt and which traits to give the baby.

    2. But girls can be bros… real life and Sims life. You use whatever trait you rolled.

  4. I am having the same problem as mentioned by Keith Baker. I have refreshed a number of times, with no avail to all the options in choosing childrens first trait with the founders traits. Also, when I first opened the page I could choose teen and adult traits, but after the first refresh, I cannot open the options to teen or adult traits whatsoever. When will their be an update fixing these issues, and if there is a problem when it becomes time to choose, is there a just alternative to generating traits until the problem can be resolved?

    1. Please let me know what browser you are using and what version. The calculator is still in beta and we’re working out bugs. Feedback like this helps us squish the bugs. Thank you for letting me know!

  5. Hi, I’m having a similar problem to the others – I wasn’t able to enter my Founder’s traits, specifically Family-Orientated, Creative, and Ambitious. I tried using both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

  6. Hello.

    I love this generator but you have forgotten that the founder could have any traits. I can’t randomly choose traits for my second generation because my founder has no child traits.

    1. Author

      Yeah we didn’t realize that at first. We will be working on fixing this for a near-future patch :) Sorry! The random trait generator is still very much in beta.

  7. I’m having a similar problem here – I can’t select the traits that my Sim’s spouse has – he is clumsy, romantic and non-committal, but I am unable to find any of those options in the first Father box (I am able to select two of the traits from the other boxes if I put a random trait into the first box). I am using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 8, and I have also tried on my iPad, which has the latest iOS and up-to-date Chrome browser.

  8. Last night I started playing the Landgrabs and I watched their son grow up into an Young Adult. I had him adopt a girl. The girl was a child and she came wearing a bike helmet and I had her change her appearance. I took of the helmet and she had pigtails and she was really cute. I then changed her outfits and I made her into a tomboy.

  9. I was wondering, since I think Pinstar said that you should only randomize one trait at a time for your child, so what do I do, now that Ive got 3 traits here, do I just take the first one and then randomize again when she ages up?

    1. We’re actually working on a ‘randomize one trait at a time’ feature into the calculator, so expect that out in the near future. I think your solution is a good one in the meantime.

  10. My first generation legacy mother is Non-Committal, Romantic, Snob. Unable to have any of those in child trait for mother.

  11. So I had a little trouble with this lol. When the baby was aging up to child I forgot my sims traits so I had to just randomly guess. Turrned out I was wrong, so I took the liberty to try to stay true to the rules and used the full CAS edit on the child to change to what it was suppose to be from the Generator. Though trying to input the parents traits into the generator I couldnt but it in the right order so I had to get it the best way I could. Am I still okay to play this sims? lol. I tried my best to stay true to the rules and fixed her in CAS but it might not be accurate with the way the Generator works right now.

    1. Author

      Don’t worry about being super strict with the generator yet. It still has some bugs and some traits can’t be inputed. For the moment just picking traits randomly on your own, is fine.

  12. I’m using Google Chrome for Android Mobile. I’m bringing up the list a number of times but am having trouble bringing up Ambitious, and most of the ones I need. Just wanted to feedback :)

  13. Well, what you guys could do is edit the rules for creating the founder. Make sure one of the traits is coming from the child traits, the second one coming from the teenager traits, and the last trait coming from the adult trait……

    Make categories for which traits they can choose based on age….

    Children: Active, cheerful, creative, genius, gloomy, hot-headed, self-assured, art lover, bookworm, geek, music lover, perfectinist, glutton, insane, lazy, loves outdoors, neat, slob, evil, good, loner, mean, outgoing

    Teenagers: romantic, foodie, childish, clumsy, materialistic, snob, bro, hates children, plus any children traits

    Adults: ambitious, family oriented, noncommittal, plus any children and teenager traits

    1. Author

      We thought about that, but we’d like to stay true to keeping the founder completely customizeable. We’re working on fixing the trait generator :)

  14. Dear Pinstar!
    Thank you for Legasy Challenge rules! We, all playes from Russia are very grateful to you for it. We want to ask you for a favour. Wuld you be so kind to give us the Random Trait Generator script please? So we could make it in Russian, for Russian players?
    With love,
    from Russia

  15. Interestingly enough, while using the generator for my founder’s children, the child’s sex on this generator matched what my founders had naturally!

