The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules

The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules

Version 1.20 (updated 03/17/2018)

The Legacy Challenge is a set of self-imposed rules meant to change the way you play the game of The Sims 4. By abiding by the restrictions of the challenge and reaching for the goals of the challenge, you will find yourself getting a very different experience from The Sims 4 that you might have playing casually. The Legacy Challenge tasks you with creating a single founder Sim moving them in to a giant lot, and starting out in abject poverty. Your founder must build their house, build their wealth, and ultimately bring in the second generation to continue when they die. In this challenge you play a single family for 10 full generations. With less control over how your children turn out and more challenges thrown your way, the challenge asks the very important question. “What kind of Legacy will you leave?”

Getting Started

The best thing to do when starting your Legacy Challenge is to begin a new game. Do this by selecting the + at the top of the main menu and selecting New Game. This will bring you to Create a Sim (CAS).

Your challenge begins in Create-A-Sim (CAS). There, you must design your founder. Your founder can be just about anything you want and if you have The Sims 4 Get to Work, they can even be an alien! You can pick whatever aspiration you want for them and give them whatever traits you want. Pick out their gender, wardrobe, body shape and color, and even incorporate any CAS custom content or mods. The ONLY two rules are that they must be of the ‘young adult’ age, and they must be the only person in the household.

Take extra care when giving them their name, especially their last name, as many future Sims will have that as part of their name, so make it a good one.

Once you have finished your founder, move them into any empty lot. Return to the world screen. Select your founder on their empty lot and pick “Move Family”. Locate a residential 50×50 lot and bulldoze it, evicting the family present if there is one. The lot should now cost exactly $10,000. If it does not, it is not an eligible lot.

Move your founder into the new empty $10,000 lot. This will leave them with $10,000 in cash. Before doing anything else, purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table decoration costing $8,200 and place it in your family inventory. It must remain there for the entire challenge. Think of it as a sort of price of a nobility title; a right to call yourself a Legacy family. Once this is completed, you must ponder what your family’s succession law will be.

**NEW EXTREME START OPTION** – With the addition of The Sims 4 Get Together an “Extreme” start (similar to what was in the Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Advanced Rules) is now an option. Successfully completing an extreme start will net you one bonus point (see the Scoring section under “Handicaps” for more details). To start an “Extreme” Legacy Challenge you must move your founder onto one of the new 64 x 64 lots in Windenburg (after the lot on it has been demolished). This will leave you with $8000. You can not buy or build ANYTHING until you earn enough money to buy the Knight of the Octagon Table (which costs $8200). Once the Knight has been purchased (leaving with you no money) the challenge can start as per usual. The Knight MUST be purchased before the first set of bills arrive, failure to do that results in you being unable to earn the bonus point (it does not, however, fail your challenge). (Thank you to Aprilise helping us figure out this new rule!) If you own The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs you may also use the 64 x 64 lot there. It doesn’t have any residents which means you won’t need to evict the previous owners before demolishing the house!

Don’t want an Extreme start but still want to use the new 64 x 64 lots? Twitch Streamer SgtShaf came up with a solution so that you can still have the same amount of starting cash on a 64 x 64 lot as you would a 50 x 50 lot:

  • Buy two Points of Enmity for $2100
  • Buy one Von-Windenburg’s Trap for $2000

Place those three items into your inventory (which totals $6200) and start the challenge as per usual with the standard $1800 starting cash.

Click Here to move onto the Succession Law page.



I was looking in the game for a way to track time played.
IE: Week # / Day # but only see the day of week and time of day. Will this part of record keeping play a part in the challenge at all? I am still figuring out how the game plays. Not quite ready for this challenge yet.
Oh and I noticed plumbing like toilets and sinks no longer require a wall for placement. Might save a few beginning Simoleons with that.

Pinstar Legacy

Time played is not a formal part of the challenge. The fact that you have a finite number of generations and you are limited to one use of an anti-aging item per sim and are barred from resurrecting the dead, there is a natural time limit as your family grows older and needs to bring about the next generation. There are certainly techniques for extending the total play time you get…such as choosing the “Last Born” in your succession laws, but they are all valid. The only thing you can’t do is alter the lifespan setting in the gameplay menu; it must remain as “Normal”.

Can you just use the money cheat to get to 1,800 instead of buying those things?


The reason those things need to be purchased is that they affect the cost of bills. Having higher bills at the beginning adds more of a challenge when initially starting out. That’s why we have that rule there. However if you are simply playing for fun and not tracking points, then yes, the money cheat is fine.

I have one question: Why don’t use the rosebud cheat for buying the park? obviously: only the lot. And the second question: there aren’t more decorations? The thing is that i don’t like that armor.
Note: i dont’t have the game now, I’ll buy it tomorrow.

Pinstar Legacy

I toyed around with that, but ultimately liked the armor solution better as I’ve always seen Legacy Families as the nobility of the Sims world and that armor would be their title. That and the armor inflates your bills, which makes the challenge a bit harder which is a good thing in my mind.

Ok, thanks!

so thats why my first bills were 400 bucks. which was literally half my money. Thanks a lot.

I found an issue with buying the lot… It might’ve been the updates since this challenge was created, but all 50×50 lots cost 25k, NOT 10k. I thought that there was one that cost 10k, but I looked through and only parks were 50×50 lots and both lots (ON THEIR OWN) cost 25k. The challenge might have to be adjusted to fit the Sims 4 updates.


Eek really? I’ll take a look into that.


Did this ever get resolved? Super excited for this challenge but I’m not sure how to proceed with lot selection…


I started this challenge on the 3rd of June(stating that for update reasons). The only residential lot i could find that was 50×50 was the Landgrab(idk the spelling) household. I evicted them, bulldozed it and was left with 10k so if anyone doesn’t know what to do, just evict them and take their lot.

It’s 10k for the 50:50 lots so u should be fine

You can just use the cheat freerealestate on and you can buy the house

Its because you haven’t bulldozed it. once you bulldoze the lot it should cost 10k

So the rules of moving in for TS4 have changed. Unless the entire household moves in with your founder, the Sim brings in no funds whatsoever, which is completely different from most other versions of The Sims.
Is it acceptable to cheat in funds in which you cheat in only a portion of the old household’s funds?

For example, if I move in Mortimer Goth, and the household has 40k in it, can I cheat in 10k (or 1/4th because he is one of four people in the house)? Or was that taken into account when the challenge was created?

Pinstar Legacy

The rules state you cannot move in an established in-neighborhood family (Like the Goths)

I’ve heard reports of some sims bringing in $0 but every sim I ever brought in always brings $20k (or very close to it). So I would just accept whatever they bring in the off-chance they bring in $0, but most should bring in $20k, which is why the challenge is so restrictive about how many you may have.

Okay! Thank you very much!
I didn’t know about not being able to bring in people from established households.

There are housholds which are “currently not in world” but are in fact families/roommates. Just happened to me again (3rd time in a row). The girl brought 0§ because she was apparently living with 4 other sims. They have the same family name (Potter) but are not related, just roommates.

I don’t know, it just really ticks me off … she doesn’t have the ideal traits or anything to weigh that up, and how are we supposed to find out if they live alone? Of course its manageable (though a lot harder, can’t afford gen 2 for a while), but please don’t state that the 20K are almost granted, because they are not! In the sims 3 there was no granted amount of cash either, but at least some simoleons in wedding gifts and tax benefits, usually about 2000, which enabled us to build a bathroom and buy a double bed. >_<

Don't get me wrong, I love the challenge and the game and am totally grateful for the awesome work you did! Just a bit frustrated atm …

You can see if a sim lives with roomies or if they are a townie or not by looking them up in the manage worlds menu. As long as you don’t change anything while you’re there it probably not against the rules.

Sorry, it’s the manage families menu, not manage worlds.


Sorry if you have answered this a million times already but why did you change the rule about the funds that come when a spouse moves in? I didn’t realise you had & have only just started so when I moved in my sims GF I edited the household funds back to before they moved in – I prefered it this way as more of a challenge. So when a spouse moves in you keep however much it is? Why is that? Also, I haven’t married her yet but is there a rule as to the spouse having a job? Thanks – this is the first Challange I’m doing in the hope of actually completing lol so wanna do it right 🙂


Sorry I didn’t want to post this as a reply – wanted to do it as a new post!

Pinstar Legacy

In the past versions of the Sims, how much your spouse brought in was random..from about 2k-20k averaging about 8k… which wasn’t too bad. In TS4, if your spouse was alone, they would always bring in 20k. This was a bit game breaking as your poverty woes were gone by the 2nd generation. Then I realized that a spouse that was part of another household already would bring in $0. Since the rules restricting spouses were there to restrict marriage money…with a way to bring in $0 I shifted the rules to say you could bring in any number of sims, as long as they didn’t bring in money. Spouses (and other extra sims) can have jobs and EARN you extra money, they just can’t bring it in for free.

I moved in my sim’s bestie along with her husband and son. They brought all of their family funds and did “not currently live in world.” They are close to elder and almost adult son. So we built a house and changed their appearances in the mirror and I think this makes them plenty good roommates. It doesnt feel like cheating because they have good relationships.


That’s the beauty of the Legacy Challenge, we aren’t strict with how you play and its up to your own interpretation 🙂

Would it be possible to adapt the rules so that you have to buy the Knight of the Octagon Table only in case your spouse brings in 20K? I don’t know about the effect this would have on household bills, just an idea …

Pinstar Legacy

I’ve toyed with the notion of buying a new suit of armor every time a spouse comes in, but that would make the bills too harsh over time. But I do agree that the constant influx of 20k is a bit too much. The only reason I didn’t do this right away is because of the bills. I might put in a rule against taking the “Frugal” perk so that bills would always be at full strength.

I know I’ve asked this but I can’t seem to find the answer. Is it a glitch that prevents sims from changing their last names when getting married?

Nevermind I found something at

“Sim’s last name not changing after marriage

Solution: While there does not yet seem to be a fix to stop this issue entirely, you can use cheats to edit your Sim’s last name. Press Ctrl+Shift+C, enter testingcheats true then cas.fulleditmode. Shift+Left Click on your Sim to edit them in CAS and change their name.”

Pinstar Legacy

This is a case where cheating is absolutely allowed in the context of the Legacy Challenge.

With the edit of the name could you also edit physical features, such as eye color, and it still be ok? As long as you don’t mess with any traits or aspirations.


I’d like to know this as well. My random townies really love some of the CC I have installed, and I like to go in and tweak the appearances of the townies so they’re better dressed and don’t have bright pink hair with neon green eyebrows. Is that allowed?

Pinstar Legacy

Yes! Anything related to changing appearances is allowed!

Lindsay Hickey

There is one other way of doing this.. That is by going into mange Households and enter Cas and then just click on the female and change the last name of the sim you want to change and then save and play as nomaral and also you will have to do this for each spouse.

[…] This is a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge following Pinstar’s rules. It’s the very first Legacy Challenge I do, so be a little patient if I mess up at some […]

Is it okay to make cosmetic changes in CAS to potential mates as long as you don’t touch their traits or anything?



I just want to say thanks as I’ve played sims ever since it came out but always found it boring after a while until I found out about the legacy challenge, thanks for taking the time to create these challenges and give us something to keep us addicted to this game, best game ever. Only got the sims yesterday but I love it already, had so much fun. Thanks for all the hard work you do.

I’ve just heard that sims can die of embarrassment in TS4. That could make an extreme start very perilous, especially before you have a spouse to plead with the grim reaper. Add that to the fact that you can’t eat fruits and veggies out of your inventory any more so you HAVE to buy a stove, and the game charges you for every meal, and you can’t start a job the same day you get it, and promotions take longer… Maybe we should start with just a little bit more simoleans? Just enough to build a 2×2 bathroom and keep from starving if you have to wait 3 days before you can go to work? Pretty please?

Pinstar Legacy

Nope! That’s the challenge of it. You don’t need a stove, just a fridge, as quick meals are free. You can also order chips at bars for free too.

Ok, I guess I can buy a mirror so my simmy can give herself a pep talk between embarrassments.

