Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules – Succession Laws

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules – Succession Laws

Legacy Succession

It is a sad fact…but part of the challenge’s design is that your founder will eventually die. Even if you care for them perfectly, the march of time and old age will eventually take them from you. But worry not, death is not a failure state. When your founder eventually dies, you will need to determine who among their children will become the next heir, the Leader of the family for the second generation. The title of heir has many important implications that will be explained as we go along. How your family handles succession is actually quite customizable. Just as a Sim’s personality is made up of three traits, your succession law is made up of three components. Think of the succession law as the “personality” of your family. Choose wisely, as you must abide by this succession law for your entire challenge and cannot change it part-way through.

Gender Law

The first component is Gender. You must pick one of the following options:

  • Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir unless there are no female children, at which point boys become eligible for that generation.
  • Strict Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir. Male children cannot, under any circumstance, ever be the heir to the next generation.
  • Patriarchy: The Founder must be male. Only boys are eligible to be named heir unless there are no male children, at which point girls become eligible for that generation.
  • Strict Patriarchy: The Founder must be male. Only boys are eligible to be named heir. Female children cannot, under any circumstance, ever be the heir to the next generation.
  • Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
  • Strict Equality: The founder may be of either gender. However, only children of the opposite gender to the founder are eligible to be named heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different gender than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-genders as heirs.

Bloodline Law

The Second Component is Bloodline law. You must pick from one of these options:

  • Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.
  • Traditional: Children who are naturally born from the previous generation are eligible to be named heir. Adopted children are ineligible to be named heir unless there are no naturally born children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.
  • Modern: Both Naturally born and adopted children are eligible to be named heir.
  • Foster: Children who are adopted are eligible to be named heir. Naturally born children are not eligible to be named heir unless there are no adopted children, at which point they become eligible for that generation.
  • Strict Foster: Only Children who are adopted are eligible for the title of heir. Naturally born children may never be heir.

The Gender Law and Bloodline Law serve as a sort of ‘qualifying’ round. If either law names a child as ineligible, then they cannot gain the title of heir. However, just because a child is eligible to be named heir according to Gender and Bloodline laws, doesn’t mean they WILL be the heir. The third category actually picks the heir.

Heir Law

The third Category is the Heir Selection Law. You must choose from the following options:

  • First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.
  • Last Born: The youngest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.
  • Living Will: The eligible child with the highest friendly relationship score with their previous-generation’s parent will be named heir.
  • Merit: The child with the most fully completed aspirations will be named heir. If there is a tie, the child with the highest level in a single skill will become heir from among the children who are tied.
  • Strength: The first born eligible child becomes heir by default… but the tile can be forcefully taken from them if an eligible sibling beats them in a fight. That sibling may have their title taken, (or taken back) if they lose a fight to another eligible sibling.
  • Random: The title of heir is randomly selected from the pool of all eligible children. Every time the eligible pool changes size, The heir must be re-rolled using the new pool.
  • Exemplar: At the beginning of the challenge, name a single trait. This trait must be one of your founder’s three traits.. Any eligible heir that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has no children with this trait or more than one exemplar, follow the First Born rule.
  • Democracy: This rule may be used if you are displaying your Legacy Challenge in some public way. Either via Let’s Play, Livestream, blog or other format where people can leave comment. The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.

Species Law

This law is only for those of you that have The Sims 4 Get to WorkIf you have already started your Legacy prior to GTW’s release you may add this to your Legacy. It is optional though.

  • Xenoarchy – Heirs must alternate between human and alien
  • Xenophobic – Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder
  • Brood – Heirs must be carried in a pregnancy by the previous heir, regardless of the heir’s gender
  • Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status

There are several laws that can change who the heir is mid-generation. The title of heir can continue shifting until one of two conditions are met: 1. The previous-generation heir dies or 2. The current heir brings in an eligible child for the next generation. Once one of these two events happen, the title of heir is ‘locked in’ on whomever currently holds it and will not change.

Up next is the Gameplay Rules of the challenge.


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yay so excited! think I’m starting tonight. I will definitely blog this. thanks so much for posting the rules. I’m ready

can you post the link to the blog?

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where are the succession laws located in the game?


They aren’t in the game. The laws are only for the challenge and not an official part of the game.

So if the laws are not in the game, how is one to keep track and know that you are still within the challenge? I am a bit confused and have had to restart the legacy challenge too many times to try to figure this out?


You can keep track of everything via the website and one of the scoresheets that we posted ( This isn’t an official game challenge, it’s just something that Pinstar came up with to add another layer of difficulty to the game.

hey am new to this legacy challenge, i wanna ask what “heir” stands by? and by saying “named heir” means i have to remain my sim or just call his/her name like that?

Pinstar Legacy

An “Heir” is the one sim who will continue the family line down the next generation. So if your founder has two children, let’s call them Bob and Sue, only one of them can bring in the 3rd generation. The Succession laws deal with which child will be your heir. Siblings who are not heir commonly have the nickname “Spares” Because if something terrible happens to the heir and they die unexpectedly, you’ll still have a backup child who can continue the family line.

So by “Named Heir” I mean a person is designated as the heir of their generation.

when you said only one child can bring in the 3rd generation do you mean that if my sim has 4 children the heir is the only child that is allowed to have children period? can children move out of the household and have their own children?

Pinstar Legacy

Your other children besides the heir (known as spares) are allowed to have children, but those children aren’t factored in to determining the heir of the 3rd generation, only the children of the heir.

Question: for the Merit Heir Law do we determine this based on their aspirations and skills as children or as teenagers?


I believe it’s both.

So I’m having issue understanding this part. I’ve chosen strict equality and strict traditional. For the Heir Law. If I choose first born. It’ll be the first born that is of the opposite sex that was birth by their heir or the heirs spouse if heir is male. Correct?


Yup, sounds right!

Can’t wait to give it a try…I’m currently making up a few pages for me to print off and keep track of things as I go a long. (A checklist if you will) If anyone is interested in a copy please reply and give me a way to contact you and I’ll send you a copy. I’ll post it on Mod the Sims when I’m completely done!

You can find me on Mod the Sims under the name Neisa. I don’t have any downloads there yet but this will be there soon!


Hey Neisa,
if you could make me one of the checklists that would be awesome :)) if not, thats cool my email

Me too please… it’s 🙂

Me three Neisa, it’s

If you could send me a copy, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mary 🙂

Hey Neisa! I would like a copy too please!, thank you!!!!

Can u send me a copy 2?? 🙂

Could you please sent me a copy to so i can get email is

Katie Sutliffe-Dunn

I would also love a checklist please and thank you.

Hi Katie! I’d love to send you one but I need your email address. Or you can go to this link and download it. 🙂

Just decided I was going to try this challenge! Could you send me a copy? I couldn’t find your post on Mod the Sims. My email is

Thank you everyone who has requested my checklist and info page! You can download it at the page:

If you want anything added or changed please let me know!


Please send me your list as well. I tried downloading them from Mod The Sims but couldn’t because of cookies, I guess. I am interested in getting started in the legacy challenge.

I would also love a checklist please and thank you.

If I choose the Living Will option, at what time would I determine the heir? Would I check the relationships the moment the eldest child becomes YA, the moment the youngest child becomes YA or some other time?

Pinstar Legacy

The living will option is actually a pretty fluid designation. The heir is constantly shifting based on who the previous gen heir likes the most. However, if a child is, for the moment, named heir, and they quickly get a spouse and produce the next generation, then they lock in their status as heir even if their parent later favors a different sibling. The death of the parent will also leave the title of heir to whomever was last holding it.

Hi! I’m doing translation of your challenge rules for site. Could you please clarify what do you mean by “single skill” in Living Will rule in Heir Law category?


From Pinstar at work:

The rule only considers the highest level skill. So if child A has a 6 in cooking and a 5 skill in EVERYTHING else…but child B has a 7 in Piano and NO other skills, child B would still get the title because the 7 beats their sibling’s 6, even though they are far less skilled when you look at total skill points.