    1. Pure luck :) The gender is there if you are adopting, as you must select a random adopted gender. For naturally born children, the gender coin flip is already done for you in game, so ignore the result on the calculator.

  16. Hi I am just wondering when you are going to update the trait generator because it does not have my sims traits in the drop down menu?

  17. Hi! Do you use the trait generator every time the child ages or do we write down what we got the first time and use them traits? When my sim turned into a teen I had the genius trait show up for her age but she already had that one when she became a child.


    1. Author

      Write down what you got the first time :) Or keep it logged on your computer somewhere. Either way is fine.

  18. Im kind of new to legacy, or at least attempting to be legit at it lol. How do i do traits for twins?

    1. Author

      Use the trait generator for one twin, write the info down, then click the button again to get a new set of traits for the other twin :)

      1. that’s what I thought. It’s what I did but I wasn’t sure if it was correct or not. ty

  19. So what if they complete their first random rolled aspiration.
    Can I choose the second myself, or should I roll an new one for them?
    The question is both for the children and the adults.

  20. Using this generator makes exemplar far too difficult to use, without defaulting to firstborn. Even if both parents shared the family trait, there’s only a 10% chance to roll that trait for the child (based on over 50 rolls). Honestly, the chance of rolling a trait that is shared by both parents should be more like 33%, at least.

    1. I agree that exmplar’s condition is unlikely to hit, which is exactly why it has the First Born rule as a backup, but it makes for interesting storytelling and even if only ONE heir got the nod over an older sibling due to the exemplar rule, you’ll be certain to remember that one child and make their generation an interesting one!

    2. Also don’t forget that you can use the many failed attempts at Heirs (all your extra spares) for the ghost/death requirements, you can move them out, or you can just try to manage a full household (it’s hard, but not impossible).

  21. I can not use this… First parent I can enter in traits, Cheerful, Lazy & Good.

    Second Parent is Hot Headed (can enter) and Family Orientated/Ambitious, both of which do not come up as options :/

  22. Thank you for the update! It’s greatly appreciated, everything you two do for the community.Love you to pieces.


  23. The problem I am having is both parents are now required to use the randomizer. The second parent is not a member of the household, I don’t know his traits, and the game is waiting for me to select a trait so I can’t go back to see if someone knew his well enough to learn them all. I am going to roll a die instead, but requiring both parents is going to be a problem, at least for a strict matriarchy.

    1. Just open up a notepad and jot down the traits of the potential father.

  24. I have a question on aspirations. When my child turns into a teen, do I select the child aspiration or the adult aspiration?

  25. Good, because that is what I did. Thanks!

  26. I think something may be wrong with the trait generator. I’m playing with the Exemplar succession law (Ambitious) and so far I’ve had 12 children (AND used Youth potion) in order to squeeze out an Heir, but so far, out of 36 chances, I’ve not once gotten the Ambitious trait. My founder is Ambitious, Snob, Hot-headed and my Outsider/Spouse is Neat, Loves the Outdoors, Music Lover. Now, I’m either the most unlucky person on the planet or the Founder’s first trait isn’t working. Here’s a list of all my children’s generated traits:
    1. Hot-headed Loner Glutton
    2. Loner Glutton Noncommittal
    3. Hotheaded Slob Geek
    4. Lazy Snob Gloomy
    5. Active Snob Gloomy
    6. Self assured Snob Hotheaded
    7. Hotheaded Self assured Geek
    8. Music Lover Lazy Snob
    9. Loves the Outdoors Snob Hotheaded
    10. Hotheaded Lazy Gloomy
    11. Loner Lazy Noncommittal
    12. Hotheaded Glutton Active

    Why am I being so harshly punished on traits (I’m working my butt off maxing aspirations and all kids have As in school) and Hotheaded is so apparent?

