The Sims 4 Movin’ On Up Challenge


The Premise

You have big dreams. Dreams of wealth, dreams of a life of luxury, and dreams of living in that deluxe apartment in the sky. However, you have only enough money to rent the cheapest, dirtiest, and grungiest apartment in San Myshuno. It’s a start I guess. And the only way you can go from here is up.

Welcome to the Movin’ On Up Challenge, where you start with a single Sim, zero money, and must work your way up (using this apartment list) to be able to own the most expensive Penthouse in San Myshuno, Torendi Tower.

The Rules

-This challenge requires The Sims 4 City Living

-You must start with a single Sim fresh out of CAS – they can have any aspiration and traits that you wish (You can choose to make your founder an Alien or a Vampire if you wish. This will have no effect on the challenge.)

-Move this starter Sim into the 1313 21 Chic Street Apartment, after they have moved in, decrease their household funds to §0. The apartment must be purchased unfurnished. (That’s right, you’re going to start off living in a completely empty apartment!)

-You many travel to any world you wish in order to satisfy your Sims needs (for instance they can travel to the Willow Creek gym or library if they need to)

-To earn money in the early game you may gather collectibles, rummage through trash along with all other traditional methods.

-You may choose any additional lot traits that you wish, but the ones that originally came with the apartment when you moved in must stay.

-No cheats except those used to decrease your money.

-You must furnish the apartment that you are currently living in. It cannot remain empty in an attempt to save money. You are required to fully furnish each apartment before making sure you can move on to the next one. (By fully furnish I mean you need to have a the same number of bedrooms/bathrooms listed in that apartments info, as well as a kitchen, and every room needs to have a functional purpose)

-You cannot move in a spouse/roommate until you’ve been able to successfully pay your first week’s rent and you have a place for them to sleep.

-If your spouse/roommate moves in with a job, they must quit their job upon moving in and take a new one. You must also decrease the family’s funds back down to whatever they had prior to the spouse/roommate moving in. This will essentially make it so that the spouse/roommate doesn’t bring in any additional money.

-You may only move in one spouse/roommate per generation

-Your Sim is allowed to have children (via either birth or adoption) and you can pick and choose any aspirations/traits that you wish

-You will be moving your Sim to every apartment on this list throughout the challenge (some are not included as the prices double with another apartment). You will start with the least expensive one (determined by rent + deposit) and work your way up.

-Once your Sim has the first week’s rent and deposit for the next apartment on the list and they have fully furnished the previous apartment (ie they have furniture in every room and each room has a purpose) they can move on to the next apartment. You must stay in every apartment long enough to pay the first week’s rent. You cannot simply move into one apartment and then quickly move into the next if you can afford it! This will prevent the challenge from moving too quickly.

-Every apartment must be purchased unfurnished. Your Sim must take the furniture from their old apartment with them and you are not allowed to choose to “sell all furniture” when you move. (You may, however, sell pieces of furniture as you upgrade to better items throughout the challenge. I just don’t want you selecting the “Sell all furniture” option when you move). Any furniture that you take with you can be used to furnish the new apartment.

-Your Sim and their spouse/roommate are allowed to have any job they wish, or you may own a business/restaurant, or to make it more difficult can only earn money through a craft (painting, music, writing, etc)

-This continues until your Sim and their family can afford to move into Torendi Tower (the most expensive Penthouse worth §109,445 unfurnished)

-This challenge will only end once you reach Torendi Tower. If your founding Sim dies before this happens, that’s ok. The next generation will continue working on it.

Completing the Challenge

Once your Sim and their family is able to move into Torendi Tower, the challenge is complete.

Can your Sim move on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky? (I sure hope someone gets this reference too, or I’m going to feel old!)



This looks like fun, I’m going to do it.

After I’m done with my legacy I’m totally doing this and I’m going to name the family the Jeffersons 😂


Haha awesome!

Are we supposed to be going back to 0 simoleons after every move?

Yeah, I was wondering this as well.


I never made that an official rule, but if you want to add more of a challenge for yourself, then go for it 🙂

So, what aspiration rewards can we use? Can we use the youth potion?


Oh good question! That’s something I didn’t think about when I wrote the rules. That being said, go ahead and use whatever aspiration rewards you want. Youth potion included. I don’t mind if your founder lives an extraordinary amount of time.

This looks like a great challenge! Can’t wait to finally get a piece of the pie for my simmies! Should be ok as long as they don’t burn the beans in the kitchen or on the grill 😀 (I couldn’t resist finishing some of the song. Sorry :P)

This is awesome, I live in the second appartment on the list, ready to move the the neighbouring room with gremlins lol. I have a question though … I have a lovely little baby daughter to continue our family dream, but in the old fashioned theoratical way, women can’t give their last names to their children (IRL). Do I have to make babies until I have a boy to keep up the legacy? Or can I use my one daughters last name for future children. I meana appartments don’t offer immense room for a big family hehe


Another idea I had when I started this challenge (to make it more challenging and fun) was to incorporate some career restrictions into it. So, if you play it on normal, you would have roughly 6 weeks for a Sim’s entire young adult and adult life. That would be about 3 apartments, considering that you spent about 2 weeks in each apartment. With 15 apartments on the list, that’s enough for about 5 generations. So I considered this:

1st Generation, Street Performer – You must only make money via tips from performance based activities (ie. violin, guitar, singing, comedy routines, or acting as the living statue).

2nd Generation, Craftsperson (requires Get to Work) – You must have a retail store and skill in a craft (ie, painting, woodworking, writing, photography, etc.), and sell the items you have produced in that retail store.

3rd Generation, Servant (may require Dining Out) – You must have a service oriented business (ie. a restaurant, a photography studio, if you can make money off of training people, any other ideas?)