In the event that you have two tied skills (say, a level 10 skill for each sibling) then you consider their next highest skill, and so on until the tie is broken.

If I do a Strict Matriarch, and the first born is Male, does that immediately break the Challenge? Or, would it become First Born Female?

(Forgive duplicate posts, my IE just went wonky)

Pinstar Legacy

Not at all. Strict matriarchy would only care about the girls, so you could have, say, 5 boys and then 1 girl and that 1 girl would be your heir. The only way the challenge would break is if your sim grows too old to bear children and is unable to produce a girl at all.

I’m puzzling over this potential scenario. My rules are matriarchy, strict traditional, exemplar (geek). Say that in gen 2, I have two girls. G2D1 is not a geek. G2D2 is a geek. G2D2 is heir at this point. The founder dies. G2D2 is locked in as heir. G2D2 has a son. This is the heir presumptive. Then G2D1 has a daughter. G2D2’s son is still heir because G2D1’s line was locked out of the succession as soon as the founder died, right?

Pinstar Legacy

Bingo! You have it exactly correct.

I’m doing the same rules as Charity and I’m curious… My sim has 3 boys, one which has the geek trait, and has another one on the way. IF my sim has a girl, is the girl the heir or would the rightful heir still be the boy with the geek trait? Which law trumps the other? lol Sorry if this has already been asked. Thanks for your help!

Think of gender and bloodline law as the qualifying rounds and the heir law the final round.

If you are going Matriarchy, the MOMENT a girl hits the scene, the three boys are no longer qualified to be heirs, thus the fact that one is a geek isn’t even considered because he is not eligible. If there wasn’t a girl in that generation, then all three boys would be eligible and the Geek would get the title due to the exemplar law.

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I was trying for a son to carry on the family line and after two tries resulting with girls I tried again and BAM triplets. Thank goodness one of those was a boy. I swear at least one of them was crying 24/7. I was wondering though, when my heir became a young adult and moved in his girlfriend, once she had their first child can his sisters have kids of their own while in the household?

I am not sure if I totally understood the rules.
I am about to make a family where the rules are:
Strict Patriarchy – Strict Traditional – First born.
My question: if I get a boy who could become the heir but he dies before it happens, can the second born boy be the heir?


Yes. The next boy in line would be set to inherit if the first dies. If you have, say, 3 boys, and the first dies, then the second son would claim the title as heir, not the third son. That way it ensures that the first born always inherits.

I’m really curious about the Strength Heir. For siblings to get to the point of fighting, can we safely assume that they would have to hate each other?


From Pinstar at work:

Yep! It has to be a real fight,with the loser getting the “Dazed” mood, so it involves some amount of hatred… but no rule saying they can’t make up afterwards.

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In the TS2 days Simmer communities often voted for the heir. If we decide to go that route for the Heir Law instead would we be breaking the rules of the challenge?


Actually we never considered that, but that’s a great idea! If you want community members to vote on the heir that is fine. We will add it to the rules soon 🙂

A question about exemplar. My rules are patriarchy, strict traditional, and exemplar on the clumsy trait (it was a tough one for me to choose between exemplar and strength). There are 2 kids in gen 2, a boy and a girl. Girl has clumsy trait.

The way I’m reading it is the rule is that (for me) any boy that has clumsy gets heir, and ignore that the girl got the trait I picked exemplar for. Is this correct?


From Pinstar at work:

Correct, patriarchy disqualifies her for heir regardless of the clumsy trait

I have a question about the household while doing a legacy challenge. Once all the founder’s children age up into young adults, do you keep only the heir in the household and move the others out, or do they all stay but only the heir continues the bloodline?

The heir continues the bloodline. The decision to move the spares out or not is entirely up to you!

But if your heir dies before they can have a child to carry on the bloodline and you’ve moved your spare out then your line just ends!! I have been keeping my spare in until the heir has at least 1 child if not another on the way.

Hi Pinstar!
Thank you so much for your many years of work on this awesome challenge for the Sims games! I have never blogged any of my legacy adventures or anything like that, but doing them has given me years of enjoyment with my sims games.
I was telling my husband some of the details of the Heir law, as I begin my legacy.He suggested a variant of “merit” based that kind of cracked me up, and made me want to share. He said “the one who is the least capable should be heir, because they would be the most needy of their parents care, and want to stay home to live in the basement”. Hope this brings you a smile!


LOL! I like that! Pinstar is traveling today, but I’ll mention it to him when I talk to him later.

For the examplar inheritance, must it be a personality trait? I made a blue founder (hair/skin/eyes), and I was playing with the idea of him wanting only children that inherited as much of his blue coloring as possible. So my thought was that if he had three sons, the first having blue hair, the second having blue hair and skin, and the third having blue hair, skin, and eyes, the third would inherit despite being the youngest, because it would have inherited the blue coloring. Coloring being equal, patriarchy rules would apply.

There isn’t really a category that allows me to use these rules, but I was really curious to see how many generations the blue could pass down when intermarrying with townies.

Would it be possible to add some version of Exemplar that has to do with physical appearance?

I don’t see why it would have to be limited to a personality trait and it fits within the theme of the rule, so go for it!

One question on determining who the heir is: It’s not explicitly stated anywhere but do I understand correctly that – apart form adoption scenarios – the heir must be born in the legacy household?
For example: The male founder tries for a baby with a “not in this world” sim, he is successful, and male child (let’s call him #1) is born. He is the first child of the founder and the succession law is strict patriarchy-strict traditional-first born, but the mother has not moved into the legacy household yet at the time of birth. Let’s also say that the founder’s wife gives birth to a boy a bit later in the legacy household (they live together). He is a boy also (let’s call him #2). Which boy is the rightful heir in this situation, #1 or #2?

Are you supposed to choose one or three (one from each category)? It seems like people have chosen three. Are you supposed to combine these somehow or just choose one per generation? Slightly confused here. 😛


One from each category. Combine them to determine what child is your heir in each generation.

For instance if you chose Strict Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, and First Born your heir would be the first, naturally born female child in that generation.

But first born says that it’s the first child and matriarchy says it’s a girl, what if the first child isn’t a girl?

it would be the first-born girl.

Hello, I’m doing a matriarchy-strict traditional- exemplar (geek) legacy challenge. I’m only on my first generation with 3 boys and one on the way. The first born son has the geek trait, but if the one on the way ends up being a girl with out the geek trait I don’t know which one would be the rightful heir. Please help. I would like to know what law trumps the other. lol Thank you


I believe Exemplar trumps matriarchy in this case since you aren’t doing a strict matriarchy. I’ll confirm with Pinstar once he wakes up though!

I have a few questions on succession:

1) When using the random method, at what point do you re-randomly-select the heirs – when the new pool participant is in the womb, just born (still an infant) or when that infant becomes a child?

2) At what point is the heir locked in – when they (or their spouse) is pregnant with their first child, or when the child is actually born?

I am using the random method, and my current heir is about to become an adult. The founder (the heir’s mom) just found out she’s pregnant again. I’m trying to determine how it should work if my current heir were to get pregnant before the founder gives birth. Depending on the intended timing of the re-selection of the random heir and the timing of locking in the heir, I may or may not be able to lock in the current heir if I get her pregnant right away…

1. When they are born, but you don’t need to wait for child.
2. When the child is actually born.

Is it ok to keep & spend the money your spouse brings when marrying or moving in?

Well I picked patriarchy for me and I just had a fourth GIRL in a row…
It’s not my concern though, my concern is that my founder’s spouse suddenly turned from Young Adult to SENIOR. I have no idea how it happened but that chick aged like 20 days ahead.
Which is not fun.
She left me with 4 girls… (Well she is still alive but of no use for my founder now) I have no idea what to do next…

And for that problem of spouse income, it’s pretty easy, just remember how much money you have, marry/move in and then use cheat “money x” replacing x with amount of cash you had before moving. Voila! Simple as that…


You can move in a new spouse. With the new rule change that is allowed. Plus whenever a bug occurs like that, you are more than welcome to do something what wouldn’t necessarily be Legacy legal in order to fix the issue (cheats, mods, hacks, etc).