    1. Nothing wrong at all actually. The Ambitious trait is actually one that ONLY appears on the adult slot. This isn’t my generator’s rule, this is actually a rule in the game. (If you make a child or teen in the game, you’ll notice that Ambitious is not availble for them. I built that restriction into the generator so that it would never give you ambitious for a child’s child and teen traits (because it would be impossible to pick on the ‘give child new trait’ screen) Thus every sim only gets ONE chance at the Ambitious trait. Contrast that to something like “Insane” which can appear at the child, teen OR young adult level, which would appear more commonly.

      1. Wow, bad on me then for picking an adult trait. >.<

  27. I do not understand, this is the first time I’m actually going to start a proper legacy abiding by ALL the rules…

    Soo… When my sim has a baby/grows to kid or teen what do I need to do to determine randomized traits?

    1. When they age into a child, you can either generate all the traits at once, or generate them one at a time as they age into each category. Your choice, as long as you use the trait generator on the website and plug in the traits of the parents (as they have an impact on the final traits generated)

  28. How are we supposed to generated the last trait for our Sim? The generator only generates the first 2 traits for me now? =/

    1. Author

      Hmm… you’re supposed to be able to click that little plus on the side to add teen traits, but it’s not working. Going to contact our app builder ASAP!

      1. I thought that’s how it was supposed to work, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks! Hope it gets fixed soon. (:

  29. Hi, I have been a simmer since the Sims 1 but never attempted the Legacy Challenge until now. It has been great fun. In my first attempt my founder died in a cheap stove fire. I am doing well in my second attempt. My question is how do I select the heir when there are twins? Do I just pick the first one named? I have to say the twin thing can be confusing if you aren’t paying attention. They don’t tell you you’ve got twins until you name the second. So you may think that the first time you put in the first and last name it didn’t take. Anyway just wanted to say great challenge. I am going back and playing the challenge on the Sims 2 and 3.

    1. If you are using the first born or last born succession laws, the order in which you give the twins names is their formal ‘birth’ order. So whatever baby you named first is your first born.

  30. I liked the old generator that gave us all the traits at once. Also, this one isn’t randomly generating adult aspiration anymore.

    1. We are working on fixing that bug, and also working on giving you the option to pick the ‘all at once’ or the ‘one at a time’ so you can generate traits however you like.

      1. Thank you Pinstar! I must say thank you as well for the Legacy Challenge. I’ve been playing it for years, and I just love it. My current legacy is in it’s 6th generation and doing very well financially. Thanks for all the fun and memories over the years!

    1. Tried this and it *does* work. Do get the version Novbert said, I didn’t at first and it does *not* work with the newest.

      1. Author

        The trait generator was just updated again. There is still a problem with adult aspiration not showing up under teens, but now at least the teen trait be added.

  31. Hello. I’m having the same issue as GamerChick only now that I cant see the aspirations that are randomly rolled for the children. Are you working on a solution as we speak :) the previous version worked well for me.

  32. How do I roll an aspiration using this calculator..? Am I missing something?

  33. (Apart from the child aspiration I mean…)

  34. Should it generate an aspiration for teens?

    1. Shouldn’t it..? How else should I find out what my kids’ aspirations are..? I don’t suppose we get to choose them ourselves..?

      1. Author

        Please refer to most recent update post as well as the instructions on the Generator. This is an issue that we are aware of and are working on :) In the meantime, please follow my instructions written on the generator on how to get an adult aspiration for a teen until a fix can be made.

  35. Is this a bug? One of my parents’ traits is Ambitious (he’s Ambitious, Goofball, and Outgoing) but Ambitious isn’t an option in the drop down menu for parents.

