Toddler Random Trait Generator

Below you will see the random trait selected for your Toddler. Simply refresh to see the trait for your next toddler.


Your toddler’s trait is Silly


Now it is stuck on Charmer.


It was stuck on charmer when I checked earlier , now it’s stuck on silly.


Never mind. As I was writing this and getting the website copied down it seems to have been fixed.


Sorry for that. I really don’t know what was going on with the darn thing last night. HOPEFULLY it’s working properly now. I’m still trying to see if there is something I can do to fix the issue. Not sure what the problem with it is.

Works for me. Good job on fixing it. 🙂

It’s stuck on inquisitive atm plz fix soon thx

As of 5:57, 1/20/17 it works fine for me. 🙂 Thanks so much for including this! You guys rawk.

It’s stuck on Inquisitive for me.

never mind. just as i posted this comment, it started working properly

It’s stuck on Charmer for me

hi… wat ist da sins 4th

Thanks for working on this, its stuck on independent for me right now, but I’ll check back later. 🙂

Funnily enough as soon as I commented mine started working too. Problem solved!

Are you going to integrate toddler traits into the main legacy generator with the parent’s traits having some influence on the toddler’s traits and then having both factored into what the grown child’s traits are?

I had the sticking on a single trait issue but using F5 to refresh instead of the refresh button seems to work consistently for me.

stuck on Fussy

Stuck on clingy for me now


It’s stuck on inquisitive for me 😥

Never mind if it’s stuck for u please just comment and it will change 😊😂

Its stuck on independent for me

Pat FitzGerald

Stuck on independent for me too now – it’s been OK up to today.


I have no idea why this keeps happening. I’m so sorry 🙁 I’m going to send an email out to the person that helped us with our original trait generator and see what he thinks.

Stuck on fussy

it’s stuck on silly for me

Stuck on Charmer.

It’s stuck on Silly for me. ;-;

Fixed now! Just needed to comment..


Yep it seems that it’s a caching issue, so either commenting, refreshing, or clearing your cache should do the trick. Sadly it’s not something we can fix on our end as it isn’t something we did that caused the issue. Just the internet being fussy LOL

Love the legacy challenge with toddlers!!

It’s stuck on fussy.. lots of people have commented and it’s ‘self-fixed’ so, although I know you know about this, I’m just testing 😉 xD

It’s stuck on fussy.. lots of people have commented and it’s ‘self-fixed’ so, although I know you know about this, I’m just testing 😉 x


So as far as I can tell… this is a caching issue and it’s not something that we can fix on our end. If refreshing doesn’t work, then clearing your cache might do the trick. I’m really sorry it’s being so finicky. However, the issue is out of my control as it’s not something that I can fix. 🙁

it’s stuck on independent!

stuck on independent. Lots of people said when you comment it worked so I’m just trying to make it work

It isn’t stuck for me at all

I think fussy is the worst one to be stuck on lol

Stuck on angelic lol hopefully it works when i reload

It is stuck on Charmer for me so ill just choose what I want the trait to be.

It’s stick on angelic

It is stuck on angelic

Yes it worked


LOL it’s so weird that commenting fixes this. I wish I knew why it was happening >.< Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’ve heard that if you comment the generator will fix itself, and it’s stuck on inquisitive right now, so here we go, hopefully this works.

hey yo lol comment

hope commenting works, i cant deal with 9 gens of fussy toddlers lmao


Let’s see if this fixes the fussy lock

Leaving another comment to say that leaving a comment DOES work to refresh the trait

My sim just had twins and it’s stuck on Charmer for me… I really want my toddlers to have different traits, so since Cobie said that leaving a comment helps, I’m trying for this.

Comment seeing if this works!

Didnt work on mobile.

On fussy again

Stuck on fussy 🙁 See if this comment will fix it tho 😀


It’s stuck

I got charmer for a girl 🙂

Comment! Lol 🙂

Stuck on wild

Stuck on Silly


Seems the trick to getting it unstuck is to comment?

Comment 😉

The randomizer is stuck on fussy for me and I have tried a few things to fix it but none have worked.




Stuck on clingy.. hoping this comment fixes it.

Stuck on clingy too.

It’s stuck on Inquisitive-

I’m stuck on inquisitive too


It’s stuck on silly

Stuck on independent… Have twins!

Stuck on independent

I wonder why the comment-to-get-unstuck works :/

Commenting to fix it

Stuck on WILD

Stuck on independent

Stuck on independent now. 5 toddlers in a row. :/

stuck on wild for me 🙁

stuck on charmer

It’s currently stuck on Wild for me, here’s to hoping this changes it. Can’t so another Wild toddler again.

stuck on silly

It’s stuck on the trait independent ;-;

it’s stuck on clingy

Hopefully this will work


commeting to fix

Commenting to unstick the generator!

Comment! 😀

Comment to fix 😀

Stuck on Independent for me

Doing this to fix

yay ;-

commenting because it’s stuck on charmer for me

Doing this to fix



Please fix this!! Still on Angelic.

It’s stuck on Independent for me, guess I’ll have to comment on this to make it work 🙂

Thanks for doing this for us!

Stuck on Angelic still.

commenting to fix

It’s stuck on the fussy skill for me. Hmm…

comment to fix

stuck on silly for me!

It’s stuck on independent 🙁


Stuck on wild

trying to fix its stuck on fussy

Sakura Kamisaka

Comment with hope

Trying the comment to fix thing! Stuck on clingy.

Christine Brooker

Stuck on Clingy for me

Stuck, again Commenting again. Sorry!

Mine’s stuck on clingy

Wait, no, it’s fixed! I’m confused now

Stuck on clingy

Sakura Kamisaka

Stuck on independent.

Stuck on Clingy

it’s suck on clingy, hoping this comment fixes it.



stuck on clingy for me 🙁 I use and put all the traits in it until it is fixed

Testing- Stuck on Clingy

Hope this works!

Stuck on clingy.

Suck on clingy.

Stuck on clingy for me 🙁

Stuck on clingy

It’s stuck on Clingy for me!

I suggest typing random number 1-8 into google if it’s not working for you. Just number the traits 1 to 8 and then use the one that gets rolled.

Sakura Kamisaka


I’m just commenting, it’s stuck :^)

Sakura Kamisaka

I heard if you comment it fixes it so I’m giving it a try

Does commenting really fix it for you?

commenting to fix


Still not working 🙁


stuck on clingy

Sakura Kamisaka

It appears to be stuck on independent for me 🙁

Stuck, stuck, stuck. Hope comment fix it.

stuck on clingy /: commenting to fix

comment to fix

Trying to fix it with comment magic… mine is stuck on clingy

It worked! 😀

commenting to reset

Hoping it gets off clingy if I comment

Stuck on clingy

seeing if this helps…

Meredith Paige Nichole Mangas

Its stuck on clingy with me

Mine is stuck on clingy which is unfortunate considering im doing the 100 Baby Challenge, might just go in order of traits for each baby


This might have finally been fixed today. Turns out it had something to do with my server’s caching. You might still get repeats, but it shouldn’t be permanently stuck anymore.

Sakura Kamisaka

Stuck on Independent!

Stuck on Clingy

Stuck on clingy

stuck on clingy but following the crowd, hoping commenting works 🙂


Stuck on Angelic.


Hmm how many times did you refresh? We haven’t had an issue with this after we fixed our server-side caching problems. It IS possible to get a trait to show up 3 or 4 times without it being stuck. It’s just the luck of the draw. But if it’s on Angelic after say, 10 refreshes, then that’s a problem.

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