I I accidently bought an easel instread of the instrument my sim wanted, and it ended up being a life saver. I was able to spend the first 3 days slowly making money from paintings so by the time my sim started her job she had a bed, a bookshelf, a toilet, a shower, a counter, an oven, a fridge, a trashcan, 1 mood lamp, and a handful of collectibles/plants I’d had her gather….But it was all still out on the lawn lol.

can you the founder get a job




I have not officially started this challenge in Sims4 yet. But I did run a test starting one Sim on an empty lot. Unable to decrease funds I opted to just work with whatever they had after moving into the lot. My Sim went to a park to use the grill for food. I also could cook a meal on a residential lot without being chased off. Plates of food will keep in personal inventory for a while before spoiling so he could put the rest there for later. Even with only a toilet, sink and bed my Sim could tend to their needs without any issues. Keep in mind this was a test and not be strict Legacy rules. But the point is it can be done with very minimal furnishings in the open with Zero walls.

I can’t find the bulldoze option when I click on the lots.


I had a hard time finding this as well. You need to actually go into the lot, then click Lot Info at the top, then there should be a bulldozer icon to click.

Or when you move, you can choose furnished/unfurnished/bulldoze lot

I’m actually having difficulty with this as well. For some reason, it won’t let me actually go into the lot. Can anyone figure out how I can fix this?

Bernice coleman

can you use cheats for anything and cash


No money cheats or any cheat that will give you an advantage are allowed.

I’m new to your site, but not new to Sims yet have never really done a legacy challenge before. I thought this was the perfect time to try one and yours is really nicely laid out – thank you!

Funny thing – we all got to know the townies and NPCs from TS1, 2, and 3 – NEW people now! I had to laugh. My poor legacy guy found the perfect townie, but she came with expensive baggage! A teen daughter and a pre-teen son! Eeeek! Having fun with this, though. 🙂


All the new people are great fun to meet. Did you realize that there are many ‘Not in the world’ singles and families? I love how there is always someone around to meet no matter where you go. Such an improvement over empty lots.

I love that too ! Always a “character” to meet – but I have noticed that many of them are evil or grumpy. LOL.

I just thought about it after I have already used it. The Sims reward lamps that effect emotions, are those considered cheats? If so, oops!

Are you allowed to download houses you can afford from te gallery, or are we restricted to building our own homes?


You can, but only if you are sure there are no career or aspiration rewards in those houses, if there are, they’d give you an unfair advantage, so they can’t be used.


Just something cool I discovered if you don’t want quite as big bills at the start: you can use the “testingcheats true” cheat then “money 1800” to reduce your cash without having to get the suit of armor. Then just put in “testingcheats false” and you’re good to go!


From Pinstar at work:

I am aware of the newly discovered ‘testingcheats true’ cheat, however the need to buy that statue is built into the rules. The fact that it inflates your bills is part of the challenge.

[…] won’t follow Pinstar’s legacy rules strictly. I won’t cheat of course (with the exception of resetsim or cas.fulleditmode since […]

I have just started the Legacy challenge, this is the first time I have heard of it, and it is awesome! I was just wondering, if your non-founder spouse dies before your founder reaches old age, can your founder marry again? Thanks again!

Pinstar Legacy

You sure can. I just did a rules change that allows you to move in spare spouses

[…] the helpful chap that he is, Pinstar already updated his Legacy Challenge Rules for us. Hold onto your hats, folks — I’m goin’ for it! […]

Just wanted to let you know that a cheat has been found which allows you to take away money from the family funds 🙂 it’s sims.modify_funds [negative amount here]

It’s somewhat the equivalent of the familyfunds cheat in TS3 but here what you have to do is specify the amount of cash that you need the game to take away and type it in 🙂 giving this challenge as an example you can simply type “sims.modify_funds -8200” into the cheat console and the game takes away $8,200 without you having to buy anything 🙂

You have to make sure to put the minus sign in though or the game will add cash instead 😛

The sim your founder marries don’t take on the family name so it’s better to have a female founder and have a strict female heir gender law. Other than that it’s all good. I would have married Bella Goth but she’s a Townie and she’s off limits in this challenge. 🙁

I just want to say thank you Pinstar, for doing all of this. Honestly, if it wasn’t for you reviving the Legacy Challenge for Sims 4, I probably would have just asked for a refund the first day. The game is just sad compared to the base game of Sims 3 or Sims 2. But your Legacy challenge gives me a reason to play it anyway.

[…] you are interested in this challenge, here are the various important links: Rules Succession Laws Random Trait Generator Challenge […]

Hi Pinstar,

I have put this query elsewhere, not really sure where to put it officially. I was wondering if we start a new game and can’t adjust the age length of our Legacy Sims, which is fine, what happens if I am playing the Legacy and want to use some of my other non-Legacy challenge Sims and I want to extend their ages to explore the possibilities in depth? Are the new games we play independent of the legacy game or when you default back to “Normal” for the Legacy gameplay will that default the whole Sims 4 game?

Kind regards,
Jen 🙂


From Pinstar at work:

I always recommend you put a Legacy Challenge on its own saved game. If you want to explore the game with other families, you can absolutely make a different saved game and alter the lifespan length. Just make sure to turn it back to normal when you return to playing your Legacy family.

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Pinstar, I have a question. Am I allowed to place a sim who is “currently not in world” onto an emty lot in the world my Legacy founder is living in so that she can meet him and make him her baby daddy? I know we are not allowed to use any sims already living in the game so to speak but she’s gone to different venues since day 1 and this particular sim never shows up so she can meet him.


We are in the process of changing the spouse rules (again) due to the fact that it is difficult to find the Sim spouses that qualify for the Legacy rules. I believe Pinstar said that he will be allowing Gallery Sims for spouses provided you don’t know what their traits are when you download them (since, if you use our random trait generator, there is a chance the traits will pass).

thank you. There is a particular sim I would love to make the spouse but my sim hasn’t been able to meet them yet

Just wondering if it is possible to change the face and body for your sims once it has been saved I really hate the look of my sims face and body but can’t find a cheat to edit it please help xx


Hmm I would say that you could change the face of your founder if you wish, but not your founder’s children or any children thereafter. There is a way to edit a Sim in full CAS mode after they’ve been created, but last I heard it is very buggy and causes parents to become brother/sister to their children o.O

[…] both of us found out about The Legacy Challenge — a method of playing the Sims in which you play the same household, in lineage, through 10 […]

[…] For more information on the rules, go to The Rules. […]

So I stumbled across a VooDoo doll today while playing with my founder. Are there any rules regarding usage of this mischievous object? I am just keeping it with all my other collectables for now.

I see no reason to restrict it.

The game (not the legacy challenge) has me quite frustrated. I’m on my third gen, but it’s just so difficult to find teens and YA’s for my heirs to be friends with or even grow into a romantic relationship. My second gen guy ended up falling in love with someone who was already an (almost elder) adult. Of course, I didn’t know this at the time, so imagine my dismay when she aged far before him. I felt like I was watching a Sim version of The Graduate. LOL!

[…] wasn’t long after release that the legacy challenge was updated for the new game, so I decided to start a new legacy for the new generation of The Sims […]

Are there anymore videos on this challenge? I am slightly overwhelmed by all the rules?


There are no more official guide videos… yet… but you can watch several Let’s Plays and Livestream recordings from this list here: Watching other people play might give you more of an idea of what to do 🙂

[…] laten leven. Overigens is dit geen officieel onderdeel van The Sims 4, maar opgezet door een fan (hier kun je de officiële regels […]

Hello Pinstar , my name is Lana. I’m from Russia.
I have a question. Is it possible to put on a community lot Observatory, microscope and rockets? And, in General, to change public areas, for example, to remove those that have, and put the other one of the galleries?

The community lots are fair game to be changed.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand, put in Park Observatory, a microscope and missiles can or not?

Hello Lana, Pinstar meant yes 🙂 You can change them.


Yeah, you can change the community lots. Sorry for the confusion 🙂

Hi! I’m gonna start my first legacy challenge 🙂 I have a question tho.
Do I have to find a spouse from somewhere? And can I marry him and ask him to live with me? This part was a bit confusing. 🙂

That’s the idea. You find someone, a randomly generated townie, and move them into your house. Mind you, they must not bring in any money, but the idea is that they help your female founder produce the next generation of the family.

I noticed that in the video you kept the 20K that moved in with you. You used the money to build a house. Is this still allowed? If so then I need to start over because I was of the understanding that no one can bring in money. Please clarify this for me because now I’m confused.
Thank you


There was a rule change early into the challenge that didn’t allow the 20K. Pinstar recorded his family prior to the rule change which is why he kept the money. However, after the change you are required to either not marry a Sim with 20K or get rid of it via the money cheat.

“That’s the idea. You find someone, a randomly generated townie, and move them into your house. Mind you, they must not bring in any money”(Pinstar)
This point is confusing. I understand not purposely bringing in a rich townie. But the random generated Sims are a bit of a gamble. I am playing a household now that brought in three different Sims at different points. Two of the Sims were part of bigger households so the one added (via Ask to Move In) brought Zero Simoleons. The third in this example unbeknownst to me was the only person in her (homeless) household and thus brought 20K Simoleons. Ask to Move In may also be a better option before marriage. In my case the plus was 20k but she was just shy of being an elder.
Re: Names
I am finding babies/ children either born into the family or adopted have the option of naming with first AND last names. The heir/heiress would always have the correct family name in that case.

You can engineer the townies to be part of larger households so that any townie can be made to bring in no money. Just go to household management on the world view and merge townies into common households before you marry them. That way they won’t be the last of the household and thus never bring in money.


So I can’t have a job?


Your Sims can have a job.

I rolled the child trait “good” for one of my Sims and the teen trait “mean.” When my Sim became a teen I couldn’t select the “mean” trait. Are those traits conflicting? Should I simply roll again (and if I do, should I take the new aspiration or stick with the one I rolled first)?

Roll again. Thank you for finding that. It is a bug.

[…] whilst stumbling around the internet in a bored haze the other night (as you do), I came across The Sims 4 legacy challenge rules.  Usually I’d skip over that stuff, but I actually sat and read it all and I must admit it […]

Hey everyone !

There is something I don’t understand. My sim found a guy who would probably become her spouse. But, she lives in Willow Creek and he comes from Oasis Spring. Can they get married?

And also, how can I see if the guy is in the world or just ‘come to visit’?

I heard that de #legacyloves can be used, but how can it be used. I downloaden some of the ‘families’ to put in my game but I can’t see them anywhere.




Question 1 – Yes your Sim can marry someone from the other town, that is fine.

Question 2 – To see if he is in the world go to the “World Management” screen while in town view. It’ll be in the upper right hand corner.

Question 3 – Download #LegacyLoves, then while in your Library install them into the neighborhood. You can either move them into a house or have them be townies within the neighborhood. It’s perfectly fine to put Legacy Loves in the houses around the town.

Okay, thanks for your answer !!

One more question. Is the Book of Life considered inappropriate in the rules? If you complete the Bestselling Author Aspiration, you can write the book of Life which can bring a single sim back to life, and it’s in the actual game.

You may write a book of life but you may *not* use it to resurrect a sim.

Thanks! I was unsure about that, and it did seem like cheating. I haven’t gotten a sim anywhere near completion, but I saw that it was part of the new game and I thought I should ask. If not strictly for my benefit, than for yours. I’m sure You’ll get the question again. :]

I think I read this somewhere.. but cannot find it now.. While doing the Legacy Challenge, do you only play as the Founder/future heirs? And do you start playing as the heir once they reach young adult?


You can control every Sim in the house.

What is allowed in the lot? To start off with?

Pinstar Legacy

Nada. Zip You move in to a completely empty lot with $1,800 to your name. The initial suit of armor you must buy must be stuck in your family inventory for the duration of the challenge.

Is there a list of who you’re not allowed to marry? I try to avoid the Goths, Calientes, Landgraabs, etc, but are there other families I need to avoid?

Pinstar Legacy

Anyone who is in “Not in this world” on the household management view is fair game, Anyone who isn’t, isn’t.