4th Generation, Professional (requires Get to Work) – have any one of the Get to Work careers

5th Generation, Businessperson – have one of the business careers…not too sure about this one yet, as it seems kind of boring

Alternatively, if you don’t have the expansions, you could be restricted to the lower paying careers and work upward as you move up.

To start out in the 1st generation, you must only stay in your neighborhood (you can’t afford to travel), and you need to earn enough money for your chosen musical instrument/comedy mic/living statue costume. You can only do this by rummaging through garbage cans (only cans outside of buildings), stealing posters or snow globes, or stealing objects from people. If you go into the bar to wash up or use the bathroom, you must also buy food from the bar. Once you get enough money to buy your musical instrument/statue costume, you may then only busk for tips on outdoor locations. *One note, if you choose the comedy path, you can’t carry your mic with you. So you must buy your mic, put it in your household inventory, then go to the bar and buy the mic for free to set up in the bar. Then go back home, and you must money cheat to pay $200 for a permit to perform your comedy at the bar. This is the only career where you may perform in the bars. Also note that you have to find a computer to write your comedy routines.*
Then, when you get to your next apartment, you can start licensing your work (music or comedy). Your third apartment, you can start playing in bars all over the city (ie. you are getting more renowned).

Not sure about particular rules for the other generations yet.

Anyway, just a start on some ideas for expanding.

I’m working on this challenge now!!! Check it out! I love it so far!

Normal or long life span ??

[…] ultimate goal is to move into the most expensive apartment in the city. Read more about the rules here. A list of the apartments and their order can be found […]

I nearly finished this challenge, my 2nd gen family just moved into Salt house, so now just need to save up enough money to afford the penthouse

Finished now. it took two gens to complete but they got their penthouse, The Family is called Mallow and are on the gallery too. it got harder too especially when the 2nd gen heir had triplets, they were certaintly fun as infants and toddlers


Yay! Congrats! And yikes! Toddler triplets D:

I’d really appreciate/love a list of minimum furnishing requirements for every ‘type’ of room. Like a kitchen must have ‘one counter, one fridge, one stove, one table, one chair’ etc. Thoughts?


That’s a really good idea! I’ll see if I can come up with something!

I’ve just started this challenge and I’m going to play it that I have to buy 1 item from each sub category. So if I click on bathroom I have to have 1 of each sub category of bathroom items (toilet, shower, rug etc)

I was wondering if u could buy stuff from the flea market


My daughter and I both are working on this challenge.. and it seems we both went for heirs too soon based on the fact that it keeps putting you back into 1 bedroom apartments after it already put you into a 2 bedroom apartment. I can see how the apartment list works from a money standpoint, but from a space standpoint, it doesn’t really work. Have you put any thought into rearranging it a little?


Yeah the same thing happened to me. I just don’t know how else to arrange the apartments aside from how much they cost. Do you have any suggestions?

I’ve just started this challenge and was wondering this, too. To get around it, I’m going to bend the rules a little so that bedrooms/bathrooms may be added but never taken away. Each room will cost an additional charge of 15% of the total move cost, in addition to furnishings/etc, to be given to the renovator – by which I mean I’ll just decrease my family’s funds a particular amount before starting to build!

So, at a 15% charge for a new room in 19 Culpepper House, it’ll cost a measly §173 (it’s a slapdash job, yeah? Paper thin walls and so on) … but at Fountainview Penthouse, one room will cost §5065. I might jiggle around with the prices a bit, but that’s essentially where I’m headed! Also, each new bedroom must have space for at least one single bed and one dresser, and new bathrooms must have space for one toilet, one sink, and (maybe) one shower. Any thoughts?

I was just wondering what we do when we move in our spouse/roommate. I know that we can’t choose the “Sell all lot furnishings” option, but it says when you are transferring sims between households that any furniture from the other household will be moved into the household inventory. Do we just sell those furnishings and then just decrease the money back to what it was before? Thanks!

This sounds fun! But… Can I put the life span on long? It would make it more possible to do in one gen…

[…] originally created by the creators behind the Legacy Challenge. You can find the full ruleset here, but in short it is a tweaked version of the Legacy Challenge. You start at the cheapest of cheap […]

Thanks for this, I really wanted a challenge that would fit a vampire!

I would like to clarify something. It says you need the same amount of bedrooms as the description says. So I would need two beds even if I’m playing as a single sim? Or can I make an office room or something?

Also, vampires don’t need toilets or stoves, should I still put those up?



I suppose you could buy other things instead as long as they are around the same price as what you would have bought if your Sim wasn’t a vampire. I’d say you can use your own discretion for this! The bedrooms should stay bedrooms though, even if you aren’t going to use them.

[…] Meet Connor Dodge. He was an active, music loving, family-oriented sim. Connor had always dreamed of living in the city, becoming a musician and making it BIG!  He had always wanted to be a City Native. Fresh out of college, Connor had read about an exciting job opportunity in the big city of San Myshuno, and he just couldn’t pass it up. Without thinking twice, he bid goodbye to his folks in the country and was off to the city. Yep! He was ready to undertake the Movin’ On Up Challenge by ImaginingMystic. Read more about the challenge here […]

Awesome! So far it has been very challenging and fun to play!

OK, I might be missing something radical here – but it feels like after the first apartment things get very easy moneywise since you are allowed to keep your furniture? Or am I just misunderstanding something and this particular gap between apt. 1 and 2 is fairly small compared to other apartments?


It gets more difficult later on once the apartments become much more expensive than the previous apartments.

So, I finally re-started this challenge again and I am having so much fun!

[…] Here’s the link to the challenge: […]

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