Well, I think I would have to do something like that.
Problem is that they’re married so she probably won’t like someone other woo-hooving her husband. (I don’t want her to move out… I need someone to care for garden…)
Well, I will look for some mods then…

Isn’t there a divorce option in the game? I’m seriously asking, I’ve never actually checked that, but as you can break up with girlfriends, I suppose it would make sense.
Anyway, If you wouldn’t like to move her out, you can still wait for her to die and your founder can marry again after that. I heard that male sims are able to Try for babies till the end of their days.
Otherwise, a husband moving in a girlfriend may lead to micromanagement hell, but it can also be funny. I have a lot of fun with my Serial lover founder trying to avoid any romantic interactions in front of his wife when the girlfriends are visiting 🙂

Well that sounds rather drastic. With dying and everything.
But no worries, I found a cheat “cas.fulleditmode” or something and was able to change her life stage back to what it should be.
The family ties remained despite what rumours about them disappearing say.

And I found out that since teenager stage you can change relation with family like mother or sister to room-mate.
I hope it’s just a bug with disabling cheats, though…

HAH I had a similar issue.. my sim had FIVE girls in four pregnancies (the fourth was twin girls – imagine my despair!) and she was on the brink of elderhood when she finally had a boy. Although if that one had been a girl too I would have taken the Young Again potion and waited for the eldest girl to move out before trying again.

But seriously, six kids is definitely something I never want to do again. LOL

Yeah I know that pain, I made mine to give a birth to BLUE cradle and guess what, she decided that her fifth baby gonna be a boy. Well I named him Alexander.

I though over situation. And it seems that when he’ll become teen, founders will be at brink of their senior stage. And his oldest sister in middle of young adulthood.

I’m wondering about what would monarch do when he can choose oldest daughter with required trait (I did go with Exemplary) nearly ready to bring in next generation and newborn who might end up not even having that trait in the future…

(I laugh like crazy every time one of girls gets a “unwanted sibling” mood while interacting with cradle)

I have had THIRTEEN girls in a row, and since I got the game I have never had a boy in any of the families I played. I think there must be a glitch with my game (its killing me trying to think of girls names)

I always use random generator for names. It comes up with some very weird ones at times.

OK so I thought of a kind of horrifying question while typing that last reply… I chose Strict Equality and my founder is a woman. She had five girls before finally popping out a boy the day before her Elder birthday, so the only sim eligible for heir is her youngest, who is still in his child stage. She’s 109 days old… I don’t know how long sims usually last in TS4 but her husband just got the notification of his impending demise, so… if she dies before he’s a Young Adult , does that end the legacy? Her oldest is a Young Adult and is staying around to help take care of all the kids but, I imagine the legacy can’t continue if the founder is dead and the heir-to-be is still a child?

If that’s the case I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and give her the young again potion…

I can’t see why that would be a problem. Children are okay to be at home alone, and there’s no rule for the heir to be an adult when the previous generation dies, so I guess you should just keep on playing.

Little late to the game but I will be starting tonight. My previous game will be saved as I’m up to the third generation, but I am starting anew with this Legacy. Wish me luck. I choose Equality,Strict,and Random for the rules.

Okay, two questions regarding succession:

1) Are there any implicit losing conditions in this challenge? I’m thinking about strict matriarchy/partriarchy scenarios when the heir doesn’t have a child of the expected gender before they die. Should the challenge be considered “lost” in that case? For example: I have a legacy with strict patriarchy, strict traditional, first born. The second generation consists of six children. In birth order: two boys (let’s call them ‘A’ and ‘B’), three girls and a boy (let’s call him ‘C’). Let’s suppose I don’t want to move them out, which means that I have limited chances to ensure that an eligible heir will be born as the son of ‘A’. All of them ages, the parents die, then ‘A’ also dies. Does that mean that in that situation ‘B’ becomes the 2nd generation heir? And if he also dies, will ‘C’ become the second generation heir? Or does the death of ‘A’ means the end of my challenge?

2) Does it matter where the heir is born? Must he be born when both parents are living in the household, or can outsiders become heirs due to birth order? Let’s suppose that in the above example ‘A’ meets a girl while the legacy household is still running on full capacity. Moving the girl in is not an option, but they can still try for a baby. Then the baby is born somewhere else and he is a boy. Does he become the eligible heir even though the mother is not even living in the legacy household? What if later on ‘A’ meets another girl, the girl moves in and give birth to another boy. Which boy will be the heir? The one born first but outside the legacy household, or the other, which was born inside?

The challenge is lost if you have no eligible heirs and your current generation heir either dies or loses the ability to have children (Females becoming elders). Strict Matriarchy/Patriarchy makes your challenge more prone to this by making half of your children ineligible for the title of heir.

The heir must be born from a sim who is an active member of the Legacy Challenge lot. A sim born in another household is not eligible to be named heir.

[…] z The Sims 4 pojawiło się kilka nowych zasad The Legacy Challenge, zwanych Prawami Dziedziczenia. Są to reguły decydujące o tym, […]

Question: How do we get rid of the unwanted children? I dont want 80 kids!


Move them out via world management.

You can move them out.

[…] z The Sims 4 pojawiło się kilka nowych zasad The Legacy Challenge, zwanych Prawami Dziedziczenia. Są to reguły decydujące o tym, które […]

Are other children who are not named heir able to have kids of their own?


Yes! They can be part of what is called a cadet branch of the Legacy Challenge. Cadet branches can earn points for the Legacy if they stay living in the same house.

Once I started, can I merge my Legacy household with a Sim I created with CAS, to have a baby?


So i feel stupid having to asking this I think i read it right so can I only control the “heir” threw out the game till they die or can i work with the others


You can control everyone 🙂 The heir is called that just because that is the Sim that gets to carry out producing the next generation. All Sims in a Legacy family can be controlled.

Can we keep points that were earned by spares and spare children after we move them out?

This sounds like a fun challenge! This will he my first one, so I’m wondering how you all will know whether I’m doing it or not? How do we keep track? Is it in a story? Or on blogs? Some help in this area would be nice! Thank you!


The Legacy Challenge has been and always will be based on an honor system. If you are saying you are doing it, we believe you 🙂 It’s up to you to decide how strict you want to be with it. Hopefully we’ll have a scoresheet soon.

My choices! 🙂

• Strict Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir. Male children cannot, under any circumstance, ever be the heir to the next generation.
• Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.
• First Born: The oldest, by order of joining the family, eligible living child is named heir.

Hello !! c’est parti pour Mon Legacy Challenge ! Je vais démarrer avec Egalité strict, Strict traditionnel, Exemplaire ! Histoire de bien pimenter le jeu ! C’est parti !!! 😀

Ok I think I know the answer to this question, but feel I must ask to be sure.
I am playing – Strict Equality – Traditional – Exemplar (genius)
My founder is a female, I have three boys, none of which have the genius trait yet. The oldest child just became a teenager, is he technically the heir unless another boy ages up and happens to get the genius trait?
Sorry if someone already had a similar question.

Pinstar Legacy

You are absolutely correct! In the absence of the exemplar trait, then go by first born.

On a side note, if your family later has a girl genius, she *won’t* be the heir because the gender law renders her ineligible even though she carries the exemplar trait.

I cant wait to free myself of a cheatful game…This challenge is such a great idea im starting right now… yayayayaya I Love Sims 2…trying to love 4

So lets say I have 3 children and am just going to roll a D4 to see who gets to lead the next generation, 1-3 being the children in birth order, and 4 being reroll, that’s fair right?

Pinstar Legacy

Equality – Modern – Random describes that perfectly. Gender and birth method don’t matter.