Thanks, that makes it easy for me to keep up with 🙂

[…] no coincidence that we share the same last name… *smiles*). I was massively inspired by The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge and while I’m most likely not going to play exactly to the rules of the challenge and […]

Now that ghosts are here I had a question based on something I saw in the demo the SimGurus demonstrated. Basically what if when my founder dies I keep the urn or gravestone but don’t make her playable? From what I saw, in that case the ghost Sim would haunt the lot but wouldn’t be playable unless I invite her to live in the household. Hopefully a non-playable Sim on the lot doesn’t count against the 8 Sim household limit the game has built in.

So, would it be ok to keep a couple ghost Sims from the bloodline on the lot as long as I don’t make them playable or feed them ambrosia?

Pinstar Legacy

That is exactly what I intend. Keeping non-playable ghosts on the lot is perfectly fine.

Hi all,

Though an avid Sims player for many, many years, I have not heard of the Legacy Challenge before! Trying it out now. But: my founder’s first son has the option of two aspirations to choose. Are there any rules about this? Can I choose what I want or do I have to stick with a common trait?


Oh! NVM I needed to use the random trait generator 🙂

[…] so here I am again. But this time I decided to take up a somewhat new challenge –  The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. We’ll ir’s technically the same challenge since it is going to have the same goal. But […]

[…] The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. […]

Do we have to keep the suit of armor in our inventory, or can we place it as sort of a family heirloom? Ultimately, I’d like to use it to keep track of each generation, since I can’t paint each heirs portrait. The most I can see happening is a small mood boost from décor.

Pinstar Legacy

It must remain in the inventory. You may take it out once the heir to the 10th generation is born, as a sort of trophy for completing the challenge 🙂

Drat. Thank you!

Something I am confused about: is it ok if the sim I married in brought $20k with her? She was ‘not in world’ so I had him woo her, but when they got married she had the cash. Am I fine keeping the funds or should I get rid of them?

Pinstar Legacy

They need to be in a household with other ‘not in this world’ sims to prevent them from bringing in money. Use the testing cheats enabled money cheat to reduce your household funds back down to where they were before they moved in.

ok, thanks. I haven’t played this world since this so I wouldn’t get myself too confused on where I need to set everything.

OK, this leaves me confused. I’m having a hard time figuring out which Sims are playable families, and which are townies. I know the Goth’s, Caliente/Lothario, Pancakes, Langrabbs…but the others I’m not familiar with. I inadvertently brought in a Sim that was playable. He didn’t bring in any money. He had no skills. The only thing I did was dice roll his eye color, because ALL of my townies have Brown eyes. Do I need to kick him out or kill him off? I’m doing a Matriarch Line, and so far it’s just boys, so it wouldn’t be a game killer to kill him off or start over.

Pinstar Legacy

If you didn’t realize a sim was a townie sim, then that’s fine. You didn’t know their traits and skills anyway.

[…] it runs sooo smoothly on the computer without lag, with very few glitches.  I am currently doing a Legacy Challenge.  I might do a blog on that family, but since it’s nothing but gameplay, there is basically […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] that the Legacy Challenge rules have been finalised, I shall be starting over my legacy challenge together with my friend whose […]


Yay! I always do this challenge on all my sims, just got 4 and am about to start it!

I have a 2 questions..are people allowed to use the cheats for bladder,hunger,sleep, etc etc?

secondly it seems impossible to buy a 50×50 lot with 20k….how do you do it?

never mind figured it out,watched pins video on youtube 😀

Ok, I never did any challenge before, but I’m gonna try this 🙂

Kavin Kishen Kumar

Hi there! I couldn’t comment on youtube for some reason. So, I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR SIMS’ STORY!!! Please do continue your videos on youtube. I’ve seen many videos on youtube but i’ve never really taken an interest to them BUT your story is just PERFECT!!! I can’t wait for more of your Sims 4 Legacy Challenges on YouTube!

Kavin Kishen Kumar

Hi there! I’M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR SIMS’ STORY!!! Please do continue your videos on youtube, your story is just PERFECT!!! I can’t wait for more of your Sims 4 Legacy Challenges on YouTube!

Love the challenge, it’s helping get off my cheating binge. I don’t see why so many people are having issues. To start off with, I got a job, bought the cheapest bed and fridge and toilet. That’s it. (Showers can be taken at the gym). Haven’t even started my Founder’s family, other than to get her married, and we’ve got a decent living space now, and both are in high-paying jobs and my founder’s job gives her a computer, so I didn’t have to buy one. Writing books = quick cash.

Pinstar Legacy

Lots of ways to claw your way out of the early game poverty. That’s part of the fun of the challenge.

It was just brought to my attention that the instructions say to put the knight in the family inventory. Does it make a difference if the knight is out in the household vs. in the inventory? I like keeping it out as it makes for some fun pictures, but if we need to keep it in the family inventory for a specific reason I’ll of course do so.

Pinstar Legacy

It represents the *title* of being a Legacy family, and thus shouldn’t be out on the lot to give you an actual benefit. Nothing is stopping you from buying another statue and using it on the lot though.

Hello Pinstar! Just want to share my addition to your great Legacy Challenge rules.
Maybe you and some folks will be interested.
Its a translation . And i know that my English is not very good =( (Im from Ukraine), so probably there are many mistakes.

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

Hey Pinstar,
is there already a site where your challenge is translated in different languages?
If not, would you mind me putting up a website with the German rules? (linked back to you ofc)
If you do mind I could also send you my translation to put up here if you are interested in that 🙂
Thanks so much for creating the challenge, it is a lot of fun!

Pinstar Legacy

Not a central site, no. You are more than welcome to put up a german site, just make sure to link back to our site as well as our trait calculator.

Thanks Pinstar Legacy and Imagining Mystic for your rapid and thorough attention to my earlier set of questions. I have two others:

1a. To help reduce my own burgeoning Townie population and to help other Legacy Players whose older Saved Games are having trouble generating Townies, I would like to export some of my Townies to the gallery as #LegacyLoves. Going forward, these Sims will be freshly-minted Townies with at most 24 hours wandering the World before they are packed to be uploaded. I cannot imagine this being a problem, but I don’t want to stick other Legacy Players with “illegal” Townies. Would these Townies be Legacy-compliant?

1b. There are Townies in my current population that would be candidates for export. Some have been around for up to seven sim days and may have accumulated some skills while playing chess and interacting with other Sims, etc. They’ve had aging off for most of that time, so they’re only three or four Sim days beyond the start of their current life stage at most. Assuming that “fresh” Townies would be considered Legacy-compliant, would these existing, slightly experienced Townies also be Legacy-compliant?

Thanks again for your service to and leadership in the Simming community…

Pinstar Legacy

1a: That’s fine!

1b: A few stray skill points are fine. The true random townies generated come with skill points as well.

Thanks again!

Just want to say I’m midway through generation two (about to transfer to three!) and I’m completely absorbed and enjoying every minute of this challenge. Thank you guys for making such a fun experience for us! It’s the best.

ok, so it keeps crashing for me as soon as i move in ;_; i do not know why. i tried to bulldoze in ‘edit lot’ mode and stuff before mode (i tried your way before) and it keeps crashing on me. i don’t know what to do D: help me, pls?

Pinstar Legacy

I’ve never experienced that. I’m not sure what is causing it.

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]


I’ve had terrible luck with this legacy challenge. Your rules are wonderful, there’s nothing wrong with the challenge at all, but my luck is just awful. I’m an experienced legacy player, too, so it’s extra frustrating for me, haha. The first time I started the challenge, my founder reached level 4 of her career, completed two aspiration milestones and had a small little shack built around her belongings before I realized that I had been playing with aging off the entire time! OOPS! I had to start over, since that was my own error, not a game glitch.

The second time I played, my founder had almost gotten to the same point she was at before when my game froze. It was terrible (and the first time that’s ever happened to me in The Sims 4, of course it would happen during a legacy challenge), so I had to quit without saving and lost the entire file. Since that actually was a game glitch, I’m going to cheat her back up to where she was at before to the best of my memory. Third time’s a charm, I guess? 😛


LOL yikes!

I had a rough couple of starts myself. So don’t feel too bad!


Haha thanks. Third time seems to be the charm for me for this legacy. My founder’s shack is starting to resemble a proper house and she has an eligible heir who just aged into a child. Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong from here on out, lol.


Good luck! 🙂

There are no lots in Willow Creek that cost 10k


You need to bulldoze the big house on the lot called “Oakenstead”.

Can you specify whether you can marry premade sims that aren’t townies? There’s nothing about it in the rules.

Pinstar Legacy

As long as you didn’t hand-pick the traits or pre-load them with skills. #LegacyLoves is a good place to find fresh sims that are all Legacy Legal.

Hi, thanks for the challenge. I am really enjoying it. A couple of questions.

1. what do we do about the bugged beloved trait from Friend of the World. I understand it the only way to fix the problem is to remove the trait. I’m worried that this might corrupt the game. Are there other solutions. Say complete all but the last element, switch aspirations but complete the last element. So its done but the trait doesn’t register?

2. There is a lot of mentioning of not knowing the traits of your future founder wife/husband sims. Does this mean we can’t ask Get to know – sometimes if talking on a similar topic, you get to know the traits of your sims anyway Guess there is not much that can be done about that.

Pinstar Legacy

1. That sounds like a good temporary solution until they fix the trait. The universal rule is that all cheats, work-arounds or other creative things to get around a bug may be done without worry that you’re breaking a rule.

2. Oh you can abolutely use the get to know, or deep conversation interactions…or heck give your sim the observant trait. All of those are legal.

The spirit of that restriction is basically “Don’t hand-craft your spouses” Sure a Perfectionist-Cheerful-Creative spouse might make for an epic painter… being able to craft your spouses goes against the quasi-random nature of the challenge. It is on purpose that the ONLY sim you are allowed to hand-craft to your exact desires is your founder while everyone else is left up to chance.

That being said, you are more than welcome to have your sim get to know the local singles in town and choose the most desirable from among them.

[…] will be following (or trying to follow) Pinstar’s Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Rules and various related additions to the challenge as and when […]

Can I use teen marriage and larger household mods or are those off limits?

Pinstar Legacy

Both should be fine.

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

So two questions.

1) I saw that you said that you make the frugal perk un-allowed. Is this the current rule or is it still allowed?

2) A major glitch in my game made it so I couldn’t open any houses – it only brought me back to the map after the loading screen. It seems to be connected with downloading people from the gallery. For this reason, I don’t want to download any #LegacyLove characters in fear of it crashing my game. So instead, I was wondering if it would be alright to have my boyfriend create random characters for in game use, so long as I don’t know any of their traits or aspirations ahead of time.

Pinstar Legacy

I was thinking of banning it, but never actually implemented a ban. It is currently allowed. As for #2, I totally understand and your solution is 100% legacy legal.

so when I’m finished creating my sim and moved into the 50×50 lot, purchased the knight sculpture. Do I just build the house on from there? with the remaining $1,800?

Pinstar Legacy

Yep! And keep in mind that there is a very loose definition of the term “house” most people just pile furniture on the lawn as that is more useful than a bunch of walls. How you survive so poor in the early game is up to you!

alright, thank you so much!

Hi Pinstar, appreciate that you can’t update the random generator for outdoor life but my legacy sim married a sim with the squeamish trait and now I,m unclear re children’s traits and the genarator? Any thoughts on how to handle. Thanks

Pinstar Legacy

I’m going to be updating the trait generator soon. Just use another trait as a proxy and if that trait shows up in the child, make the child squeamish.

Thanks Pinstar, much appreciated.

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] challenge. For those who are unsure what a Legacy challenge is, please take a look at this link then come right back. I’ve not actually done a legacy before on a blog so this is going to be […]

I’m going to start my Legacy Challenge now and post it on my blog :33

Wow, I must say I really enjoy this challenge! I’ve never tried it before, but came over this a couple of months ago, but didn’t have the time and it looked really complicated. But now that i’ve read through the rules carefully and looked through the comments to find the answers to the stuff I was not quite sure about it’s really fun!
I’m playing with points, and considering i’m just in my second generation I think i’m doing great 🙂

Thanks for making this challenge, it’s a new and fun way to play the sims!