    1. Errr. Never mind, it showed up when I tried again. Weird, but okay! 😛

      1. You can’t select ambitious from the dropdown menu in the middle, for some reason..

    2. Pinstar commented above that Ambitious is only an adult trait per the game design. When giving children/teens traits, it will never show up in the child or teen list only when you give them their Adult trait so he built that restriction into the trait generator as well.

  36. They asked about the parents’ dropdown menus though, not the kids’ one.

    I have noticed, as I said above, that ambitious is not an option in the middle/second dropdown menu. You can select it from the first and third though.

  37. I’m running google chrome and this page seems to be constantly trying to execute something, perhaps an incomplete script? Currently it just says “Connecting…”

    1. Author

      Hmm… strange, it’s working fine for me and I also use Chrome. Have you tried using a different browser?

  38. Okay so I’ve read everyones comments but it doesn’t matter how much I refresh etc, I still cannot put in all of my founders traits. She’s romantic, materialistic and non commital. What should I do? She’s pregnant but I can’t play until this is fixed, because I don’t have the Childs traits properly genertated :(

    1. We are working on fixing all the bugs. In the mean time, just put in as many of her traits as you can. It’ll just make the children *slightly* more random if one of the 3 parent traits is missing, but not game breakingly so. No need to put your whole challenge on hold.

  39. Hey, the random trait gen isn’t working at all for me. There’s no family oriented trait under primary parent trait 1, also no options at all for trait 2 and 3. Same with Secondary parent. Are you working to fix this?

    1. We JUST rolled out an update to fix these issues. Give it another try and let me know if you have any other problems.

  40. Hey guys,

    Quick question, the generator gave me the Friend of the World aspiration. Currently, though, that aspiration is bugged because you can’t have more than 1 BFF without making the others enemies. Once reaching 1 BFF, would it be fair to use the cheat to complete that milestone or what are your recommendations?

  41. I just started my first legacy family and I married a sim who brought in 20,000. I am trying to use the ‘Money’ cheat but it doesn’t change the amount I have at all. I even looked it up to make sure I was doing it right. Help!

    1. I have not actually played with the money cheat myself so I can’t advise you on what you might be doing wrong when using it. That said, it is a valid method for dealing with the incoming 20k if you didn’t merge the spouse to a common household prior to moving them in.

      1. The money cheat didn’t work for me but I found one that did in case anyone else has issues:

        Sims.modify_funds +/-###

        1. Well, I’m not sure if this is the previous cheat you tried, but the cheat that I did after I ‘inherited’ the 70,000 simoleons (in my case) was a very simple: ‘money ‘ . Just a note about that, it won’t work if you haven’t written in ‘testingcheats true’ in yet.
          The cheat you specified was also one I saw when I was looking for the cheat (I looked around TwistedMexico’s Official/Unofficial cheat guide), but I just thought that the ‘money one was a bit simpler.

  42. Hi…
    Got a pron – used this generator to randomize my child and got

    child trait: geek
    teen trait: goofball
    adult trait: snob

    Now my problem is, that because my sim is a goofball, I cannot choose snob – wth??

    So… yeah…

    Maybe you would help me and suggest what I shall choose instead of snob then???

  43. Hi, I really love the concept of the legacy.

    My boyfriend made a rendom generator too for me a few time ago, but it’s a generator for the career and for the skills of the sims (because without it I usually end up playing always the same thing lol).

    I find it really practical :) So your trait generator is perfect to complete my randomly generated sims!

  44. did you turn testingcheats on first? you have to keep turning cheats on, i think they automatically toggle off when you go into manage worlds or create a sim.

      1. oops, I meant to reply to the money cheat thread. You need to turn testingcheats on before you use the money cheat, otherwise it doesn’t work.

  45. So I adopted a child and rolled male for the child. I couldn’t tell what gender the babies were, so I chose a baby named Bobbie. Turns out she was a girl. What now? And how do you tell the gender of adopted children?