Hi 🙂
A quick question….
My current heir has died (my second sim to die of embarrassment of wetting oneself :/) who becomes heir? I am using Matriarchy, Traditional, Exemplar: self-assured. The heir has a sister that doesn’t have the exemplar trait, the heir also has three girls, none yet with the self assured trait.

Thanks in advance!


With Exemplar, if no one has the exemplar trait it defaults to the first born child. So the new heiress would be your deceased heiress’s oldest daughter.

Thought so 🙂

Would it change if one of the other daughters acquires the trait or is it locked on the first born?


I believe it would go to whoever ends up with the trait if someone does end up getting it.

Just checking but according to the rules it locks in (and won’t change) if the previous generation heir dies, so the first born child will be heiress even if her sister gains the trait? (Which they finally did!)

Pinstar Legacy

Correct, the title of heir is locked in upon the death of the previous gen heir.

so I do I find the challenge in the game
? does my sim have to have any certain skills or traits?

I’m so going to do this! (But I’ll do it in Sims 3)
I’m doing a static needs version, I absolutely cannot play without them for more than a day. (I’m a bit OCD with Sims)
I’m going to have a very pure family bloodline. Strict Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, and First-Born.

So this is my first time doing a legacy. So, am i getting this right that we just choose the Succession laws? We don’t enter them anywhere, they’re just saved in our mind? I am choosing Strict Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, and First Born. Also, how does one become the new heir? Does the game realize I’m completing a legacy? Or is it just I only control her?
Also, when I get a spouse and children, am I allowed to control them? I don’t quite understand this at all, but I really want to try.

Pinstar Legacy

You may control all sims in your household. And yes, you just write down which succession laws you choose.

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Yup, it’s all in your imagination. You can write it down so you won’t forget what did you choose. Or do something better, buy 16 or 32 page notebook and write down everything.

Succesion law etc. on first page and heir – starting Sim data. Name, traits, etc.

And write down every born sim.

Link spouses to heir and sims allowed to have one, like next heir (when they get one naturally).

And voila, your own Generations Tree. ;]

bonjour , comment fait t on pour nomme un héritier . Ou trouve t on les lois de succession pour choisir les 3 lois . Je ne comprend pas ou les activer

Hi. I don’t know if this was already issued but… I set Strict Equality, Traditional, First Born and my founder was a woman so the next heir should be the first boy born right?? However the founder died having two daughters and no boys… Should be the first daughter the heir??

thank you

Pinstar Legacy

I’m afraid you may need to restart the challenge. Strict equality means that all children of the same gender as your founder or the previous heir are not valid. When dealing with strict succession laws, you want to keep popping out kids until get one of the proper gender.

lolol… thank you for the answer…

well I tried to pop out kids but she was electrocuted :p

thank you 🙂

I’m in my fourth generation and I THINK i’m ok, but I might have failed the challenge and not sure. I picked strict equality, strict traditional and exemplar (geek trait). My second generation only had one girl, which was fine because the next heir should have been a girl, but she did not have the geek trait. Being the only girl she was firstborn and I thought that if no more children were able to come (my heir sim died, leaving only one child) the laws default to firstborn. Now she’s had 8 kids in an effort to get a boy, FINALLY got the boy, but he does not have the geek trait, his sister does. Who would be heir? Him, because he’s the boy and it’s time for a male heir, or his sister because she’s got the exemplar trait? Or maybe i’ve just been playing wrong and failed the challenge with the lack of a baby girl born with geek trait?

Pinstar Legacy

The boy gets the title of heir, even though he doesn’t have the geek trait and the girl does.

Thank you!


Someone asked me a really good question I could not answer.

She has a guy who was married and got children. His wife then died. Is he allowed to re-marry? What is the rules about this?


If the spouse didn’t bring in any money, they yes, he can remarry 🙂

She already played further. The former wife did not bring in any cash. The new one did. My friend does not remember exactly how much though and was untill now not aware that it was not allowed for new sims to bring money with them into the household.

Should she start all over og just continue?


You can use the cheat found here ( to decrease it to zero 🙂

If I choose to keep a spare in the Legacy household to play, do their aspirations, jobs & skills count towards points earned for the challenge?



Pinstar Legacy

They sure do!

Help! I’m confused! I am playing Strict Equality, Strict Traditional, Exemplar (geek). Founder is female and birthed 5 girls(2 with geek trait) and then a boy(not geek). Would the boy still be the heir without the trait?

NVM…only had to look at the comment directly above…smh

Hi, Pinstar,

I’ve been finding that whenever I go into the generator it hasn’t been opening or dropping down to put in the parent’s traits. I try it several times and it doesn’t open. Not every time, but too often and it’s frustrating. My game goes on pause until it begins to work again. I find I need to refresh the page several times to get it to work. Has anyone else had these problems. It’s not my computer because I have bought a brand new quality games computer so must be some other glitch rearing its ugly head.


Pinstar Legacy

I’ve noticed that quirk too. I’m not 100% sure why, though I’ve never had to refresh the whole page. What browser are you using?

Hi pinstar!
I love your challenge but i never heard of it before (the sims 4). I have a question, there isn’t a rule that says, for example, that you can select anyone of your founder sim? If you didn’t undersand me: i have my founder and it’s called Nana. She has long red hair. She marries Don lothario, for example. Then nana has 2 sons. One is red haired and another is black haired.
Can i choose de one that has the red hair? Is like the family trait rule…

Pinstar Legacy

You could certainly come up with your own family trait succession law if you wanted to!

[…] Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules – Succession Laws […]

I have a question about heir laws, I chose the “merit” law:

“Merit: The child with the most fully completed aspirations will be named heir. If there is a tie, the child with the highest level in a single skill will become heir from among the children who are tied.”

Okay, so does this mean that my founders children need to complete an aspiration before they are eligible to be heir… because my founder sim just died and neither of the two potentially eligible heirs completed an aspiration in childhood, teenage-hood, or aduldhood.. do I choose the one with the most skills orrrr is it over for this family lol?

Pinstar Legacy

You don’t need to have a single completed aspriation for a child to be named heir. If that is the case, everyone is “Tied” at 0 completed aspirations and you go to their skills to determine who gets the title.

This sounds fun, but I have no clue how you all remember everything! lol.

Definitely excited for this.

I’m going to try Matriarchy, Traditional, and First born!

I am new to all of this and ‘m a bit unsure on a few things
Firstly, how exactly do you “lock in” an heir? And how do you make sure they inherit everything?
Is there an option within the game to do that or?
Secondly, do you mix the 3 categories? Or just choose one from all them?
Thank you x

Pinstar Legacy

“Locking in” is an out of game concept. It just cements who the heir will be. As for the succession laws, you have to pick exactly one from each of the three categories. So you couldn’t pick, say, “Strength” and “Last Born” because both are the same category. That being said, you can mix and match.

[…] de Lytte legacy will use the following succession laws: Equality (any gender can inherit), Modern (natural or adopted kids can inherit), and Living Will […]

Hi, I have a question. In my legacy I have Strict Equality, Strict Traditional, First Born. My founder is female and she first had a daughter and then later, triplet sons. Since the triplets are all male, which one would be considered the heir?


Whichever male triplet was born first 🙂

Also… triplets… EEK!

So i decided to give the challenge a go and chose the strict patriarchy aaannddd my founder and his wife tried for a baby and ended up with triplets – all boys!!
So do i just choose any of them or the first one I named?

Oh god i just noticed a commwnt almost the exact same above mine. Never mind! -.-


My legacy family has the Exemplar law and this generation only has two eligible heiresses. They’re twin girls and neither of them have the Exemplar family trait. It says that in the case of none of the eligible heirs/heiresses having the Exemplar trait, it goes to the firstborn by default but since my only two eligible heiresses are twins, does this mean I get to just pick the one I like more?


In the case of Twins, firstborn is determined by which twin you were prompted to name first when they were born (ie the first twin born).

I’ve chosen to do the “Random” heir law. How do you recommend “rolling” for who the heir will be? When I had two kids in the household, a boy and a girl, I just decided an odd number would be the boy and an even number would be the girl (six-sided die). But another kid has been born so I need to re-roll and I’m not sure how best to do this.