Actually, I have a question about memorializing… Let’s say i’ve got 3 sims in my household, one of them is heir, the second is the primary spouse, they’ve been memorialized. Can one of them memorialize their daughter? (she’s going to be the heir when she ages up to a young adult) Or is it only the heir and the primary spouse themselves that can memorialize each other? 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

Yep! The only sims a sim can’t memorialize is themselves. Everyone else (that they’ve known) is fair game.

[…] there! I’ve just finished reading the rules to the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge and I am so excited to get home and get started! This is going to be an interesting and exciting […]

Pinstar, I’m on my 8th generarion and have tried for several gen to kill a sim with a rocket ship. I can get the ship to crash ( my other sim put fruit in which crashes it), I’ve used different sims who all ( at the start) had no rocket ship skill. The ship crashes but the game says ‘ any crash you can walk away from’. I’ve done this 40+ times. I asked on the offical forums if anyone had done this without cheating – and none confirmed they had.

I’m thinking there is a possibility it’s bugged. Just wondering if you have successfully killed a sim this way?

Pinstar Legacy

Not directly, but I do know that your space sim has a chance of winding up on fire after the crash. Now this could be seen as a vanilla death by fire, but I decided to give it its own category. They just have to burn to death in the post-crash fire. If you are never seeing any sims end crashes in flames, then there might be an issue with that and I’ll look into clipping that death type.

I’m having the same problem with rocket crashes not starting fires. I’ve tried with several sims, starting with no rocket skill, and three of them maxed the skill without ever safely landing or working on the rocket to build skill (other sims built and repaired the rocket, then sabotaged it for the victims). I’ve sent sims up in every emotional state except bored. I’ve sent them up with their needs low (they crash, then pass out from exhaustion). I’ve tried surrounding the landing pad with flammable objects – no fires. I had one sim crash early, crawl from the wreck, and then die of old age.

I’m not sure that there really is a chance of catching on fire from a crash, and if there once was, one of the patches (such as the one that fixed the fireplace fires) may have lowered the chances too far.

Is it legal to use the mod to keep books that you have written and sold to publisher? Also mod to combine all services: maid, pizza, handyman, and gardener?

Who has or can do the memorial to the heir? ex: can the husband of 1st generation memorialize his wife and the wife the husband?

Pinstar Legacy

1. Yes, that mod is fine
2. Sure that’s fine.
3. Anyone who has known a sim in life (IE been introduced to them while not a ghost) can memorialize that sim. The only person a sim can’t memorialize is either themselves or someone they’ve never met. (IE grandchild born after grandfater has already died can’t memorialize their grandfather).

Thank you for clarifying this for me.

Q1: Can our spouse move in?
Q2: Are we allowed ot have a job?


Yes and yes

[…] with the legacy challenge (I assume you are if you’re reading this) the explanation is here. I will be following the succession laws Strict Equality (I will attempt this at least, if not […]

Quick question.

Can we pick a lot that isn’t 50×50, bulldoze it, then simply use a cheat to reduce our money down to 10,000 simoleans (before buying the statue)? Was just getting bored of the 50×50 lot and wanted a change of scenery.


Pinstar Legacy

I suppose that is a fair modification.

Thanks for this! I’ve had to restart Legacies a few times ( bugs ) and also have one going in each neighborhood. I’ve always wanted to start on a different, yet sizable lot, and just money cheat everything down to rule standards. As Malik said, a change of scenery is nice 😀

[…] to my Sims 4 legacy challenge. The rules created by Pinstar can be found here or on my Rules page for a simpler explanation. More to come […]

3 questions:

1. The rule says we can’t know the traits before marry the sim, but this is just to difficult the “approach”, right?? We can know the traits during a relationship, by the “amicable interaction ‘to know'” (I’m playing the version pt-br, so I don’t know the messages in english version, sorry) before the marriage??

2. I didn’t understand the rule about ghosts “They cannot memorialize other sims. If they were a member of the Legacy Challenge family”. What’s the difference for the game if the ghost memorialize other sims if they don’t score points?

3. The ghosts can’t get jobs, but they can write books or make paintings, and receive for them? Or the ghosts can’t bring the way of any money?

[…] rules of this challenge can be found here. I will also follow most of the rules of Pinstar’s Legacy challenge (no cheats, random traits, laws of succesion, only townies allowed as spouses,…) but I am not […]

Hi Pinstar and ImaginingMystic. I just have a couple of questions and I do apologize, if they have been asked before =).

1) My Founder and Primary Spouse in Generation 1 recently died and from what I have read in a few of the comments above, I am allowed to move them back in as ghosts?

2) If so, am I allowed to make them help around the house (e.g. paint, cook, repair)?

3) Again, if all of that is allowed, are you two aware of any ways to ‘move the ghosts out’ after they’ve moved in? For example, do you know if it is possible to send the ghosts to Nether after they’ve already moved in, or do they simply stay in your household forever. I know I could easily move them out into the town and they would live their lives, but I just don’t want to clutter my town with ghosts. =P

I hope I didn’t waste your time too much. Would love to hear back. =)

Pinstar Legacy

1. As long as you haven’t moved them off the lot.
2. Yes
3. Move them out I think is the best way.

Thanks 🙂

Hi Sorry but couldn’t see this being mentioned anywhere…. Is the legacy challenge going to be updated for the new expansion? I know we didn’t get any new traits or aspirations so would it just be the case of adding on the new careers and skills?
Thanks 🙂

Pinstar Legacy

Keep your eyes peeled for a big rules update!

My main question is what is the goal of the legacy challenge? Are you just creating a family having a kid and then that kid finds a spouse and continues on and on? Doesn’t seem like there’s enough to do which is probably why I never finish the legacy challenges. Shouldn’t there be a goal for each generation or something like that? Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t find anything in the rules.

Is there a limit to how many children you are allowed to bare per generation?


The only limit is the game’s 8 Sims per household rule. Otherwise, no.

My main question is what is the goal of the legacy challenge? Are you just creating a family having a kid and then that kid finds a spouse and continues on and on? Doesn’t seem like there’s enough to do which is probably why I never finish the legacy challenges. Shouldn’t there be a goal for each generation or something like that? Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t find anything in the rules.


The goal is to create a successful, wealthy family to 10 generations by starting with a single founder who basically has nothing in the beginning. There are no goals per generation.

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

[…] Challenge mit Daria Sonntag. ► Mehr über die Legacy Challenge erfahren ► Die Sims 4 – Offizielle […]

Hi! So, I was playing and my teenage son died (RIP Jefferson). I’m womdering if he counts as one of the 10 babies?! Love the challange btw!!

Pinstar Legacy

Yep! They need only be born/adopted, what happens to them after doesn’t matter for the purpose of the 10 babies point.

[…] I played The Sims 3, I came across The Legacy Challenge and enjoyed playing the game even more. I plan to tell the story, like most do, as a 3rd-person […]

Sarah Norway

So, I absolutely love legacy style play….however, I would love to have a hard copy of the rules that I can print off and have as a reference. Where can I find one? Without printing a ton of pictures…I just want a written copy to have on hand… It’s taken me a while to get to playing TS4, so I want to do a legacy family justice! 🙂

[…] not in an Apocalypse Challenge, Dad – this is a Legacy […]

OK stupid question. I’ve just started the legacy challenge I’m a first timer and so far it’s been fun. I’m thinking of starting a website to show them off. My founder’s second child (daughter) aged up into a child. And the heir Is their first child (son). My stupid question is this which one is generation one the founder or his children? Or is it up to interpretation?

Stupid question #2 on spouses. I know I can move in legacy loves from the gallery. Is it allowed to move them into the neighbor with an established household (Spencer-Kim-Lewis for example) and have my sims visit their neighbors to meet their spouse?

Pinstar Legacy

Generation one is the founder, generation 2 is their children, generation 3 is their children’s children, and so on.
And for question 2: Yes.

If I use Genetic Transfusion mod for gay sims being able to have babies with their genetics, would it give me some unfair advantage over other players or would it be okay?


You are allowed to use mods that will allow gay couples to conceive children, that is fine.

I just finished the WonderChild challenge, am I allowed to use her as my founder or would she be considered too OP?

Pinstar Legacy

Way too OP for the Legacy Challenge. However both the Apocalypse Challenge AND the Immigrant challenge are designed to be started with a pre-established sim, and thus you could use your grown up Wonder Child for those. I had my Wonder Child Athieania ( become the founder of my Immigrant challenge playthrough (

I am currently playing this challenge as my first challenge ever and I am having a lot of fun. I would just like some clarification on a few things if possible:

A. The Spare- For the purpose of scoring, I am of the understanding that anything that the spare does to gain points while he/she is living in the house (part of the household) is allowed. For example, if I have a Young Adult spare in the household who completes an aspiration but then I move them out, I still get the “points” from that aspiration completion?

B. Memorialization – This has two parts. Do I have to use every type of memorialization once or, for example, can I just have a photo for every generation and no biography, song, comedy routine, etc.? Also, does the memorialization come from the next generation (does generation 2 have to memorialize generation 1 or can generation 1 memorialize itself)?

C. Teenage Careers – Getting to the top of these careers do not count as points for anything correct? Only the 13 adult careers and 23 adult branches count.

D. Easter Eggs – does this count as a “collection” as well, or should it just be ignored for Legacy purposes?

Pinstar Legacy

A: Spares earn points as long as they are in the Legacy Household. The moment you move them out of the Legacy Home, they are no longer able to earn you points. (You don’t lose the points they have already earned you while in the house, they just can’t earn more)
B. You don’t need to use every flavor of memorial. Any sim that knew the sim being memorialized may memorialize them. This could be a younger sim memorializing a parent, or a parent memorializing one of their children, or a sim memorializing their spouse. As long as they knew them (had them on their social contact list) while both sims were alive, they can memorialize. The only other restriction is that a sim cannot memorialize themselves.
C: Correct
D: Completing this collection DOES count as a completed finished collection for the purposes of the nature score. However, the number of completed collections needed to get max points has not been adjusted. This is so people who completely missed the easter event can still max the score. If you completed the easter collection, that’s one fewer “normal” collection that you need to max the score.

I’m about to start the legacy challenge for the first time, never done anything like this in the Sims 🙂
I haven’t see any rules regarding “needs”. Can I use a mod/cheat that keep needs always full?
Even if there isn’t any rule about this, what is your opinion?

Pinstar Legacy

You may not use such a mod/cheat to freeze needs, as that would give you an advantage over a player who didn’t use them.

[…] maffe liefdesgeschiedenis), waaraan ik op 4 september 2014 ben begonnen, de dag waarop Pinstar de officiële regels voor de Legacy Challenge in De Sims 4 bekendmaakte,” aldus Cathy. “Behalve Goofy Love heb ik nog vier andere verhalen, […]

So the spouse cant bring in money. Does that mean they can not get a job as well? Is it just the heir and the rest of the family who can be employed?


They can get a job, they just can’t have money when they join the family initially. Everyone that lives in the household can be employed.


I’m sure these questions have already been answered, but maybe some one will answer again.

1. What if you roll an aspiration that another sim has already completed for a sim that is the heir. Can you change it, or do you have to complete it and then choose another?

2. I have a lot of sims in my current family, and I want more. If I move out a sim, they will become ineligible to be the heir. My succession rule is random. Do I roll before moving anyone out to see if they are chosen? How else do people handle this situation?

Pinstar Legacy

No, you have to keep your initial rolled aspirations. You cannot choose one until a sim completes their original rolled one.

The rule for random is that every time the number of eligible heirs changes, you roll to randomly pick a new heir from among them. After determining who is CURRENTLY the heir, you may then move out a non-heir child. Keeping with the rule, the moment someone moves out, you randomly pick the heir from among the remaining sims who are eligible. You just can’t move a sim out if they are currently the heir.


If I am doing 10 children in a generation , and I have done my first roll, but I know I will have to re-roll several more times, do I have the current heir reproduce? Also, when I re-roll, as long as they have not moved out, do the other children who were not originally chosen count in the re-roll?

Starting my legacy! Add me on fb to follow along, or share yours with me!