    1. Just roll with it. Since the game gives no clear gender indicators that’s as good as you can do.

  46. Actually I’m pretty sure green shirt is boy and yellow shirt is girl.

  47. Hi I have a single sim and I want them to adopt and I was wondering what I should do when it comes to traits because there is only one parent, should I just try to randomise on my own or is there a way around that?

    1. Author

      For the Legacy Challenge, a spouse is actually required both for traditional births as well as adoption. Your Sim doesn’t have to marry that Sim, per se, but they do need to have a second Sim moved in that will count as the
      “Primary Spouse”. That Sim can be male or female, doesn’t matter :)

  48. Primary Parent: Cheerful, Good, Loves Outdoors
    Secondary Parent: Cheerful, Ambitious, Self Assured
    Child comes out gloomy? Is this a bug or can the child randomly have neither of the parents traits?

    1. Author

      Nope, not a bug :) The child can still receive random traits. There is a chance that the parents’ traits will pass down, but there is also a chance that they will get a completely random one. Sometimes they won’t get ANY of the parents’ traits. It’s really just luck of the draw.

  49. I rolled lazy and neat, but can’t get them both for my sim. Do they conflict?

  50. Hello,
    Sorry for my stupid question but i’m new in this challenge i just want to know if i have another child do i give him/her same traits as the previous child? and if not how do i generate the other child’s traits?

  51. I encountered a situation where I think there are incompatible traits. My child was hot-headed, and for her teen trait it rolled gloomy. When she had her birthday and I went to set her trait, gloomy was not there. I have not had a chance to try creating a teen Sim in CAS to see if the one trait knocks out the other, but I thought I’d let you know.

    Love your challenge, always have! You’re the best!

    1. Thank you for the feedback. We tried to catch all the incompatible traits but the calculator will occasionally still generate them. In cases like that, just re-roll.

  52. Hi,
    I don’t know why, but my adults all have 4 traits and there is only place for 3 in the generator. Is this normal or what should I do?

    1. Author

      Only three should be traits, the other is the passive trait that you get from the aspiration that you choose. That one doesn’t apply to the trait generator.

  53. I just attempted to generate my G3 heir’s third trait. His mom is childish, cheerful, and lazy; his dad is goofball, active and neat. His child trait was geek, and his teen trait was neat. The aspiration generator gave me “lazy” as his third trait–but the game doesn’t allow neat and lazy to coexist. I went into CAS to confirm this–it’s not possible. I redid the aspiration generator and got goofball, which is allowed.

    You might want to tinker with the generator so that it won’t try to generate neat and lazy at the same time. Thanks!

    1. This is a known issue, there are a few trait conflicts that it doesn’t catch. Re-rolling like you did is exactly what you should do if you get this.

  54. With Outdoors Retreat being released, people are already adding sims to the Gallery with the new Squeamish trait. Has this already been factored into the Random Trait generator? Can I go ahead and have kids and start putting in traits?

    1. Author

      Not yet! We need to inform the Trait Generator’s creator of the change. Hopefully it will be up soon!

  55. Hi! Would you have any idea of when the update for outdoor retreat should be? I created a founder with the squeamish trait and started playing before realising that the generator wasn’t ready. So I’m waiting patiently now. lol Thank you!

    1. Author

      We submitted it to our Trait Generator’s creator and he said he would get to work on it as soon as possible. So hopefully within the next few days!

  56. Hmm..I am not seeing the Squeamish trait in the list of traits even though you said it’s updated…

  57. i aged up the baby without looking the father’s traits
    and had to recall memories
    i picked “slob” instead of “snob” :(

  58. Hi,
    I think that the game pack Outdoor Retreat have give us e new traits with delicate traits and if I’m not mistaken, this new feature is not in the generator.
    Do I put Neat instead ?