You could use and assign each child a number, then choose the child that the random number generator chooses for you. That’s what I’ve done in the past.

if you google “random choice generator” there are some which allow you to directly type in names. I used it not long ago to choose a show to watch

[…] the succession laws of the legacy challenge, I decided to be a bit more flexible than I was in my Smith legacy. I […]

This is probably a stupid question, but in my legacy family, I am doing a Matriarchy, Traditional, First-Born. I have 4 girls, two boys currently ( Somehow, I keep getting twins ). It’s pretty easy to tell who the current heir is, but if she dies, how will I be able to tell who’s the next born?

*the next girl has a twin girl, and I don’t know how to tell who came first*


To decide which twin was born first you choose the one that you named first when they were born.

Ok! Thanks!

[…] The Succession Rules can be found at: […]

Can I have the heirship depend on a trait like rainbow skin? So all my heirs would have to be rainbow.

My plan was the first rainboo female becomes the heir.


You could probably use Exemplar for that and instead of having it be an in-game trait, using a physical trait like rainbow skin.

Ooooooh. Could another possible heir law be first married coz that would be so fun.

Hi! I was just wondering… My rules for my game are Firstborn Traditional Male… If my sim’s mistress gives birth to a male child before his wife does, does that mean that the mistress’s child becomes the heir, or would that be considered adoption if I were to bring him over to his father’s family?

Pinstar Legacy

The mistress’s child would be the heir, as traditional goes strictly by blood, not by marriage.

For the Heir law, could I just give the children numbers and roll a die? Would that be okay?

Pinstar Legacy

Of course!

in the merit law:
“If there is a tie, the child with the highest level in a single skill will become heir from among the children who are tied”

Does it include forgotten children skill? the younger eligible heir is still a child and have maxed 2 children skill and finished 2 aspiration, and the older have finished one children aspiration and one adult aspiration, but only have one (adult) skill maxed, but one maxed children skill forgotten.

It might be a very super unique condition that only my family is having hehe.

Pinstar Legacy

That…is a good question. I’d say it only counts the childhood skills if one or both of the contenders are still children.

[…] Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules – Succession Laws […]

I absolutely love this challenge; I’m on Generation 5 right now (I’m blogging it at if anyone wants to check it out). My laws are Equality, Strict Traditional, and First Born, but I also have a ‘Legitimacy Clause’ I added in for fun. Basically, children born out of wedlock can’t be named heir. It just adds some extra drama, especially if I throw a noncommittal Sim into the mix (or forget my own rules and accidentally let a child be born out of wedlock…yeah, that happened). It might be fun to have a ‘Family Law’ section, with ‘Strict Legitimacy/Legitimacy/Equality/Illegitimacy/Strict Illegitimacy’ options. Just an idea. 🙂

Thanks for the challenge!

Legacies are so much fun! I couldn’t remember the last time I tried playing one though, so I just started one! I’m blogging my progress here if anyone is interested: 🙂
Happy simming everyone!

This question is about what would end my challenge regarding succession. A recent patch has tempted me to try something risky. Here’s my scenario:

My laws are Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, Exemplar (Art Lover). My founder is still alive and I recently gave her a youth potion so she has about 18 days of adult before becoming elder. Her 1st and only born is a boy who is now a teen. He has about 18 days til he hits young adult. I was going to just go with him being the heir since I don’t like controlling large households and feared having a string of boys while trying for a girl on the 1st generation.

The recent update/patch has given us back the ability to increase the odds of a particular gender offspring based on eating a certain fruit and or listening to certain types of music. I really want to give my founder one more shot at having a girl. Let’s say she does have a girl then that Sim would be the new heir but I’m afraid the founder might die of age before the new heir reaches young adult.

QUESTION: If the founder dies before the heir reaches young adult does that fail the challenge? Her older brother will be a young adult before his mom dies of age so the household would still be viable as far as the game is concerned.

Pinstar Legacy

You would not fail the challenge. The child, if born a girl, would still be your heiress even if the founder died before she hit young adulthood. You’d just have to keep her older brother in the house while you waited for her to grow into a young adult capable of continuing the family bloodline.

Hi! I have a question about order of succession.

I currently have 5 children, and could have another. My succession laws are Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, and Exemplar (Music Lover). I’m not sure how to rank the importance of matriarchy vs exemplar.

My oldest son has the Music Lover trait, but has two sisters who fulfill the matriarchy rule. Neither girl will have the Music Lover trait. Should I prioritize the gender or trait?

By the way, I love the legacy! This may be the longest I’ve played any file on the Sims since my second family in TS3.

Pinstar Legacy

Matriarchy is a limiter: ONLY female children can be heir, regardless of anything else. Exemplar: Music Lover is a tie breaker. In this case, the son is not eligible to be heir, despite having the exemplar trait. With neither girl having the exemplar trait, the oldest girl would be heir. If you were to have a third girl and she picked up the music lover trait, that would catapult her into the heir status despite being the youngest of her siblings.


So once my heir becomes a YA, do I have to keep the rest of the family in the household (such as parents and younger siblings)? Or do I have to wait until they all age up and until the parents die.


You don’t HAVE to keep them, but if you remove them from the household, they will no longer count for points.

Strict Tradittional Matrichary – 3 sons, primary spouse dies .. this can’t be true :D. as i picked strict traditional i can’t adopt a girl (I can, but it’s useless as she can’t be the heir). so if i marry a secondary spouse and get a girl by pregnancy, can she be the heir (or are only primary spouses “suited” to create a heir?) ? if that’s not possible, the challence is lost for me, right?

Pinstar Legacy

Nope! As long as the original sim of the bloodline is still alive AND able to have children, bringing in a secondary spouse and having a girl will save your bloodline. The only real difference between “primary spouse” and “Secondary Spouse” is for the “Love” Category of points in terms of collecting unique personality traits.

Thank you for your answer. Right now, she gave birth to the seventh (!!!!!!!!!!) son in a row. This must be some kind of bug! or there is an unknown possibility to influence the baby’s gender, which I follow inadvertently. I’m some kind of desperate 😀

I am currently doing my first legacy challenge and I have a question. It says in the rules the second generation takes over when the first dies. My question is does the first heir have to die before the second heir can have children? My first heir had her son as a young adult so when her son becomes a young adult she won’t yet be a elder. I don’t want to waste time with my second heir having children because his mother has not yet died. She may not die until he is already an adult. Does that mean he cannot marry or have children until she does?

Pinstar Legacy

Nope, the 2nd heir can have kids…though they take over when the 1st generation dies even if there is a valid 3rd generation heir.


please help me understand what would not work in this strategy
What happens if your first spouse die? can you move in another one?

if so the freeze aging during pregnancy is really powerful

even if not so, if i want to play a pure “woman world” (there are already cc for pregnancy for everyone) then the challenge get quite broken

let s say i chose a strict matriarchy / strict tradition / eligible

With eligible rule it s pretty easy to chose which heir you want and switch as many times too.

Now with each pregnancy the age freeze: 3 days more for free each time
Let s say i just keep making babies with my first spouse or then the next heir. It s almost infinite and if not because i need a good tracking i could still easily get a enormous advantage. If i make 40 babies i get 120 days more…
By the way it s not very complex process, and baby keeping is pretty easy.
even the challenge ask to get 10 babies in one gen and to try to do it early when there is a house to fill may be attractive if you care about scoring..

As long as the eligible hair don’t move in a new spouse, no new gen will start.
her mom heir just keep making babies, push them out after eventually using them to collect points (by rising them…)
if dad spouse die and it s not allowed to get a new one, then the problem still remain if you playgay couples, each of them can get pregnant to benefit of the age freezing

let me know what is wrong in that according to the rule?

Pinstar Legacy

The age freezing on pregnancy is…not my favorite feature of TS4 but the difficulty of the challenge is up to you. It is very easy to pick a succession law that is easy to control who your heir is, and some people like it, others like the chaos that more random laws can bring.