I have a question few questions but I’m sure I won’t remember them all. This is my first Legacy Challenge ever so I’m trying my best to fully understand all of the rules.

1: As far as the unique traits go and spouses bringing them into the family. Does one spouse have to have all three unique traits for them to count? Or can one spouse bring in 2 unique traits and then another bring in 1 to count as the 3?

2: Also related, do the traits that come with aspirations count? (Collecter, Essense of Flavor, etc.) ?

3: May a Sim memorialize themselves? Or does this need to be done by a family member?

Pinstar Legacy

1. It is only the traits of the primary spouse that count for the purposes of being unique or not. If they don’t have 3 unique traits, then you’ll be getting fewer points in the love category that generation…a secondary spouse cannot make up the missing unique traits. The only way to max out the category is to make sure that EVERY primary spouse each generation has 3 unique traits that no other spouse has had.
2. No, you can have any combination of them. You can’t change them until you complete them, but they don’t impact the unique traits aspect.
3. A sim may never memorialize themselves. It MUST be done by someone who knew them at some point in life.

Just started my challenge with Gage Hollis! I decided to blog throughout my journey! Check it out!

[…] Pinstar’s Legacy challenge gave me purpose and on October 7th, I started my first ever legacy challenge with Lemongrass Pigglewiggle. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how to write, or how to tease the characters or plots from the game. They’re not horrid posts, but you don’t really get a feel for those first generations. Around generation 5 (December) I started to figure things out and I’m only learning more. […]

I married a guy and he ended up having a job already and makes quite a bit. Did I already fail? x.x I didn’t know that the guy had a job.

Pinstar Legacy

Nope! As long as you didn’t seed that high-job-level sim there yourself, you got lucky!

Lina AbuYasin

hello 🙂
I have a question about completing the successful lineage aspiration, it seems impossible.. one of the tasks is to have a child or grandchild reach the top of a career. my founder sim during the 40 days of being a young adult and adult did not yet reach the top of her career, and now she’s an elder, and her daughter just became a young adult, my founder sim will die before her daughter can reach half of her career ..
maybe it took me a while to have my first child, but even if i got pregnant the day i turned young adult, it still would be impossible to complete the aspiration ..

Pinstar Legacy

Having the child finish their teenage years with an A in high school will let them start at level 3 in a career. Also keep in mind that you are allowed to have each sim drink ONE dose of potion of youth, so you can give your founder some extra time to live to see their grandchildren hit the top.

How do you join


You don’t have to join, basically just start up a game, follow the rules, and you are good to go 🙂

[…] Hi!  This blog is the home of my very first (published) legacy challenge – a Sims 4 legacy currently in progress.  If for some reason you are reading this with no idea what a legacy challenge is (or you’re rusty on the rules), check out Pinstar’s challenge here. […]

Hey! I love the Legacy Challenge. I find it extremely hard to play, however, because of the Sims 4 180 population cap in the world. By the time I get to my 3rd or 4th generation the family tree is often deleted and potential spouses straight up become deleted even if I am in the middle of romancing them and let them go home for the night. Do you have any work arounds or suggestions for keeping my whole family in tact for the whole 10 generations? Thank you.

Pinstar Legacy

I *think* there are mods that can fix that? I’m not 100% sure though. If there are, you are allowed to use them.

There are 2 mods I use. The no culling mod - and the MC Command Center (Story Progression) mod -

The no culling mod does what it says, but sometimes it gets broken by patches. I have the story progression mod in place because it helps me control the amount of homeless sims and I don’t reach the cap. Both work with the newest update as of today.

[…] I decided to call my family Zuconia as this is what my sims 2 town was called.  The rules for this challenge can be found here. […]

Lícia Albuquerque

Hey! I have the child that will be the generation 3. The thing is: she is the ONLY child in the whole game! There’s no more childs in any of the citys! Do I have to adopt all the children from now on? Can I make some new sims for the game??

Pinstar Legacy

You can download and use #LegacyLoves for your neighborhoods to populate them with Legacy-legal potential mates. Just don’t groom them too carefully for traits (You can groom them for appearance)

[…] the character’s background and personality. This Simmer chose the very popular and well-known Legacy Challenge, which is generally about creating and following a single family line and creating limits around […]

So this may have been covered, but for the aspirations part (athletic), does each milestone count, or the entire completion of the aspiration?

Pinstar Legacy

Entire Completion


I’m going to be posting updates on my legacy on my blog, check it out if you like!


Added you to the weekly list and will be adding you to the link list once I update it!

[…] my version of Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge, I’ll be following the rules Equality, Strictly Traditional, Democracy and […]

[…] blog will document my attempt at Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge in the Sims 4. The Legacy Challenge asks the player to follow a young, poor, single Sim as they live their life and start a family. […]


“Move your founder into the new empty $10,000 lot. This will leave them with $10,000 in cash.”
There was a question on facebook asking about starting a Legacy in Newcrest.
The largest lot in Newcrest is 50×40 Twin Oracle Point at §8,500 for the empty lot.
Can this be allowed as a legal lot?
Money could still be adjusted using TestingCheats On and Money 10000 to leave the correct §10,000 starting money before buying the Knight of the Octagon Table decoration.
Has there been an official ruling on using Newcrest yet?

Pinstar Legacy

Yes, use the money cheat to adjust the starting funds. It’s close enough and I know people want to use Newcrest.

As the difference is a good $1500, shouldn’t we do like we we do with the Armor statue and purchase an item to put in the family inventory instead of just doing the money cheat?

That is to say if we get The Cornucopia table at a cost of $1500 along withe the statue and put that in the family inventory, won’t the taxes be calculated much closer to what they would be calculated on a 50×50 lot with just the statue in the inventory? I sort of thought the point of getting the statue and not just doing the money cheat was because of the affect the statue has on taxes.

The statue should still be done for tax purposes, but any further adjustments needed can be fixed with the money cheat.

[…] Click Here To View TS4 Legacy Challenge Rules […]

My question is, does it have to be a 50×50 lot? Can we still do this challenge using any size lot? I want to go by the rules of course but I am a terrible builder and quite frankly I would never be able to build a house that size. Also, I don’t really like mansions. I prefer smaller but still spacious homes so playing this challenge on a huge lot just sounds so unfun to me…

Pinstar Legacy

Any size lot is fine as long as you adjust for the starting funds.


We’ll be getting 64X64 lots with the new expansion. I hope we’ll get a rules update so we can use them for our legacies.

Pinstar Legacy

Absolutely! It is 100% in the spirit of the Legacy Challenge to start using those lots!

So I have a question, which isn’t relevant to me anymore but in case someone else has the same problem: if someone else, say a friend or sibling, uses your Legacy file with a different family by accident (by pressing the household creation button instead of the regular plus on top), does this taint the game? Should it be restarted, or is it okay to keep using the file though there’s been continuation in the game?


I would say just keep going and make sure the Legacy family goes back to being the main family played.

So, I realized after my 1st heir became a young adult for the disney princess legacy challenge, that most of the sim townies were gone… All that were left is three elderly people. Am I supposed to disable auto aging for nonplayed sims?


You can download new Sims from the gallery. We recommend searching with the hashtag #legacyloves to find Sims that you can add to your neighborhood as spouse potential.

[…] Hey guys! So I’m going to be starting my first Sims 4 legacy challenge. As I said in the about me, I’m not really focused on getting a 100 points this time around, I just want to make it to 10 generations. Something I’ve never done before! So I’m going by the rules here. […]

I have a question about Newcrest. Before starting, can we put houses and/or buildings in the hood? Like a library, gym, spa etc?

Pinstar Legacy

Sure can!

[…] Well, recently I played TS4 again, and decided to do The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. […]

[…] que comecei em 4 de setembro de 2014, no dia em que Pinstar lançou as oficiais Regras do Legado para The Sims 4“, disse Cathy. “Além de Amor Pateta, tenho mais quatro histórias, uma delas já […]

Can you create a house for your sim/founder and use the motherlode cheat if they don’t have enough money? And if so, can you use the cheats to give them 30,000 satisfaction points and the one where you go into full edit mode?


Cheats are not allowed in the Legacy Challenge, sorry!

I wonder if the “spouse” only means heir’s partner ? Can I move his siblings’ partners into the household?


You can, but they can’t earn any points.


Sorry this reply was incorrect. Anyone living in the household that is either married to or is someone directly related to the founder can earn points even if they aren’t the heir or their spouse.

[…] I decided to start a Legacy following Pinstar’s Legacy rules. […]

I need help. How and when am I suppose to set up my succession laws. I don’t see an option to do so. Please help


The Legacy Challenge isn’t officially part of the game, so there are no options within the game itself to set the challenge up. I keep all of my succession law information typed out on a Notepad document. Hope that helps!

Is it cheating, when playing the legacy challenge, to use the pregnancy mega mod? (you know because the mod lets you choose whichever gender you like)


It’s not cheating now that they have gender fruits. Just make sure the pregnancy lasts as long and has the same motive drains.

Thanks for the mention Christina! I’m happy I was able to help! 🙂

I love the new Extreme Start Option that goes with the Get Together expansion. Great inclusion!


Thanks Dallas!

what are points of enmity

I would like to clarify if we could earn points or not.
Different answers are contrary and FAQ haven’t been updated yet.
Thank you.


Which comments are you referring to? The ones you linked aren’t highlighting properly for me for some reason so I can’t see what they are. Can you copy and paste the conflicts in a reply?

LenaLJ asked about this on October 19th. Imagining Mystic replied that cadet branches can earn points, and that she checked with you concurred.
This response contradicts this. Can you please clarify and put in the FAQ?
If the final word is that the spare’s wife and children can’t earn points, then I’ll have to restart. I just started generation 6, and many skills, collections, careers and aspirations have been completed by cadets.
OCTOBER 19, 2014 AT 4:11 AM (UTC -4)
OCTOBER 19, 2014 AT 7:37 AM (UTC -4)
If the spare’s wife and children still live in the household then I believe that they count as a cadet branch of the Legacy, which means that yes, they can earn points. I need to confirm this with Pinstar though! I’ll ask him once he wakes up!
October 19, 2014 at 5:08 pm (UTC -4)
He concurs!

Cadet branches do earn points. I’ll be updating the FAQ ASAP. Pinstar will also be making a post explaining cadet branches definitively soon as well.
Sorry for the late response. Apparently some questions have been getting missed.

I wonder if the “spouse” only means heir’s partner ? Can I move his siblings’ partners into the household?

You can, but they can’t earn any points.


I was mistaken in my recent reply. Trying to answer questions while trying to move and plan Christmas is proving difficult. I’ll update the FAQ and my response from a month ago now.

Thank you very much!)

I really love this challenge but I modify it just a little bit because I feel that less than 2,000 simoleans is way too unrealistic to start. A 4 by 4 room is 450 simoleans. I picked a large lot and adjust my families income down to 7,000 Simoleans. That’s a much more realistic amount to start with but is not over the top either. When I built my home I set very strict rules. It had to be a studio style home and all the finishings and furniture had to within the two cheapest for that object with out it being considered a child’s object, because a childs bookcase and tv are much cheaper than an adult tv or bookcase. I only allowed 4 windows and two doors. The kitchen area could only have 3 coutnertops (one to prepare food, for the sink and one for a future appliance.) and a small table with two chairs. Lastly, I had to spent the as much of the 7,000 as possible. I spent down to 4 simoleans. The house is still very sparse and leaves a LOT to be desired because it only has a single bed. I thought I would share my approach encase anyone else found the 1800 simoleans to start way too unrealistic.

It may seem unrealistic because you’re trying to build at the very beginning of the challenge. Most Legacy families live outside for quite a while before getting enough saved up to actually start building a home.

[…] play according to Pinstar’s Rules however, my start up will be a little different, using the a combination of the Rosebud Rules and […]

[…] challenge will not have the typical rules. Instead, I’m making up my own. If anyone wants to join me in my challenge I’m posting […]

Kind of forgot about this for a while but I think I’ll play this again. Been bored of TS4 lately so hoping this can keep me entertained until a family-related game pack or EP comes out. I usually play without tracking points but I think I’ll go hardcore this round and get a scorecard set up and everything.


