The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge Rules

The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge is a Build Mode challenge for the Sims 4. In this challenge you will be building one of the two starter towns (Willow Creek or Oasis Springs) OR the new empty world of Newcrest from the ground up with houses and community lots that are completely of your own design. Also, if you choose to do so, you can post the lots to the gallery with the hashtag #Sims4BlockParty so that others can find your challenge creations.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the houses that came with the game, but I also love seeing all the creativity of the community. Seeing a town FULL of that creativity will be all the more impressive.

To start, what you need to do is demolish every single house and community lot in either Willow Creek or Oasis Springs. Once you’ve done that you can begin building your houses and community lots!

As for building your houses, there really aren’t any restrictions. You can use any cheats, custom content, or mods that you wish to build your houses. I don’t want any sort of restrictions to hamper your creativity on this. Just keep in mind that the more mods and custom content that you use, the harder it will be for someone to download your house from the gallery and use it as you intended.

The Sims 4 Block Party Challenge Rules:

The only rules that I have for this challenge are as follows:

  • You may start in either Willow Creek & Oasis Springs (with everything demolished) or the empty world of Newcrest
  • There must be two starter homes (costing $20,000 or less) in the town
  • There should be one park, though were you decide to put it is up to your discretion, it does NOT need to be on that large lot in the middle of town.
  • There should be at least four other community lots in the town, though what types of community lots they are, is completely up to you.
  • At least one house needs to be a large-scale mansion (costing at least $200,000)
  • If you choose to upload the lots to the gallery use the hashtag #Sims4BlockParty so that people interested in the challenge can find the lots quickly. I also might use this as a way to highlight lots that I particularly liked on the site!

And that’s it! I hope you all enjoy! Feel free to post your build videos on Youtube or blog about it… whatever you want! I’d love to see your creations!


Great idea! I am too busy playing to take time to build just now but will link to this challenge if that id okay.


Definitely! Link away 🙂

I am a horrible builder and haven’t even attempted yet in TS4. But this sounds awesome!

Oh this is super! I’m already re-doing Willow Springs (I’m calling my version “Elmsworth”) so any future lots I upload to the gallery will definitely use your challenge hashtag! 😀

Nice idea for a challenge! Was just looking for something to get me building (and full on sharing them) a bit this morning.

Sounds like a nice challenge. I spent 99% of my time in Sims 3 demolishing the entire town and building all the lots to my liking. I think A “Lil” town is in order for Sims 4 as well.


I always hated building in previous Sims games but I find that it’s more enjoyable in The Sims 4 even if I’m still not very good at it. I should give this a try.


Awesome! Hope you enjoy 🙂


Hello 1 question
the lots fore the beginners is that with furniture of without?

Wow! This is a breathtaking challenge especially for the fact that I am not good at building in the sims 4! But I will give it a go! Prepare to see my awful builds in the gallery! cx


Thank you! Good luck with it!

Can you make use of newcrest to?


Yes, absolutely! I will update the rules to say that.

This challenge is the best I have ever seen since I spend all of my time (so far still in Sims 3) building and redecorating. I do own Sims 4 and think that I will within a couple of hours go into it and begin to attempt this challenge.


Awesome! Thank you and good luck 🙂

Hi, I really want to try this challenge, but I want to do it with Sims 3. I am thinking of either using one of the small worlds or using a small world by another creator, like RFlong7. I use quite a lot of her worlds and never had problems with them.

I know the Sims 3 worlds are a lot larger than the Sims 4, but I figure I can pick sections out of the small worlds to build up, and eventually end up doing the whole world.

I know you have this as a Sims 4 challenge, but I feel more comfortable, and have almost all the EPs and Stuff Packs for Sims 3, allowing me to also have more game items. Plus, the freedom to play with color and patterns that I like and love.

I will mostly likely try this for Sims 3, I was wondering if you only made this challenge for the Sims 4 or do you have this challenge or a similar challenge for the Sims 3? And what world would you recommend in the Sims 3?

Thank you,


I only made the challenge for the Sims 4, but by all means, go ahead and try it with the Sims 3! It should work about the same. As for the world that I recommend… I’m not really sure as I haven’t touched my Sims 3 game in ages. I would say a smaller world that has at least 1 large lot and spots for community lots should be fine.

Hi, I forgot to say that it is a really great challenge. I came across it from a youtube video and thought it was nice. I am watching your house builds now. I just started watching them, and so far they look nice and pretty. I’m on the split level one now, house 3 that you built. I commented on it too.


Awesome! Thanks for checking them out 🙂 Glad you like the challenge!

Task completed! Thanks for a great challenge!


Yay! Glad you enjoyed! I’d love to see screenshots!


This is a awesome challage!


Thank you!

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I’ve been working on this challenge for awhile with Willow Creek and I’m done! I’m going to start uploading my lots to the gallery. I’ll have the hashtag in the descriptions or look for my ID pearlbh

Where I find the challenges in the sims 4?

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