You aren’t doing anything wrong in terms of keeping mom eternally young via constant babies.

Species Law is propense to changes I guess
When newer Expansion Packs add new Supernaturals
Or also to become compatible with future packs with supers you should add:

No-hybrids: hybrids are not elegible
Purebred: Same specie than your heir (if like TS3 no modded game no make hybrids)


Yeah we were thinking something along those lines. We’ll have to see how Supernaturals impact the gameplay 🙂

Anessa 묻ㄴㄴㅁ

Awesome! Can I control the kids that are born?


Yes, absolutely!


When you re-roll:

Do sims that were previously not chosen count?

If you are doing 10 children in one generation, and one becomes the heir, but you will have to re-roll several more times, should they have children as if they are the heir?


You are doing the Random succession law, right? I believe every time you re-roll then any of the previously unchosen Sims have a chance at becoming the heir. I don’t know about letting them have kids as if they are the heir though, you might end up with too many Sims in your family before you finish having the 10 kids. Any kid that is moved out will no longer count in the re-roll.

Hope that makes sense. I had to re-answer a couple of times because I haven’t had coffee yet and my brain is mush.

You may not change a Sim’s current aspiration. The exception is when they fully complete an aspiration. When that happens, you may choose their new aspiration, as long as it is not one they’ve already completed.

My question is can we change the aspirations after the first one is complete? Say I completed my first aspiration and I am working on the second one but I am also fulfilling another aspiration can I switch to that one and do both at once?


Hmm… that’s a good question. I will ask Pinstar when he gets home from work tonight. I’d say yes, since you already fulfilled one aspiration, I believe that at that point you have free reign on the rest of that particular Sim’s aspirations.

I’m having trouble with the angling ace aspiration. The point guide says I have 14/20. My collection board says 14/22 +4. This means I have 18/20. What do I need to do?

It’s not showing up new fish that I am getting.


New fish? You mean in the collections? Could be a bug. Do you have any custom content installed?


Eek, I have no idea. I’ve never encountered that before. I’m assuming there are 2 rare fish that you are missing. Maybe keep fishing to see if they turn out somewhere or Google to see which ones you could possibly be missing.

It’s only counting the orginal fish from the base game. The aspiration is not counting the updates or the other new fish from packs.


Hmm… that must be a game bug then. In that case you may want to keep track of the other fish on a notepad or something so you can make sure you get them all.

What happens to the other children?


They become spares and, if they meet the criteria of your succession laws, become the next in line for heir if something happens to your initial heir. You can do whatever you want with them. Move them out or keep them in the household. It’s up to you 🙂

Dayane Regina de Oliveira Silva

em relação ao casamento como faz para que o sim remova o dinheiro do seu cônjuge?


Sorry, we only speak English, so I don’t know what you are asking 🙁

I’m not 100% sure but I think they asked that if they married their spouse would the have to remove the spouse’s money that they bought in.


I’d say just leave it. Even Pinstar and I have made that mistake before and just left the funds in. In the long run, it’s not that big of a deal.


I am so confused about the succession rules. If anyone could help me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

My laws are: Strict Equality, Modern, Exemplar (Genius)

Question 1: If there are three generations so far, does the heir of gen. 3 become locked: a) when the founder (gen. 1 heir) dies or b) when the heir of gen. 2 dies?

Question 2 (a long one): Assuming my laws, a male founder, and two generations so far. My male founder has 4 kids: boy, then girl, then twin girl and boy. Say the older girl (Jess) is a child who is not a genius, then the younger girl (Mary) ages up to child and gets the trait genius, THEN the older girl (Jess) ages up to teen and gets the trait genius. Would Mary already be locked in as the heir and Jess’s new-found genius wouldn’t matter? Or would Jess reclaim the title of heir as the eldest girl who was a genius (even though she gained the trait later than her younger sister)?

Thanks so much in advance for any help!


1) When the heir of gen 2 dies.
2) It’d be the older child.

Are half-aliens considered humans or a separate species for the Xenophobic law?


I believe the game considers them human.

[…] starts a legacy with the geek exemplar trait (if you’re not sure what that means, click here), gets himself a wife, who works at Omniscience in a different department than he does, and has a […]

Auntie Mame

I’m starting this now, blogging it. Here’s my blog link for anyone interested, as I am doing the Democracy Heir Law so readers can vote for the next heir.

With the Democracy heir law, do all children need to be the same age in order to be in the poll? I have two young adults, one teen, two children, and one baby on the way. Can i include all of them in the poll?


They can be any age. I typically wait until they are at least children though so that the voters can have an idea of the kid’s personality.

[…] et un jeune adolescent perturbé. Sur un coup de tête, il décide d’écrire toutes les règles et de les publier sur les forums Les Sims 2. Ce jour-là, il était très loin d’imaginer […]

Would it be cheating to use a mod that allows teen pregnancy? It’s the only mod I’m considering using because I want to spice up some of my sim’s lives.


I’d say yes, it would be cheating, but you are welcome to play how you want to. You can be as lenient or strict on the rules as you wish.

Following Aunt Mame’s example, I figured I might as well post post link to my own blog. Gen two just began!

Can the hier have a job? Also can other household members get a job or do they have to earn money a different way?


Everyone can have a job.


I don’t know if this has already been answered for you or not, but I wanted to go ahead and answer for you what the 2 fish missing from your collection are – they are the ones the developers gave to everyone for free: the gummie fish and the bone fish. You can purchase their tanks in build mode in the activities section. The gummie fish has a red hexagonal tank and the bone fish has a black hexagonal tank.. once you buy the tanks and set them in your sim’s house, you can stock them – the gummie tank only holds the gummie fish and the bone tank only holds the bone fish. Hope this helps you!

I am having trouble with my secession. I am doing a random secession but I’m not sure if all of my children or only some are elligible. I’m having issues because my founder was abducted by aliens from his first born daughter’s room. He ended up with twins. While he was expecting his wife also conceived. And she had twins as well.

*Do I roll out of all 5 children or only the ones from his spouse? *

My fiancé feels since the child would inherit from both it should be related to both.

*What should I do?*


They only need to be able to trace their family history to the founder. It doesn’t matter if they are directly related to the spouse or not. So all 5 children would be considered since they are all directly related to the founder.

Karine Aptel-Chevry

Good afternoon everyone!

My issue is: Heir locked + Spare getting Examplar Trait

I’m playing with Strict Equality, Strict Traditional, Exemplar trait (Genius) and Tolerant in regard of species.
My initial founder is male. He has a current heir (adult, female, no genius trait) which I like very much of course as I played her quite a bit (4/4 child aspirations + 4 teen/adults aspirations achieved so far + tons of rewards traits). 🙂
After her he got 3 sons, and eventually another girl. I always randomly generate all traits at once (before the birth). The last little girl (currently child age) is Creative, and her Teen Trait is going to be Genius. Technically, she should become the heir when becoming a teen.
Now… my founder is already elder (aged 130 days, youth potion already used previously for him), and will very probably die before she becomes Teen. In that case (imagine my Founder dies right now), 2 girls but no examplar trait yet, should the Eldest girl be the heir still? Will she stay the heir even after the youngest get the examplar trait (locked)?

1. My understanding is yes, it would be locked on the first born girl as the other one doesn’t have the examplar trait yet, and still be the Eldest regardless of the youngest getting the examplar trait later. (can you confirm?)

2. My second question is, What can I do as I really want to keep the examplar trait in that family?

2.0. apart from killing my current heir before the Founder dies to get the second daughter to inherit as the only girl child

If the Current heir (2nd generation eldest daughter) dies (much later in game) without a 3rd generation heir,

= 2.1. would the line be broken (end of legacy challenge)
or …
= 2.2. would the Title be reverted back to my 2nd generation Spare (which at that point would have the examplar trait,and be an adult, maybe even have had children) ? 🙂
Basically, with Founder already dead, Current Heir dying without further children, can the Legacy Challenge continue on the previous Spare ?