Woo! Good luck!

In the legacy challenge when can you age up the child in the sims 4


When the game says “It’s so and so’s birthday today!”

[…] Play through 10 full generations and see whether your Sims make it. Learn more on the Sims Legacy website. […]

Is there a way to do this challenge, for points, by not having your sim marry anyone at all? I think that would add to the challenge. With adoption being a legit option now, this wouldn’t even be a problem.


Sure! That would certainly make the challenge more challenging! Go for it!

Some of the points require sims to get married, though. If I wanted to go for the full 100 points, what options do I have for sims who wouldn’t get married? Or would I just sacrifice the potential to get them?


Actually the “spouse” is just whichever significant other that your founder/heir has children with first. I actually rarely marry my Sims right away because the one time I did that, my Sim died of embarrassment because his girlfriend turned him down and I failed the challenge. They never really technically have to get married.

Hope that makes sense!

Is it okay to move a sim from your family out? Like, I wanna carry on makin babies but I don’t got space for any more.


You can, but keep in mind that any Sim that moves out will no longer count for points.


Hey, check out my legacy story?

Hi, I was wondering, my founder is about to finish her aspiration and I want to know if after that, I need to roll a new one or I should pick it myself? Thank you for reading and the challenge is great, although I’m not playing for points because I’m too lazy to keep track of them 😛 Maybe next time hahaha


You can choose one! After going through all of the work to complete one, you’ve earned the ability to choose the 2nd one for them 🙂

Ok, thank you!

Can your Sims have a job?



[…] If you are interested, the original challenge can be found here and the official legacy challenge rules can be found here. […]

Can the boyfriend/ husband HAVE a job?



[…] legacy. The family we will follow is the London family. For rules to the Legacy Challenge, go here. I won’t be adhering to the rules super strictly, because I’m more concerned with […]

[…] The rules to the original legacy challenge can be found here. […]

Angelique Wilson

Are we aloud to use the kleptomaniac trait added in the new update? And are we aloud to sell the items our sims steal?


Yes and the trait has been added to the random trait generator as well 🙂


Are we allowed to move out the elders in the household once the heir comes of age to have children and live on their own? My founder has recently become an elder and I was just wondering if I could move her and her husband into a house of their own. Thanks!


Yes that is fine.

My only question is this:

Collectibles/Gardening stuffs:
Can I ‘harvest’ ‘perfect’ veggies/fruits/etc from plants that come with some of the houses I’ve created/lived in with other families, or do I have to use the environment rich ones? Also: Am I allowed to buy some of the dolls from a Collectibles Retail Shop I found online??

By this I mean ‘Harvest perfect garden stuffs” at the beginning of the challenge. I’m setting up Newcrest and one of the homes I built previously has garden stuff already upgraded and ready to be plucked.

I know you’re busy… so…

I really hope it’s okay I harvested/sold/planted them, considering they came from a ‘community’ lot (which I saw earlier is ‘fair game’ and the lot itself is uploaded for everyone to use — #MysteryMade — The Summer Home.) AFTER I’d made enough Simoleon’s from other ventures to buy the suit of armor.

If not. I’m gonna have to restart. Again. 🙁 And playing on Normal Lifespan is not anywhere close to my ‘normal’ Long. O.O


Technically the armor needs to be bought first, but we don’t really strictly police how you play your challenges so I wouldn’t worry about it 🙂

So – In the end, I hope it’s okay I started how I did. Because this is by far the most interesting, awesome sim-save I’ve had. L.O.L.

Never used mean. My oldest boy is very mean guy towards girls, but never his twin brother. XD Hates the wife.

New Question::

My successions rules are: Patriarchy; Traditional; First Born; Tolerant — My “Heir” has had a girl child — they won’t be having more. His sister (Not the “heir”) may have a male child when she procreates (in a bit)…. if she does, WHO would be the “Heir” for the 3rd Gen? Her Son, or His Daughter??


The heir has to be the child of the current heir, not of a spare. So it would have to be a child from the heir and it would need to follow the rules. If you are Patriarchy and not STRICT Patriarchy, then the female child could still be heir as if there are no males, you would go to the oldest non-male heir. Hope that makes sense!


Yeah you can harvest stuff from all over the neighborhood. Just don’t make lots exclusively for the purpose of harvesting, that becomes a bit of a grey area in terms of being “Legacy Legal”

Hello! My second generation just aged up and I have a question about marrying a Townie (not from an established family.) Are we allowed to marry someone that might have skills already?


Yeah that’s ok!

Is there a minimum amount of children per generation that we must have? I know the max is like six or seven, but what’s the minimum?


Nope, you can have as few or as many as you want!

Can they get a job to make money?




About the cheats we can and can not use, I know we can’t use money cheats or skill cheats, but what mood cheats? The cheat that decreases their hunger, exhaustion, and such. That wouldn’t be allowed?


Actually no cheats are really allowed except move objects and things that change the look of the game. Things that change mechanics can’t be used.

Hello, I have a question 🙂
When your Sims’ children grow up, find a husband/wife and get their children, can I move their families into different lots, not play with them, just move them out? Or I have to keep all the Sims in the main 50×50 lot where I started?


Unfortunately you can’t play them in the same save file as the main Legacy family’s time will continue to progress while you play the spares. You can, however, move them onto their own save file if you wish.

I want to do this so much!😭 But I can’t

I have a question about choosing new aspirations.

“6. You may not change a Sim’s current aspiration. The exception is when they fully complete an aspiration. When that happens, you may choose their new aspiration, as long as it is not one they’ve already completed.”

Can I choose the new aspiration I want after completing the first? Or if, for example, another sim completed the second aspiration that I want to choose before, is it forbidden? Does it count in the score?

Example: Peter completed “Bestselling Author”, and now, Maria completes her aspiration and i want to choose “Bestselling Author” for her.


Yep you can choose any aspiration you want!

[…] I am playing by the “Official” Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – At the end of each generation, I will put the heir up to a vote – majority […]

I am going to be starting the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge on my YT channel 🙂 Sienna McNulty is my founding character!

i cant find the lot thats worth $10,000!!!


If you are in Willow Creek you will need to demolish the house on the lot called “Oakenstead” and use the lot there.

[…] So as most Simmers are familiar with the Legacy Challenge, but for those that aren’t, the rules can be found Here. […]

[…] To quote from Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge Rules page: […]

If your sims have the funds after a few generations, can you use à house off the gallery, instead of building your own?


Yes, you don’t have to build one if you don’t want to.

Does this include the child aspiration?

Is there ant rules for weather a child that is only related to the founding father and not his wife can become the heir? My father got abducted out of his daughter’s nursery and he came back pregnant with twins. His wife wanted to show she still loves him and we’ll she ended up pregnant with twins as well. So I have five daughters and not sure if I’m rolling for one of three or our of all five.


Who is the founder? The father or the mother? If it’s the father, then yes, the alien babies can be the heirs because they can trace their lineage to the founder. If it’s the wife, then only the children that were born from the husband and wife can be heir because the alien babies can’t trace their lineage to her.

How do I get the sims child to have coloured hair like there mother if thr children can only have brown, red or blonde hair?


You can change their appearance in a mirror to have different colored hair. As far as I know there is no way to get them to be born with other hair colors. However, a mod to allow a Sim to be born with other hair colors would be completely Legacy legal since it won’t change the challenge at all.

[…] Oh yeah the rules! I’ll be using Pinstar’s Rules. […]

[…] story I’ll be writing here will be the second time I’ve done Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge. The first was completed some time ago, and I loved the way it forced me to play in a way I’d […]

Quick question. Does the armor have to be in our family inventory or can we put it out to be used as actual decoration in our house?


Technically no because it contributes to a happiness score as it adds a “Well Decorated” buff. However, once your in the 3rd or 4th generation that buff won’t really have much effect on the gameplay so I’d say you could display it after generation 3 or so. I just wouldn’t immediately put it out on Gen 1 since that’s when the challenge is at its most difficult. If that makes sense.

[…] is also going to found a Legacy in accordance with Pinster’s rule set which can be found at  Note the Knight of the Octogan table in the background.  In just a moment it is going to be […]

[…] case you don’t know what the point of this challenge is, here are the rules for Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge, and here are the rules for the Disney Princess […]

Can I create a partener if i use the random traits? i will use your trais generator


If the traits are random, then I don’t see a problem with that.

[…] to clear things up, the Moonglows is not a Legacy Challenge. Which means I won’t be following the rules. (And there’s no point keeping either) So […]

September 20th 2016 at 10;31 am [UTC-4] If the traits are random, then I don`t see a problem with that.

[…] you are interested in completing your own challenge, the rules can be found here, followed by subsequent links for points, scoring, FAQs, etc. In a nutshell, you are basically […]


Is there a fix with the family tree? I have some members disappearing completely. Luckily it was the founder’s spouse’s parents instead of anyone in the actual legacy challenge. Ivery run into this during normal game play and I don’t want my family tree to disappear… I want to see all of it in its full glory. Help please!!!


I have no idea 🙁 That would be a question for EA/Maxis.

If this has been asked I’m sorry for asking again, but I can’t seem to find it. Can we move in to Newcrest on the 50×40 Lot? As long as we put the suit of armour in the inventory and bring the money to $1800?

Brandy Williams

No, I don’t think so. In the rules it says you have to choose the 50×50 lot. The only exception is the 64×64 lot in the new/originally empty town. (I can’t think of the name for it right now.)


As long as the money is brought down to $1800 it doesn’t really matter if you use a smaller lot 🙂

Wow cool

When I bulldoze the 50×50 lots they cost about 50-60,000 dollars.. help?

Can I move into it and then just change the money to $1800 ?

[…] is not your choice, there is a list of rules we have to follow. We will be following the extreme […]

So, don’t like the lot I’m on because the grass is gross, the location is horrible, etc, So can I move to the same size lot, but in a differnt location?

[…] to start a Legacy Challenge in The Sims 4. Their world is so much better than ours is right […]

Idk if this have been ask before but does the Knight of the Octagon Table needs to stay in the inventory or can it be place on the lot.

Thank you,


It should be kept in the inventory 🙂

Maybe this was answered somewhere. But, for the Sims 4 and Sims 3 Legacy Challenges (I’ll probably do both games at some point), can I alter the appearance of spouses. I know that you are supposed to leave the traits alone for them (right?), but I just was curios about appearance…it wouldn’t really affect the game.

Also, can you use the gender influence cheat (fruit eating) in the Legacy Challenge, or do you have to just roll with whatever you get?


Ok i want to start this challenge but i feel like it’s too late. Is it too late?


Nope, you can start it whenever you want!

[…] For those of you who don’t know, the legacy challenge is basically creating… well… a legacy. The REAL challenge is lack money, and depending on how difficult you make selecting an heir, getting the correct child to pass your stuff down to. I’m not very good at explaining the challenge, so you can find more information here. […]

hey pinstar and christina 🙂 I was wondering if you’ll update the legacy challenge for city living 🙂 now that we have apartments (finally) I was wondering how to start one properly with them


Hi there! I actually discussed this in a post a while back. You can check it out here:


So I have to ask, I’ve played a lot in this game and added families that I aren’t saved to my library and I may or may have not started a new game to do this challenge and I’m not sure how to get my families back? Do I have to go into my save files or something because I really want my old families back D:

[…] but will also be attempting not to break rules. The rules for the legacy challenge are here: I would just like to list my succession laws for the heir of each […]

I’ve tried this Challenge on the sims 3

I am glad to see people still posting in 2017! I just started this challenge. I chose the Extreme Start option because I AM EXTREME. So my sim bought the 64 x 64 lot in Windenburg. I made her go fishing because I thought she could earn $200 in a day (sooo not true). She made $20 so now she has $8020. I’m thinking that if she visits the haunted estate and I move the barriers in the kitchen, she can grab a free bowl of cereal from the fridge. Then I can move the barriers in the bedroom and have her sleep there. I would have to enter build mode to move the barriers but would it be considered cheating since she wouldn’t be spending any money to do it? The rules do say “You can not buy or build ANYTHING” until I buy the Knight but I would only be moving something that was already built. What do you guys think?