    Thanks for all

    1. Author

      We are working on getting it added right now. There was an error that kept it from being updated, but we are working on it. You can just use neat for now and remember that it’s squeamish, that’s fine :)

      1. Thanks a lot for addition of Squeamish ^^

  59. Hey,
    I am loving your site and I am using this random trait generator all the time. I am just sad because it’s missing both : Squeamish and snob? Could that be fixed?Thanks in advance :)

    1. Author

      Snob is missing? It shouldn’t be… it’s been there in the past. Yikes. Gonna have to contact our trait generator guy again.

      1. Author

        Actually I just checked, snob is on the list. It is all the way at the bottom. Squeamish is still missing though, we’re working on that.

        1. Hello!
          Sorry for the “snob”-thing, I just realized that the reason why it was missing för me was because it was interfering with my other traits! :) Thanks for a quick answer and for the help! Love your site! :)

  60. I have a mod that lets me keep the books that I’ve written. Is that ok for the legacy challenge?

  61. Hi,

    Just thought I’d let you know that I found a few incompatible traits when using the generator. My sim aged from teen to YA- he has the lazy and bro trait, I rolled and got neat. rolled again and got ambitious. Both I think aren’t compatible with lazy. rolled again and got genius, which of course fits :)

    1. We’re trying to peg down the incomparable trait issues, until then, just do what you did and reroll.

  62. Have you ever considered optimizing your generator for mobile devices? I don’t know if it’s possible for you to do so, but it would be incredibly helpful. Usually when I play, I come to this website on my phone, because it’s convenient and I don’t want to minimize the game and open up my browser. It sometimes slows down my computer. But the drop down menus are kind of buggy on my phone. Sometimes if I click too fast on the second or third menus after just having input the one before it, it won’t give me any options and I have to close it and reopen. I use iOS 8.3 or whatever the heck iPhones are on now. Maybe even if it isn’t an app, just a mobile version of the website. Maybe something to keep in mind if you have the time and capability?

    Other than that I LOVE this generator. It’s so helpful and it makes it feel more real when I don’t hand pick the traits and aspirations myself. Thanks for all the hard work!!

  63. I believe I am experiencing a bug, but I guess in theory it could be the art of randomness. I’ve been plugging in my sim (Family Oriented, Creative, Perfectionist) with a multitude of partners with different traits. However, the same results for the children traits keep appearing. My sim is on child 14. About every other child, the last few in a row, have been given mean or evil. My teens too have been experiencing a similar issue, if they missed the evil/mean trait on the child lot they end up getting it in their teen traits! So I’m plaguing my gene pool with Evil and Mean Sims.

    1. I’ve heard word of anomalies with the RNG, but it could just be bad luck too. It seems to be working fine. What you might want to try is just roll 5 times first just to refresh the seed and then take whatever the 6th roll is.

      1. I am also experiencing the evil trait bug.

        I’m doing the 100 Baby Challenge. My matriarch is creative, family oriented, and romantic. 4 out of her 10 children are evil, while not a single father is evil.

        The 100 Baby Challenge explicitly states that I am not allowed to re-roll traits, so that is not an option for me.

        1. I’m not familiar with the evil trait bug, but I’ll look into it. Traits CAN generate that are not present on either parent. In fact that there is a 1/3 chance that a completely random trait will be picked. Why it keeps coming up evil, I’m not sure. I didn’t set it to specifically favor certain random traits over others (if they aren’t present on the parents that is)

  64. Hi Pinstar,
    Thank you for the generator. My teenager got the romantic trait which seems to be should be an adult only trait considering she can’t use it until them it seems a waste.


    Again Thank you

    1. There are the occasional bugs and quirks with it. Thank you for reporting this. If you ever get a result that you can’t use in game, just re-roll and use the next result.