Sorry for the long message, but I really look forward your answer! Thank you for this Challenge idea and all the interesting comments and suggestions for a more interesting gameplay!


I would say, yes it would be the older girl if the founder dies before the youngest girl gets her exemplar trait, especially since the Exemplar trait always defaults to the oldest anyway. You can still keep the exemplar trait as is even if the heir doesn’t have it and just try to get the next heir to have it instead. However, if the founder DOESN’T die before the youngest becomes teen and gets her trait, then she can, indeed become the heir. You could also definitely kill off the older heir once the youngest one becomes a teen just make sure that nothing happens to the youngest heir before she becomes a young adult.

If the older heir dies before having kids, it would then jump to the next oldest eligible spare as long as they are still living in the house. IF that happens after the youngest gains her exemplar trait, it will go to her and not the 2nd oldest girl.

The challenge never fails if you don’t get the exemplar trait. It just defaults to the oldest eligible child that meets all other criteria.

I’m having issues with Exemplar in my Legacy as well. I finally got the trait after 5 kids. It can be frustrating sometimes, but not getting the trait will ever make you fail the challenge, so don’t worry about that!

Hopefully I answered that properly for you! I’m a bit undercaffeinated this morning LOL

You are answering very fast thank you! (from which country by the way? – it is midnight in Australia, we are not in for morning coffee for a while, more like late tea 😉

Back to the topic, you said “If the older heir dies before having kids, it would then jump to the next oldest eligible spare as long as they are still living in the house.”
At that point, if I have in the household: 1 Heir, 1 Spare, (Founder already died), and this Heir (locked) doesn’t have Children, then I can use my spare to keep up with the challenge. It means that the Spares can be used in general as “back-up” plan much longer than I expected, long after the Founder/their parents dies, until the current Heir had an eligible child ?


I live on the East coast of the USA 🙂

Yes you can do that. Spares are backup in case something happens to the heir. It’s a good idea to keep them around until the heir has their own kids. I made the mistake of not keeping a spare in the house once and I failed the challenge when my heir died of embarrassment 🙁

I’m not seeing my posts show up on here. I posted about a day ago.


I see it! Not sure why it’s not showing up for you. I’ll answer in a couple of minutes.

Oh. I posted on another page of this website, still about the legacy though. Lolzzzz

So I chose Strict Matriachy and Exemplar (Kleptomaniac) so does this mean that the daughter who generates this trait is named heir, but if I have two or more than its the eldest Exemplar? Or the eldest daughter in general?


Oldest with the trait. If none of them have the trait then it defaults to the oldest.

[…] aspiration is to have a successful lineage. She is family-oriented, clumsy, and a music lover! As per the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules and whatnot, I have chosen her succession to consist of strict equality (the heir must be opposite gender of […]

I have one question
I am currently playing with the First Born rule and strict patriarchy. My problem is that the first child they had was a set of twin boys. how do i know which boy is the next heir. do i just pick one or should it be the first one that i named.

It is the first one that was born. So yes the first one that you named.

Like generations are the children of the children?


Yes, each time your founder/heir has a child you start a new generation.

[…] in their lifetime is then passed down to an heir through the use of rules the player decides (see Pinstar’s Legacy Succession Laws ). What happens is often very interesting—so interesting, in fact, that it creates a bonanza of […]

My question is on the Species law… from what I’ve seen, an Alien and a human have hybrids, not specifically a human or alien. So how does that affect Xenoarchy or Xenophobic, since hybrid is the middle line? The other rules for me are:

Matriarchy: The Founder must be female. Only girls are eligible to be named heir unless there are no female children, at which point boys become eligible for that generation.

Strict Traditional : To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from their previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir.

Exemplar: At the beginning of the challenge, name a single trait. This trait must be one of your founder’s three traits.. Any eligible heir that has this trait will gain the title of heir. If a single generation has no children with this trait or more than one exemplar, follow the First Born rule. (Bookworm)

My founder is a female alien, and her first baby is a female with blue skin, but she’s not actually an alien… So am I stuck with Brood/Tolerant, or how do hybrids count?

Hi Anna,

I actually don’t have a definitive answer for you but would like to branch my own question into your topic and hopefully we can get all answers together.

My understanding is that your first baby should be considered human as she doesn’t get recognized as an alien when walking around other sims nor get aliens power or disguise (the skin color is more like a hereditary trait from the alien parent) . However, that would mean that having only aliens child would become very restrictive and more difficult (both parents need to be aliens, or a human needs to be abducted).

On the same topic, shouldn’t we get more precise regarding Xenoarchy and Xenophobic? The same way we have the rules set for genders or bloodline laws?
Because I want to complexify a bit my own game rule, I’m proposing a few edits to add for the Species Laws. Please let me know what you think!

Edited Species Law (differentiate strict xeboarchy, xenophobic and brood):

Strict Xenoarchy – Heirs must alternate between human and alien. Only children from a different species than the founder are eligible to be titled heir. This repeats itself for the next generation (the next heir must be a different species than the previous heir) so that each generation will have alternating-species heirs.

Xenoarchy – Heirs should alternate between human and alien. Only children from a different species than the founder are eligible to be titled heir unless there is no such child, at which point hybrids child and eventually same-species children can be titled heir for the current generation. If an Hybrid has been named heir in the previous generation (because no human or no alien child), the next generation should alternate toward the species that couldn’t be achieved previously.
Alien – Human – Alien etc
Alien – Hybrid (no human child available) – Human – Alien etc
Alien – Alien (no human child and no hybrid child available) – Human etc
Human – Human (no Alien nor Hybrid children born) – Alien etc
Human – Hybrid (no Alien child born) – Alien – Human etc

Tolerant – The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status which means that both human, hybrids or aliens are eligible to be heirs.

Strict Xenophobic – Heirs cannot be a different species from the founder. For example, a Human family will never accept an alien child as an heir.

Xenophobic – Heirs shouldn’t be a different species from the founder unless there is no other eligible heir.
For an Alien family, only aliens are eligible to be named heir unless there is no alien child, at which point hybrids and then (if no aliens nor hybrids child) humans child become eligible for that generation.
For a Human family, only Humans are eligible to be named heir unless there is no Human child, at which point hybrids and eventually (if no humans and no hybrids child) aliens become eligible for that generation.

Strict Brood – Heirs must be carried in a pregnancy by the previous heir, regardless of the heir’s gender.

Brood – Heirs should be carried in a pregnancy by the previous heir, regardless of the heir’s gender, only pregnancy-born child will be titled heir, unless there is no pregnancy born child, then the spouse heir may become eligible.
For example, if a man hasn’t been abducted and couldn’t get a pregnancy, at this point the children he had with his spouse become eligible.
It also means that if a man got abducted and produce an heir, any of the other children he had or will have with his spouse won’t be eligible anymore. (basically, the pregnancy/abduction win over any other child).

Please let me know what you think! I hope it could solve your issue as well Anna.

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Hello! I have a slew of questions that I would really appreciate clarification on:

1) While the current heir is still alive, is it okay to intentionally kill one of their children (who is set to be heir for the next generation) so that a different child instead inherits the legacy? Is this frowned upon?

2) Can the spouses and children of spares earn money for the household?

3) Can an heir have multiple romantic partners? (I believe yes but want to clarify)
3a) If yes, can an heir have children with multiple romantic partners? (I believe no but want to clarify)
3b) If yes, must all of the heir’s romantic partners live in the house and/or must all of the heir’s children be born in the house? (I believe no but want to clarify)
3c) Are children born to different partners of the heir potentially eligible to be heir? (I believe yes ONLY to children born in the house but want to clarify)

4) If my founder dies, then I know the second generation heir is locked in. If this locked-in second generation heir dies without having children, does this end the game? (I saw something about this in a previous post saying a (eligible) spare could take over, but I would have thought that was against the rules….)

Thanks so much!!!