I personally wouldn’t do it, because it would feel like cheating to me. But I don’t think there is any rule against it, like you pointed out. Plus, you could imagine like in real life you could always duck under the barriers!
Of course there’s always the option of sleeping on the bench at the pub. I’ve been known to do that for extreme start legacies lol.

I just started doing The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge and I wanted to know if using a cheat to modify your spouse’s appearance is against the rules? I know that traits and aspirations cannot be changed but is changing things like their facial features okay?

How do we pick traits for toddlers now that we have them? Is it the same?

[…] one though so we´ll see what comes of this, I will do my best/worst. I´m pretty much playing by Pinstars rules and won´t be cheating that much 😇 My Succession Law: Gender Law: Strict equality Bloodline Law: […]

So for the holidays I got several of the new titles associated with Sims 4 and of course with the addition of toddlers, who could resist starting a new multi-generational family. However, with the inclusion of City Living, I find it difficult and a major challenge to think about all of the careers we now have in the challenge and having to do them all by the birth of Gen 10 when just a few xpacs ago we only had 23 when we began ( 9 x 2 branches + 5 teen) then we added business (+2), then GTW (3 active careers), now City Living ( 3 x 2 branches = 6) for a total of 34. 29 have to be completed as adults on a challenge where at minimum you only have 18 adults? (assuming no spares and a singular spouse for each generation).

I know we can play this challenge how we want but I enjoy following the rules and I love going for points but I wanted to suggest that maybe the point for completing every career branch in the game be made to complete say 25 careers (Base game + teen + free Business updated). Very similar to the 13 out of 16 collections (22 in the game now btw)

Just a thought I really wanted to share with you guys. I found the legacy when I started playing Sims 3 and I haven’t been able to play without challenge rules ever since. (even just testing toddlers and city life I’m doing the Movin’ on up challenge!)

Wow! $75,487 for an empty 64×64 lot!
And … $69,063 for an empty 50×50 lot!!

Were they always this expensive?
How can I start a family on the lot?
I cannot move in household.

Did you bulldoze the lot completely? Because when I do that it’s 10,000 for the 50 x 50 like it’s supposed to be.

Thanks for the 65×65 details I think this will be a fun challenge.

So lets say, we thought something was glitched and wasn’t suppose to happen and didn’t save and reloaded the last save, but turns out it was suppose to happen, and not a glitch and a sim died. What now? Like can we just add a penalty point for the cheating on accident. I never know how to respond to cheating.

Are we allowed to populate newcrest in this challenge?

Also if I add families from the gallery with toddlers are those toddlers eligible to marry my heir later? It’s not like I know their traits since they’ll still be developing once in the game.


I was thinking if you wanted to do a Vampire Challenge, you could start as a human sim, wanting to become a vampire. For scoring must become a vampire before adult, or a -1 point per 10 days over.

Hello, just got the Sims 4 (and most of the trimmings) and thought I’d plunge straight into the game like this. Using the EXTREME! start, when it says you cannot buy anything, does that include food? I can’t imagine letting my Sim starve would be part of it, no?

[…] to this legacy challenge I am starting. I am starting in Willow Creek and using the original rules here. The succession laws I have chosen […]

Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I was just wondering if we were allowed to purchase things from the reward store, such as creative visionary or marketable?


Yes you can!

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply!

I’m actually going to do the 100 baby challenge.But no downloads, and will be accustomed to my own rules.

1.Cheats are allowed
2.All kids can have the same father
3.You can be married
4.Your matcherich cannot have a job
5………Oh wait it’s not a rule :ENJOY and have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please comment and tell me if you will do it

Also …………….

6.The father can be in the household

Are we allowed to add lot traits (came with city living pack?)


Yes you can 🙂 They are your choice as well. No rules on what you can and can’t choose.

I was wondering, would it be possible to buy the largest lot in Newcrest instead, and still buy the Knight statue. It would probably make it harder for me money-wise, but I’m doing a legacy story on WordPress and will be filling Newcrest with people and houses.

So I wanted to know if you can get a job for your sim. I am going to start soon with a sim with the best selling author (the most challenging job).

[…] The Sims Cell is providing an all-new Sims expertise that’s impressed by The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. […]

[…] The Sims Mobile is offering an all-new Sims experience that is inspired by The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. […]

[…] game will be based on the Sims’ 4 legacy challenge, in which the player takes on the mission of looking after a family across generations. This game […]

Anne Charming

You might want to redo your legacy changelle now since we have OPTIONAL chores/punihsments coming out with this new GP

[…] the most part I am following Pinstar’s rules but I have […]


Hey, there’s this new sim setting in CS where you can select for even a female sim to “get others pregnant” but it only works if you set it that way. Is it cheating if I edit a sims detail so that’s possible?

Is object transformer from Science career allowed?


I believe so! I think any career reward is allowed.

[…] was created by Pinstar, and the rules and any additional information about it can be found here. […]

[…] are completely unique to the other generations. You can find the original Legacy challenge rules here. And you can find the original rules to the Disney Legacy challenge here. One last thing I want to […]

[…] you’re interested in reading up on the challenge, head over to the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge for the official […]

[…] chose to complete the extreme start option for my set-up, as outlined in the official rules for the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. To do this, I moved Nikolai into one of the 64×64 lots in Widenburg, then needed to earn at […]

[…] These have been changed up a tiny bit. For the whole set of rules, please take a look at this link. […]

can you do a challenge that you have 5 sims or less or more what ever you want but anyways I want the sims to see witch sim reach all the first If you can thanks

[…] of skipped The Sims 3 for whatever reason, and now I am playing 4 in sort of vaguely but not really Legacy Challenge style. I started with a single Young Adult sim, Tolerance Boatwhistle, in a huge lot without much […]

[…] There is an extreme start option, to use the newer 64×64 lots. To see those rules, see the FULL LEGACY RULES […]

More questions, if that’s okay!

What do you think of this mod?

Is it compatible with legacy? Or are there any other ones that are?

I just want a bit of variety, I guess.


Hmm let me ask Pinstar and get back to you. Since it makes the age stages last longer I am going to tentatively say, yes, it’s fine. The issue is more if you were trying to shorten the stages. But let me confirm with Pinstar once he gets home from work tonight!

Would this mod be okay?

My main gripe is that I cannot save when they are “breaking in”. Considering that my cats like to turn off the PC, saving often is a must. Plus, it’s just annoying in general. A lot of times you don’t even see those guys if you are in public so you just have to fiddle your thumbs until the game lets you travel. Ugh.


Yeah I would say that is fine!

Oooh, turns out, this age mod doesn’t work properly with alien babies and makes them skip toddler stage altogether! I removed it, of course, after I had it happen in game. But I shouldn’t have to start a new game because my founder lived a few days longer, surely?


Nah I wouldn’t worry about it.


Also no worries on asking questions! Feel free to ask as many as you need. We’re happy to answer them!


I need more info. 🙂


I’ve started a blog where I’m writing about my Sims 4 Legacy family, the Galexias.
Thank you Pinstar and ImaginingMystic for making these incredible challenges! I’m having an absolute blast.
: D

[…] seemed off. One of my favorite ways to play The Sims, even since the original, was to do freestyle Legacy Challenges, where I would bring a family from rags to riches across many generations, starting with one very […]

Kate Hamilton

When scoring in the creative section, do we write down the name of the person the song was created for or the creator? And with Love do we get a point if we write down our spouses traits?
Sorry this is my first legacy challenge.
Also under which score section do we put career rewards? I read the rules but i didn’t see somewhere for this so i accidentally sold my career rewards? How are they scored??


[…] guys! I am starting a new Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. You can read the rules here. Here are the succession laws I am […]

Here more, please!

The game is still not spawning enough aliens to find them comfortably, even with MC. Would it be okay if I made a sim to be a second parent and let my friend pick traits for her?


Yeah that’s fine. Whenever there is an issue with the game that is preventing you from progressing with the challenge then you can use loopholes like that to fix it.

I think you mentioned using lot traits was okay. Is there no restriction for those? Maybe change them only once a generation or having to pick at least one negative trait, something like that.

[…] legacy follows the rules on Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge – mostly. I started in a smaller lot in San Myshuno because I wanted to explore the city a […]

can you only play with the first person you make

Can any if your sims have a job, like the founder or children?

[…] If you want to read more about the challenge, you can find it here: sims 4 legacy challenge […]

If I want certain physical features in sim mates….. is it ok to make copies of that sim in the create a sim give them the same traits and everything of the townie sim but make them have the eye color or other physical trait I want? It would just really be changing the look of the sim.

Hello to the Legacy community, and to Pinstar. I love this challenge! I’ve been playing a regular family in Willow Creek for some time, because I was unaccustomed to Sims 4 gameplay — I know, I’m a late bloomer. In any case, I have a few questions that were not really covered in the rules. Pinstar, if you can find a free moment, I’d really appreciate some clarification.

1. Can drinks made at a bar but NOT consumed be sold for a profit?
2. Can a vampire sim who is able to make the Ultimate Vampire Cure at a bar use it to cure himself/herself?
3. Can a sim elect to become a vampire through game play? i.e. Befriending Vlad (which is, by the way, nearly impossible. The man is incorrigible.) and then ask to be turned?
4. Can a sim go around “slaying” neighborhood vamps by having the Ulitimate Vampire Cure in inventory?
5. Can the items made by going to work with your sims be used? I refer specifically to the cloning device scientists can make. It’s an extremely powerful tool, but does not give any advantage over another player… as anyone with the ability to make it in that career track is able to do so. Just curious.

I purchased a smaller lot in the beginning, and used the money cheat to get to $10,000. Then purchased the suit of arms (I actually love the idea of legacy families being noble). My gave get laggy on larger lots… is this acceptable?

I’m sure I have other questions. but based on the answers to these I’ll probably be able to make an educated guess about other obscurities during gameplay.

Thanks for your time!

As Pinstar has said in the past, you have to have the life span on normal and vampires live forever so I don’t think you can be a vampire. Other than that if it’s not in the rules I guess it’s okay to do the others things you have asked.

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes, you will just need to come up with creative ways to remove family members from the household when you get too many because vampires don’t die naturally.
4) Yes
5) I believe all career items are alright. Though I am unsure of the cloning machine. I THINK it’s ok though since you earned it.

Yes you can use a smaller lot if the larger lots mess up your gameplay.

Thank you for the clarification, Mystic. I, ah… actually just saw this today when I was doing a search to see if you could cure vampires in a Sims 4 Legacy… and I though, the wording of that sounds REALLY familiar. When I opened the link, I realized it was my own question.

The reason I wanted to know is because, especially with the cloning machine — you could purchase just one Moodlet Solver with satisfaction points, and clone it as many times as you want. To me, it just didn’t feel okay to do that. So, I made a rule for myself. Only the Sim in the scientist career can use a cloning device if SHE made it, and ONLY while she’s in the scientist career. It gave it some limitations.

And regarding selling bar drinks: if you do the research on vampire lore, and learn to make the Ultimate Vampire Cure at the bar — it costs $1,000 to make, and if unconsumed it can be sold for over $12,000. I’ve avoided that too, because it’s just too easy.

It’s good to know that vampires can cure themselves.

Anyway, thanks for the response. I do appreciate it, and I’m sorry for waiting a year to say so.

Hi I have a few questions,
I was wondering if we are able to change the appearance of their spouses and roommates. I was also wondering if I could create the spouse however, randomise the traits or should I just use the hashtag #LegacyLovers

Yes to both!

[…] cheat to bring the starting house hold income down to $1800 as required of The Legacy Challenge rules.  Our founder is Cassandra Black. She is just a normal sim (for now) with a liking for all things […]

Nicole Fisher

starting my first legacy challenge wish me luck

Good luck!

[…] I played with my second ever and first serious Legacy Challenge save. Currently, the Griffin Legacy is at generation […]

There are a lot of comments here and it was hard to find if anyone answered my question already so here it goes:

Is it ok to use ”only age playable household”?
Also you say the sims can be anything you like (human, aliens), does that mean they can be vampires too? Is that allowed. I thought it might not be since they don’t age.