  65. Would you consider adding jobs to this randomizer too please. Thanks.

  66. My kid got perfectionist, mean, and family oriented. Not the best trait combination ever.

  67. Hi. One of my child achieved two of her childhood aspirations!
    when i opened aspiration selection window, there was a list of adult aspirations. not a childhood aspiration.
    so i choose it myself, as painting aspiration.
    but when my child grown up as teenager, trait selection window popped up to me.
    when this time, do i have to select adult aspiration as i choose before? or i have to select the new aspiration from random trait generator?

    1. When you generate a child, and indicate that it is a child, it should randomly generate one of the four childhood aspirations, and then give you an adult one when you generate a teen.

      1. Nono, i mean, i generated child and select randomly generated childhood aspiration and i completed it. So, i selected second childhood aspiration and completed it too. Then i wanted to select third childhood aspiration, but it looks like that third childhood aspiration is not allowed. I had to select new aspiration of my child from adult aspiration list.

        Is it sims bug? Or original feature?
        If it is original feature, then do i have to re-select adult aspiration when child grow up to teenager?

        1. Once you complete an aspiration, you may freely pick the new one; you don’t need to generate it. Now when your child does age into a teenager, you have to take the adult aspiration generated, but until then, you’re free to pick a new childhood aspiration every time you complete one, it’s only the first one that is randomly dictated.

  68. Hi guys, seems to be currently not working.

    1. Author

      Sorry for the late reply, we were away for the weekend. It seems ok to me right now, what was it doing?

  69. Apologies! False alarm. I think it may have been a glitch with the mobile website, as I went on my desktop and it worked just fine :)

  70. It might be just a statistical blip, but in 20 Offspring I’ve yet to roll an artistic protegy (or however it’s spelt in English) – Scamps, Butterflys and Whizkids but no artistically inclined kids in my house.

    I know 20 tries isn’t saying much and the kids grow out of it , but I thought I’d post, just in case.

    1. As far as I can tell, the randomizer is as random as a website plugin can get. I’ve gotten that roll when using it before, so there is no block against getting it at all. Keep in mind that if you 100% finish one of the rolled aspirations, you are free to choose any of the remaining ones if your sim kid has time left before teen.

  71. What do I do if the child was the product of an alien abduction?

    1. Author

      It depends on what your Legacy heir laws are. But as a general rule, if the alien baby is related to the founder or heir (I can’t remember how abductions work in Sims 4… is the alien baby in the family tree of the Sim that was abducted?) then they can become heirs themselves, providing your species law allows it.

  72. There’s Foodie trait missing in the child traits.

  73. Just wondering you’ll be adding the recently patched in jealousy trait?

  74. Will the new trait “Jealous’ be added?

  75. Any chance the new Jealousy trait will be added soon?

  76. Hey, FYI, I rolled lazy and music lover as a teen, then neat as an adult. Spent about five minutes looking for it in the traits list but it turns out neat conflicts with lazy. 😛

    1. Author

      Our programmer updated the generators this morning and the conflict should now be fixed. Thank you for pointing it out! :)

  77. Hi,
    I just noticed that the newly added trait Jealous isn’t on the appropriate lists.

  78. Heya, love the Challenge. Any idea when you will update the Random Trait Generator to include the new Jealousy trait?

  79. What if you’re using CC Traits? Would that be considered cheating? Or will you work on an “other” option in the future?

    1. Author

      I don’t believe CC traits or aspirations are allowed in the Legacy challenge. It would be too much for us to keep track of so we stick with only traits/aspirations that come with the games.

  80. are the new traits from the sims 4 get together going to be added at some point?

    1. Author

      Yes. I sent the request in to the Trait Generator’s Creator the other day. I imagine there may be a delay due to the upcoming holidays. I made a post about it the other day when I made the rules update.

  81. My sim had goofball & geek, and the generator gave him snob. But snob & goofball conflict.

  82. I want to make my founder a klepto but that hasn’t been added yet. Will that be added soon? Thanks. :)

  83. When will be the new trait that was added in the last update?

  84. Before one could have Aspitations! Why that is not there more? It is hopeless seriousness! I would like that comes back !

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