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[…] my Succession Laws, I have chosen Matriarchy, Traditional, Exemplar (Loves the Outdoors), and Tolerant.  Since this […]

Heyy I must have missed this… But where are the rules on HOW many children can we have like the Disney legacy challenge says you need X amount of children for this gen and X amount for the next gen… I need rules like that or do I just go by the first born girl??


Also I should add, the Disney Legacy Challenge is completely separate from this challenge. We didn’t write the rules for that one, so I’m not entirely sure what the rules state for that one in regard to how many kids you need. Our challenge doesn’t require that you have a certain number of kids.

I am have an issues with my challenge. My founder is female and has become an elder. She only has 2 baby girls and no boys. my succession law are Strict Equality, Strict Traditional, and First Born. Who is my next heir? Can I make the first born girl my heir? or do i fail the challenge because their no heir ?

I’m about to start this challenge, how is the scoring done/recorded please? Thanks 🙂

Hey, I’m currently in my second generation of my legacy challenge and my heir Emmett, just had twin girls. I’m following a strict equality law with the first born rule but since these are the first children born to Emmett I have no idea who to pick. Anybody have advice for heirs and twins?

Which one did you name first? Do you remember? If you do, that is what I would recommend 🙂

Hey, Everyone!
I am starting a new Blog! The first thing on my list to talk about is an attempt of the Legacy Challenge. Check it out below:


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I’m reading these for the first time because I’m finally giving Sims 4 a chance. I started playing Sims with Sims 3, and discovered early on that I can’t really play Sims without doing challenges. Without having some sort of a goal, I get bored of playing families and just constantly create new ones that I hardly play before moving onto the next.

Anyways, I don’t understand needing to have the heir laws. Why does which kid takes over have to be determined by birth order or some random game mechanic? I liked being able to just pick one for myself, and it seems unnecessarily restrictive to take away that creative freedom. Unless there’s a reason for it that I’m just not aware of yet seeing as I haven’t played around with the game much.


The way this challenge works is that the rules are there for guidelines. If you don’t want to track points or use certain aspects of the rules (ie the heir laws) then you don’t have to. Want to just pick your own heir? Go for it. There are some heir laws that are much less restrictive than others so you want to track points you can go for those. Or just skip them entirely and play the challenge how you want.

I have selected Matriarchy, Modern and First Born however my sims have had twins!! Which one of the two (they are both girls) should become the eligible heir? Or should I just select randomly?
Thanks guys!

P.S. Love the challenge, this is my third attempt. 1st time 5 generations – Game got completely bugged out and became unplayable. 2nd time 4 generations – My hard disc broke! Hopefully I will be good this time, third time’s the charm!


In the case of Twins with first born you go with whichever twin you named first. If you don’t remember, then you can select randomly 🙂

Thanks! 🙂

So I’m just passing from founder to his children doing Patriarchy-Traditional-Exemplar(Good). He has four kids, the eldest is a boy and then triplets (my first set ever while playing sims btw) one of whom is a boy. All of the four children have reached young adulthood while the founder is still alive, and none of them possess the good trait. I’m assuming this means that it goes to the eldest, the boy, but if he doesn’t have the good trait does that mean that the exemplar has basically become the first born rule permanently, as I’m guessing there’s a very small chance any of his children will have the good trait, unless he has a good wife?


If there is no Exemplar trait in a generation then it defaults to the oldest child. However, the Exemplar heir rule is still in effect rather than first born. If a generation doesn’t have the trait you do First Born, but if it DOES have the trait and the Sim with the trait follows the rest of your heir laws (ie is a natural born boy) then that Sim becomes the heir, and not the first born boy.

Does that make sense?

Daniela Machado

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a couple questions.

What about house size limits? It says you can’t move the Legacy family out of the house, but I think that there’s a limit of 8 or 10 people you can have in a house AND one of the points in the challenge is by having 10 children in one generation, but how is that possible if thats the limit? Unless there was an update, and I just haven’t seen it?

It won’t effect me for awhile, though, I’m still just starting on my first character. I had another question- do we have to roll for each completed aspiration? Like for the next aspiration? Like, for the baking aspiration, it’d be kind of annoying to have to wait for all four, I think.


You can’t move the whole family out, but you can move out there spares. So the bonus point for 10 kids takes into account that you’d be moving spares out of the household from time to time. The only Sims that need to remain living in the house are the heirs and founder. Everyone else can move out if you need to make space.

And no, once you complete an aspiration you can choose the next one. Think of it as a reward for accomplishing the first aspiration 🙂

Thank you! I’m glad, this sounds super fun.

If the current heir (founder) is still alive, can I choose an eligible heir to take over? Or does the current heir have to die first?


The previous heir has to die before the next heir takes over, but you can determine who that heir is once they hit young adulthood.

i just married somone rich and moved in with them

you cant move out of your starting lot in this challenge. and you cant keep the money your spouce brings when you move them into your lot, so there is no benefit to marrying a rich sim

I apologize if this has been addressed before. With the changes to the Gender Rules in the core game, how does that effect The Heir? If you’re doing Strict Equality, can TransGen Male (a Sim born biologically female) inherit from his mother?

To clarify, can you interpret the rule regarding gender to mean exactly that?


Good question. I believe the answer is yes, but I need to confirm with Pinstar.

My legacy succession laws are the first born human male in the family. However, my first born son’s adult aspiration rolled as Master Vampire. Would I need to have another son and they become heir? Or if my heir became a vampire, would that allow the first born to be heir? Or would I re-roll the adult aspiration?

If the first born is still human at the time of succession he would be the heir, if he has turned he would become inelligable. you may want to have another son to guarantee an heir.
keeping the adult aspiration would fall under keeping the bad and the good. to my understanding the only invalid aspiration (allowing a re-roll) is city native

Hi I have a little stupid question… My rules for heir is: GL – Patriarchy, BL – Traditional, HL – Exemplar (Active) and SL – Tolerant. So if I have two boys and the second one has the Active trait, which one I should pick as the heir? The first born one or the active one? Or is it up to me?

The boy with the active trait would be the heir. It only defaults to the oldest child if no one has the exemplar trait.

my rules are: strict patriarchy, strict traditional, first born, I didnt set a species law so its tolerant by default. my founders wife got pregnant, and my founder got abducted by aliens, resulting in an alien pregnancy! my founder had the alien baby (a boy) first, so now my gen 2 heir is an alien! not what I was planning but oh well, now it gets more interesting!

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So if my Gender Law are Strict Patriarchy and my Bloodline Law is first born, if my first born is a female then she will have to be the heir?

I just started this challenge yesterday. Having so much fun already. Been playing The Sims for AGES but never got around to doing any of the awesome challenges. With the succession I decided to go for strict traditional Matriarchy. I also realized I gave my Founder sim red eyes, would it be okay to factor genetics in this? Only the girl who inherits her mother’s red eyes will be able to rule. I really hope I don’t luck out on the first try and will have to work hard for that one specific child.

Yes you can absolutely factor in genetics! I did that with a previously Legacy where I had a personal goal to have all of my heirs have purple eyes like the founder.

So my species law is xenophobic, but apparently I married an alien and my sim just got preggo. The baby will a hybrid species. Will this break the xenophobic rule? The baby will not be full alien but not fully human either.

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Hi, I asked a similar question before, but I need to be sure I am doing it right. My laws are: GL – Patriarchy, HL – Exemplar (Self-assured), BL – Traditional. I have three kids. Boy, girl (self-assured), girl. So will my heir be the boy or the girl with the trait? I am little confused about it 🙂

The heir would be the boy because the Gender Law takes precedence over the other two, so the boy would be the heir even though he doesn’t have the exemplar trait.

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Hi! Quick question, what exactly constitutes a broken bloodline? I have strict traditional as my bloodline law and I was wondering what a broken bloodline would look like so I can attempt to avoid it.

Basically it means that all heirs must be able to trace their ancestry back to the founder. If they are somehow un-related to the founder then they cannot be the heirs.

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