Is “only age playable household” a mod? I’ve never heard of it.

Yes they can be vampires, but since they are immortal you will eventually need to figure out what to do with the older generations as the house gets too crowded (move them out, kill them off, etc).

Thanks! I think it’s called ”age active household” or something like that, so only the household you currently play age. You can select it where you change the agespan settings. I use it all the time because I don’t like my other sims getting older when I’m not playing them.

[…] seemed off. One of my favorite ways to play The Sims, even since the original, was to do freestyle Legacy Challenges, where I would bring a family from rags to riches across many generations, starting with one very […]

hi pinstar this is a favorite challange for many simmers. It would be awesome if you were to create rules for a alphabet legacy challange. I also think it would be cool if you were to add more points to the legacy challange for simmers that would like to make it even harder. Its just a thought but I would love if youd wanna get back to me, my email is so please feel free to email me.

Someday I will finish a legacy. I’ve been playing them since Sims 2… and never once reached gen 10. (I might get a little bored once my Sims have a house, money in the bank, etc.)

I was wondering can my founder Marry Salim Benali? Even though I know his traits already? I had a previous Sim on a different save find them out by getting to know him and different conversations? I absolutly love Salim and would love him to be my founders spouse

Yeah that’s ok!

[…] rules I’m applying to this challenge are all taken from here, with minor modifications to suit my gameplay style. The modifications, however, were not skewed to […]

[…] More info on the legacy challenge can be found here […]

[…] The Legacy Challenge created by Pinstar […]

Can we use a sim for a spouse that was made by MaxisCreator_01? They uploaded the one from the trailer, The shirtless one, they named him Sebastian Santos.

If your sim starts out with a pet, they start out with $22,000 instead of the standard $20,000. I presume we need to cheat their funds down to whatever they would be without that extra $2000?

Sorry for the late response, it’s been a hectic week! Yes, cheat the funds down. I didn’t realize that was a thing in Cats & Dogs. I’ll add that to the rules tomorrow. Thanks for pointing that out!

[…] reason well… aren’t you an interesting one. So anyway, Winter’s Alchemy is a Sims 4 legacy story that doesn’t really follow many of the rules… rules are there to be broken. It follows […]

Can we assign traits to our plots?????

[…] The Sims Legacy Challenge allows you to start out with one founding Sim. You play that family through 10 generations of Sims. You can find more about the challenge over at the Sims Legacy Challenge Website by clicking here. […]

Okay so something that WASNT explained here, or at least i couldnt find it was how to bulldoze the lot. Maybe most people know how to do this or have access to the thing already, but for those who’ve never played, and are doing the legacy challenge, its goes like this:
1. Start new game
2. create random sim
3. Find a world with a 50×50 lote, i used the lot across from the park in willow creek
4. move said rando into small blank lot
5. CLick the option dots
6. click manage worlds
7. click the world you will put your LEGACY family in (the same world you put the rando in.
8. click the sim with the arrow to enter CAS
9. Make your sim
10. move them into the lot.

Okay so something that WASNT explained here, or at least i couldnt find it was how to bulldoze the lot. Maybe most people know how to do this or have access to the thing already, but for those who’ve never played, and are doing the legacy challenge, its goes like this:
1. Start new game
2. create random sim
3. Find a world with a 50×50 lote, i used the lot across from the park in willow creek
4. move said rando into small blank lot
5. Click the option dots
6. click manage worlds
7. click the world you will put your LEGACY family in (the same world you put the rando in.
8. Click the 50×50 across from the park and click the tools button
9. bulldoze lot and save
10. exit manage world mode
10. click the sim with the arrow to enter CAS
11. Make your sim
10. move them into the lot.

[…] am currently working on a Prettacy Challenge based story, a.k.a Legacy Challenge with an added goal to bring the family from ugly to beautiful. I won’t be following all the […]

[…] be following the rules posted by Pinstar here.  I will also be playing by the following Succession […]

[…] I’m going to start my journey with The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. Here you can find the detail orientated rules; it’s overwhelming. Plus Pinstar was kind enough […]

[…] Move into an empty lot, 50 x 50 or 64 x 64 using normal Pinstar Legacy rules. […]


I just started this and it is a pretty fun challenge, but the rules are a bit unclear on vampires, you mentioned in a post that they are allowed, but are there any specific rules I should be aware of? (example: they do not count for legacy progression after the next gen reaches YA) i’m asking this because I want to turn my founder into a vampire, but don’t want to inadvertently break the challenge rules. Thanks in advance.

Vampires are allowed and count for legacy progression. They will earn your family points just like everyone else. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that they are immortal. So you’ll either need to kill them off somehow or move them out if you run out of room. Or you can move other people out if you want to keep them around. it’s up to you.

I’ll work on wording the rules better tomorrow! Sorry for the confusion!


Thanks for clearing that up.

[…] accidentales, sino porque me aburría y los eliminaba. Hasta que un día, me encontré con el Legacy Challenge, y decidí jugar en verdad a Los […]

My current “spouce” already has a child and is livng alone with his child. I have to add hte child wiht me. :S

That’s ok! You can bring the child to your house, they just won’t count for any points.

Shouldn’t you update the extreme start part to mention the 64×64 lot in Brindleton Bay? This one doesn’t even have a family in it, so you can demolish it w/o having to evict anyone!

Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll add that right now!

[…] En las siguientes páginas recojo la traducción de las normas oficiales publicadas por Pinstar aquí. […]

Hello, I have spent the entire evening reading about this challenge and I’m super excited to try it out. I have just started to put together a game, but thought I’d add a few rules on top of the existing legacy rules to make things more challenging.

To quote my blog (where I will be documenting this story):

“Additional Rules:

Estate Tax (aka Inheritance Tax): Upon the death of a Matriarch, if the household worth (lot value + liquid funds; business funds are exempt) exceeds $1,000,000, a 5% one time tax is collected. (I will use console commands to remove the funds). If the household worth exceeds $3,000,000 at the time of a Matriarch’s death, a 7% tax is collected, at $3,000,000, 10%. If there isn’t enough cash on hand, furniture and other properties must be sold until the payment is met.

Dowry: Have you ever wondered how cruel it was to kick out non-heirs to fend for themselves, with nothing to their names? Worry no more! With this rule, every time a sim leaves the main household, whether due to marriage, divorce, or lack of household space, they will take with them 10% of the overall household worth (lot value + liquid funds; business funds are exempt). Yes, 10%. Of course, neither death nor being taken away by social workers incurs any fees (unless its the death of a Matriarch, in which case an Estate Tax applies, depending on the family’s financial situation) If there isn’t enough cash on hand, furniture and other properties must be sold until the payment is met. This creates a curious dilemma: the more sims you have in a household, the faster you amass points, and you have more fail safes in the event your heir meets an untimely end. But to make room for newborns, you inevitable have to send some of the sims on their way, losing money in the process. I believe this will create a lot of interesting situations to explore. Of course, death is a much cheaper alternative, but for the purpose of this challenge, I will never intentionally kill a sim.”

I don’t know if anyone else would be interested to incorporate these rules into their own games, so I will leave them here for potential inspiration. If you want to follow my legacy progress, they can be found at

Oops, I meant “at $5,000,000, 10%” in the Estate Tax section.

I think these are great supplemental rules! I finished the challenge a year ago, and completely enjoyed it. My sims maxed out their funds somewhere around gen 5, and money was not an issue at all. I would have liked having the challenge of your rules to keep finances interesting. Hope you enjoy yours!

Thank you! I foresee having a ton of fun with legacy games. I can’t believe I’m this late to the party when it comes to finding out about self-imposed challenges!

Absolutely! They are for sure what keep me coming back. The apocalypse challenge is great as well, if you’re looking for a nice juicy one 🙂

Oh! These sound really cool! I’ll show it to Pinstar this weekend.

If you want, we can post it on the rules section as an optional supplement to the official rules. We’d link to your site and make sure all credit goes to you.

Totally up to you though, but these sound super fun! I might have to give them a shot at some point!

You’re welcome to do whatever you want with it! It was really just something I came up because I suspected my household income will snowball after a few generations, making the rest of the challenges easier as well. I really love how the legacy challenge gives the gameplay a sense having a beginning, a middle, and an end, and thought the most obvious way to up the stakes is through finances, though I suspect I’ll have a few more masochistic ideas once I’ve played through it 😀

[…] will be following Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge Rules, with the help of the beautifully made Hilliee’s Legacy Scoresheet. I will be using the Extreme […]

Does the founder count as generation 1, or are the founder’s kids generation 1?

The founder is generation 1 🙂

[…] Everything you need to know about the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge […]

So yeah, having no luck in the Sims 3 comment section but the same thing might be applicable to the fourth game at some point, too, so I’ll ask.

Is it okay to set elder max age to the minimum (one day) and redistribute those days to YA and adult stages? The elder sims are just so… boring. There is not much to do with them. Plus, it’s kinda grim and sad seeing them like this.

Whoops, I must have missed the question. We get a lot of comments here, so it’s difficult for me to see all of them. I’ll ask Pinstar about this. I would say, though, that as long as the entire lifespan remains the same length that this would be ok, but I am not 100% sure.

I agree though, the elder stage can be boring haha.

ok so Pinstar brought up a good point about this that I didn’t think of. Here is what he said:

Hmmmm From a strict challenge rule: No. But who’s counting and go for it if it makes it more fun for you. The reason why the rules would say no is because of the increased fertility period you’d experiance making it easier to be flexible with when to make heirs
However that isn’t that much of a gameplay benefit so it wouldn’t really be that cheaty or ruin the challenge of it

Nice, thank you!

For what it’s worth, increased fertility period can only do so much anyway – if sim were to have a kid on the last day of adult stage, they would die the next day and the player is left with a household of an orphan toddler, ha! Well, maybe not if they had a spouse, now that I think about it, but my legacy almost always has single parents.

Oh, I think it was mentioned before but, we are allowed to send sims to uni and overseas, right? It does prolong their life span, in a way, but being confined to one neighborhood for ten generations can get tiresome.

Yes you can.

Is it okay to ask more? What about trait changing LTR for founder? It’s likely been asked before but I have no idea how I’d go searching for that. I installed some mod traits that are not huge but could be fun to have. I’d probably end up slotting them into uni/social group trait space anyway but still.

Also, thought about the same about non-founders – maybe pick up that LTR but roll random traits with it, still?

Angel Dienna

I have just started the legacy challenge and i have not seem this anywhere, but can you have twims during this challenge? I’ve never seen that you can’t, but i just want to make sure before i mess it up lol

[…] it is. My first Sims Legacy. I will be using Sims 4. This challenge will be heavily inspired by Pinstar’s Legacy Challenge Rules with a few modifications of my […]

First I’d like to say how much I love this challenge! You guys did an amazing job putting it together and I’m really excited about trying it out.
I was wondering if I could use Lilimsie’s Starter Save for this challenge? It is basically a redo of all of the different lots using content from all of the different packs instead of just the base game and which ever expansion the world came with. I would still be creating a brand new never been played before household for the founder and using randoms for spouses.


Yes I think this would be fine! I’ve been meaning to check out this save, it seems like it would fit in nicely with the Legacy Challenge!

Also sorry for the delayed response, we had family over this weekend, so I didn’t have much time to check comments!

Thanks! No problem, I wasn’t even home. She did a fantastic job, I highly recommend it. She did filled up all of the houses. I had to evict a family, bulldoze the lot I wanted, and then create a new household for my legacy founder. So worth it though!

FYI, I click the checkmarked to be notified of new posts by email but didn’t get an email about your reply. I checked in my spam folder too.

[…] all these years, I’m finally making my own attempt. I’m following these rules and keeping score. You can find out more about that […]

does anyone have a PDF version of the challenge? xD i’m not always online, so it’s difficult to check the rules whenever i need to and i’m offline…

Yes there is! You can check out the printable scoresheet (which lists all of the rules) by Nerdybunny –

You don’t need to print it. But you can download it and save it on your hard drive to use whenever you need it.

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